President Obama Full Speech on Donald Trump Win

President Obama Full Speech on Donald Trump Win

President Obama Full Speech on Election 2016 Results | President Obama has extended an invitation to president-elect Donald Trump to meet with him at the White House on Thursday. Press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement that the president called both Trump and Hillary Clinton following the results of the election early Wednesday.

President Barack Obama delivers statement on 2016 election from The White House Rose Garden. #Election2016

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20 Responses

  1. Book Jones says:

    The white house won’t be the same whithout the democrats spirit.

  2. BlueBoy - Gaming says:

    anyone hear him say sexest transsision lol

  3. Jovan Bercey says:

    obama, please say what you really wanna say.

  4. Retro Gaming says:

    We could solve any water shortage in the US with all the liberal tears
    right now

  5. F Dannn says:

    Why do people always call Obama “The First Black President”? as if he is
    exclusively black..his mother is white. Obama is the first white president
    as much as he is the first black president, his correct title is the first
    biracial president.

  6. Mat says:

    1:49 Did he actually say “sex successful transition”?? 😀 :D

  7. kelvin urena says:

    we just avoided WW3 thank you god emperor Trump!

  8. Teflon KC says:

    Obama, I hope the screams and ghosts of all the kids and families you’ve
    murdered in Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq and many other
    places keep you awake at night. I hope you have nightmares that are so bad
    that it makes the misery you inflicted on the people you’ve tortured in
    Guantanamo Bay look like child play. If there is an afterlife, may the
    worst hell be in waiting for you. If there is any justice on this Earth, I
    hope you are brought to the International Criminal Court like the war
    criminal you are.

  9. CANAL BRASUSA says:

    Thx Mr Obama for 8 years working hard for us

  10. j S451 says:

    Kids were crying at my school lol

  11. niknatural says:

    I can never tell whether Obama is being genuine, it always seems like
    everything he says is part of an act, just an opinion

  12. AriAxyss says:

    Politics aside, so glad to have experienced and seen the presence of Obama
    in my time. One of the best speakers and such a brilliantly all-rounded
    person. Really love Obama! Long live as a legend of our time. :)

  13. Paige Madison says:

    I’m going to miss Obama so much ?

  14. HMOOVNTUJ LIS says:

    Fuck Trump he is not qualify to be US president he got no respect for a
    human being. He think him self can fix everything issue alone and built the
    wall what fake ass liar

  15. Alexander Palmer says:

    Who’s ready for trump to bankrupt America like he did to most of his

  16. ya Boi sir dankis says:

    please come back to us Obama. PLEASE I swear I’ll never talk trash about
    negros again.

  17. ray smalls99 says:

    Came here from Indigo Misfit-Persian…Dont know why this was a related
    video but im going back

  18. Graffiti [Editor] says:

    Where is your anger translator at? Someone call Keegan Michael Key asap.

  19. Anna Guerra says:

    I get that the last thing a lot of us wanted was a Trump presidency, but
    there is no point of protesting now! The people have spoken, and they want
    Trump. That’s the beauty of a democracy. And because of that, pretty much
    nothing will stop him from becoming president. We really do need to unite
    right now, so like Obama said, we can have a peaceful transition. Let’s
    wait and see how Trump does, and only protest when he is in office and
    acting on the promises we disagree with. Because right now, we are only
    causing more conflict. In the end, love trumps hate… ALWAYS.❤️ Let’s all
    let go of all this anger and frustration, and clear our heads so we can
    accept and welcome the new president. And also, please don’t get
    discouraged and lose hope in America. There are brighter days ahead. ⛅️

  20. Jesus says:

    Trump will ruin America