President Obama Delivers a Statement

President Obama Delivers a Statement

The White House

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20 Responses

  1. Andres Thompson says:


  2. ENZOtaki says:

    Keep letting these fucks in are country and this is what’s going to happen
    every fucking day.

  3. Chuan Nguyen Vu Anh says:

    God bless America and the world…keeps believing and dreaming.

  4. Michael Barrientos says:

    They went there to suck cock in the bathroom

  5. Green Apel says:

    obama help tell Anonymous that they should run for prezezint

  6. Paco Val says:

    it’s NOT the guns, it’s crazy muslim whack jobs handling them, don’t
    pussyfoot around the issue Mr. President.

  7. John Underwood says:

    Thank you for your strikes on ISIS Mr. President. Keep hitting them hard.

  8. Based910 says:

    Radical islam is the problem not guns. But you wouldint dare acknowledge
    that would you Mr. Obama. It really does scares me how the left endangers
    people like me to protect the feelings of hateful muslims

  9. Ryan Ehlis says:

    Just another HOAX! Just like the Sandy Hook Hoax! LMAO, nice try though you
    NWO criminal bastards!

  10. Andrew W says:

    Not Obama. Not Hillary. Not Bernie. Check your facts before you assume that
    because you feel threatened.

    The vast, nonpartisan consensus that Americans share is that simple laws,
    ones so obvious that you probably assume are already in place, are
    necessary to our safety and should be enacted for all of us.

    Currently, LITERALLY ANYONE can buy a gun with ZERO background checks at
    UNLISCENSED gun shows. People don’t need any sort of permit to buy guns at
    these. People who are known to e mentally unstable? Yep! People on the do
    not fly list? Yep! Suspected terrorists? Of course! Why shouldn’t they be
    entitled to our firearms?

    The real reason that fundamentally ESSENTIAL legislation hasn’t been passed
    has been the INTENSIVE LOBBYING of WEALTHY interest groups. Politicians in
    power pretend like it’s a partisan issue and ignore the fact
    that MOST people want REASONABLE laws, and use FALSE scare tactics about
    the fed “banning guns”

  11. Zab is Lit says:

    someone went nuclear

  12. Lord Nikon says:

    I’m a proud white American male from the South that served in the Military.
    I have several AR’s but have no intention of using them apart from hunting
    or home defense. The rifle is a tool that must be utilized with great
    responsibility. The weapon is not the issue. Homophobic terrorist
    sympathizers are. We need to send everything we got and kill ISIS. This
    inaction has gone on for long enough. 50 Americans were killed in cold
    blood yet the current administration still won’t say Radical Islam. It’s
    time to take the gloves off our Military and let them do their jobs.

  13. Big dog says:

    Obama is the face of our enemy.

  14. Fire火Nation says:

    it was a hate crime

  15. SquidGunman says:

    Haaaaaaaaaa! They don’t go to the nightclub for solidarity and civil
    rights! They go there to drink and butt fuck! Let’s be real here. Straight
    peeps go to clubs to drink and fuck also. Let’s not bullshit ourselves

  16. Noah carter says:

    Guys stop being so negative about Obama. Let’s talk about what he did good
    today. He got a birdie on the 18th hole.

  17. Laura Kane says:

    So, it wasn’t failed policy? It was our rights to guns that caused this
    attack. In Boston they used bombs. 9/11 they used planes. I’m failing to
    see the gun correlation. You seem clueless to our domestic safety. It’s
    disgraceful to put the blame on our rights again. Take responsibility.

  18. Richard Ojeda says:

    Australia baned guns a while back. Google how many mass shootings they’ve
    had since then.

  19. Mark Smith says:

    Clueless….Yet another act of terror that Obama can place on his resume
    and speak to during his exit interview.

  20. Imagine That says:

    funny how people will say oh no how could this happen. Islam is a religion
    of hate. Fuck Muslims. Yet forget about all the hate that they have
    directed towards the lgbt community in the past, presented, and going to
    happen in the future. simply because the bilble or what ever bullshit
    excuse they use to justify their actions. Will ignore all the harassment
    the psychological and physical torment that has been inflicted towards the
    lgbt community here in America. Yet are ready to take up arms when its done
    by an outside force. So quick to scream fuck muslims and this and that.
    than somebody will embodies all the hate and decides to act upon it. Than
    when a bounce of muslims get slaughtered by somebody screaming fuck
    Muslims. We will take up arms to say stop the violence and talk about how
    horrible that person it. We create are monsters but to damn arrogant to own
    up to it.