President Obama: FULL INTERVIEW | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

President Obama: FULL INTERVIEW | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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President Barack Obama sits down with Bill Maher on the eve of the election to discuss the issues Real Time viewers care about.

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20 Responses

  1. randomflashbacks says:

    I don’t like Obama but goddamn does he look good compared to Clinton and

  2. goku8621 says:

    I feel bad for Obama he had to deal with a shitty republican congress and
    shitty republican senate BUT still managed to get shit done and end with
    the highest favorability rating since Reagan #ThanksObama #FuckDonaldTrump

  3. evilmickey100 says:

    Fuck yeah finally we got him on real time

  4. Vincent Franklin says:

    I really respect Obama.
    He did the best he could.

  5. Rose Anna says:

    OMG Obama’s kind of handsome. Compared to you know

  6. Mattknight says:

    The day the US gets a National Health Care, then you can say you’re on the
    same level as Europe, Canada etc. Right now, you’re struggling far behind
    with your poor education system, health care, gun laws etc.

  7. Critical Eats Japan says:

    Whatever happens next week, the world will miss Obama…

  8. My Earth says:

    Thank you president Obama! You will be missed after you leave office…

  9. Truth seeker says:

    I’m going to miss President Obama. He did great considering the adversities
    he faced with the Republican congress, that was willing to cut off their
    nose to spite their face, i.e. we going to block off his policies to make
    sure he doesn’t serve a 2nd term.

  10. Gabryal Sansclair says:

    In six months, or a year, we’re really going to miss this guy

  11. Bathing Ape says:

    Lets be honest could trump ever sit down like this and have an intelligent
    conversation like this?

  12. CaptainHappen says:

    Hillary can be challenged to move to the Left. Trump will be beholden to
    the alt-right and racist Neo-Nazis and fascists.

  13. Richard Jeffery says:

    AMERICA – are you serious? Do so many of you actually believe that Trump
    would make a good replacement for President Obama? Trump is not fit to
    clean his shoes. WAKE UP and make your vote count. Get behind Clinton and
    consign Trump to the scrapheap.
    I have never seen Bill Mather show so much respect for the person he is
    interviewing. Consequentially, my respect for Mather has grown

  14. Soul says:

    People so easily forget:
    1. Insurance companies used to drop you when you get sick. Obamacare
    protected us from it. Now, Hillary has to improve on it and figure out ways
    to lower insurance premium.
    2. Financial market was in disaster, Obama save it.
    3. Auto industry was about to belly up. Trump’s opinion was to close them
    down and let folks lose the job & kill the auto industry.

    * We can’t let a con Trump to destroy everything just like ALL of his
    bankrupted companies.
    * Trump brought the ugliest part of the people out like racist, ran with
    the hateful & fear base campaign. That’s not what America is about.

    May God save us! Go vote on Nov. 8th!!!

  15. Jay Miller says:

    Don’t screw this up America! Stop orange Hitler! Hillary 2016!

  16. Romulus I says:

    How do you go from such a thoughtful, honorable president to pussygrabber
    Trump. Donald fucking Trump.

    Republicans, and some really dumb Democrats should really be ashamed of
    themselves. Sleezy Trash.

  17. Xervello says:

    This is one of the best interviews with President Obama I’ve seen. Not only
    Bill’s questions, but President Obama’s candid answers. I didn’t hear any
    b.s. Sure, I’m biased for him, but I didn’t really hear any politics in his
    answers. I don’t agree with all he said, but it sounds like a man doing the
    best he can with what he has. Which is his presidency in a nutshell.

  18. JML689 says:

    Ok, here’s my personal consensus on Obama after watching this interview,
    which is the most authentic I’ve seen him, and after seeing him in “Before
    the Flood” and how he’s dealt with the Dakota Pipeline (where I’m NOT happy
    with him).

    Is this:

    He is a very intelligent, warm, and sophisticated individual with a
    profound sense of reason. He clearly sees what is right and clearly what is
    wrong, to the FACT, and does what is factually right in a way us people are
    like “Hell yeah Obama! Do your thing!”

    HOWEVER, in the pursuit of what is right and Problem-Solving (emphasis on
    problem solving), he is TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYBODY. Even in the way he
    constructs his sentences, he’s trying to speak in a way that makes everyone
    happy, “win/win” as you’d call it. But in reality he compromises.

    – He wants to respect the Natives and preserve the environment, but still
    allow Oil companies to build their pipeline.
    – He understands the Healthcare needs for his people and demands it, but
    still gives pass to many of the chemical corporate practices for the sake
    of profit
    – And this is no news, he tries to make sure the Corporates are happy and
    incentives profit motives, and tries to still give the people what they

    And all in all, I think the worst part of Obama’s run, is not himself nor
    his character, but the amount of compromises he’s had to make, and I think
    he’s trying too hard to make everyone happy, preventing further resolution.

    The reason why people liked Bernie was because he had just as much
    intelligence, warmth, sophistication, and will to get the job done and do
    what is right. But Bernie does not compromise on any of these issues, he
    was a man on a mission, much more “No Bullshit” than Obama.

    With that said, I think that’s why Bernie didn’t beat Hillary, the
    Electoral College/Electives were to scared to get him in, and at the same
    time I think that’s why Obama won back in 2008/2012. I feel like Bernie’s
    attitude solves problems whereas Obama/Hillary just wins you the seat in
    office because it “pleases”.

    To simplify for any young kids reading this “Obama is a good guy, did his
    best along with some awesome work, but he gave into social pressure, and
    chose to compromise, just like any person would.”

    In my opinion, Obama should’ve pissed more people off: those who
    incentivize profit over our people, corporate over our care, media over our
    minds, and organizations over our personal organs.

    That’s my two cents, thank you.

  19. TF2legend says:

    Damn can we get 4 more years of this guy?

  20. Greencoast says:

    God I’m going to fucking miss him….