President Obama Issues a Statement on the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Tonight, the President spoke to the American people following the announcement of the grand jury’s decision in the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. November 24, 2014.

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20 Responses

  1. Ebola Monkey says:

    This be CHIMPTASTIC!!!

  2. Desiree Hoff says:

    Reading half of these comments disgust me. For everyone saying “ship
    niggers back to Africa,” do you not realize that whites get away with so
    much in this country? Plus, this isn’t even your country, you forcefully
    took it. Yes, blacks do things they shouldn’t like steal or gang bang, BUT
    so do other ethnicities. Don’t discriminate one race.

    There is white privilege and it’s a real issue. So many people are ignorant
    and fail to realize that. America is supposed to be a land of equal
    opportunity no matter who you are. Yes, they’re other major issues that
    need to be addressed in this country but someone being shot for stealing is
    ridiculous. Darren as a officer could’ve solved the issue in other ways.
    America is a fucking joke and it’s on it’s downfall, as it should be. Too
    many injustices are being done everyday.

  3. Brent Rogers says:

    The P0RCH M0NKEYS really listened to

  4. sean vandeusen says:

    The racism under this video is just horrible. You people do realize many
    white people were involved in the looting as well? Most the protestors
    don’t care a young teen was killed. They are using the situation to loot.
    Not a particular race but all races around cities with high crime rate. Its
    sad and even more sad racism still exist. Classifying a whole race based on
    a group of horrible people is sad. Us white people are known to be serial
    killers and pedafiles. The white race dominants the charts. Yet we don’t
    classify all white people as crazy and gross. It’s 2014…. Why is our
    country still divided? Why is racism an issue? Hopefully when you all pass
    on the hatred goes with you. Are you jealous other races have people who
    make more money than you? Or own a better car and bigger house? Does the
    fact we’re all created equally upset you to the point of jealousy. Does
    writing a comment make you feel better about yourself? Maybe you’re not
    well educated and base your beliefs on TV and movies. Maybe you never
    explored your state or country and saw the better half of us moved on and
    are trying to make America a better place. I think most of the people on
    here watched one to many conspiracy videos on YouTube and are extremely
    anal African Americans have the same rights as them. And many succeed. Grow
    up people. Get with the times. You’re only fueling the fire with your
    hatred then blaming the president. 

  5. SoulMan786 says:

    As the great NWA once said ….fuck the police!

  6. Siegfried3203 says:

    With so much technology out there why using such a deadly force to
    neutralize an unarmed individual? (10th century AD) I’m sure there are
    many ways to do it other than taking his life. (Though not available to the
    officer maybe) that’s the kind of changes we must push forward. 

  7. Rodney Terry says:

    Thank god nobody rioted and instead choose to listen to Obama and protested

  8. Carbon Bonds says:

    should send in the military and declare Marshall law on the town of
    ferguson. Anyone still outside past a certain time will be shot on the

  9. Deep Water says:

    the US looks more like Israel everyday

  10. posicp says:

    I think obama should just stay quiet, maybe hang out in the white house
    till 2016. he needs to stop trying to be a president and admit he is
    completely unable to lead even his dog.

  11. PenNatter says:

    I’ll be so glad when you (Obama) is out of office! It will be a sigh of
    great relief for America! You have divided this country even more before
    you took office, and I personally think that has been your aim.
    Collectivity has never been your concern. Who can forget your statement …
    ‘Cambridge Police acted stupidly’

  12. eskdi casco says:

    lots of redneck racists and fascists putting comments in here has to said.
    Obama really not leading any kind of fightback , so some of the
    political vacuum,gets filled by these creatures instead. No Justice No
    Peace. Solidarity with Ferguson protestors. 

  13. SoulMan786 says:

    The police recently shot and KILLED a 12 year old boy ….for having a FAKE
    toy gun. He was not waving or pointing it towards them, he was sitting on a
    swing seat.

    Guess what his race was?

    American police force is full of shit and is becoming as brutal as the
    Israeli forces are against civilians.

    I think there are ALOT of Whites who are pissed off about this too – don’t
    start a race war ….start a fightback against oppressive forces.

    As for this Uncle Tom …fuck him. Just another corporate puppet, like
    those who came before him. First ‘African-American’ my ass.

    Bill Clinton was blacker than him.

  14. devildogjpc says:

    368 and counting…
    That’s how many people have been murdered in Chicago this year. Mostly
    young black males murdered by other young black males.
    Where’s Obummers press conference? Where’s the “peaceful” protesters?
    Where’s the race pimples Al Sharpton? 

  15. Sam Frodo says:

    ok stupidos, if Arthur Zang were killed it would be a great loss to
    American society, but you are fucking niggers screaming about wild criminal
    boon Brown? ..Beyond my human understanding

  16. Miki Skenderi says:

    Mr. President! The boy was not armed and there is the beginning and the end
    of the boy he was only 18 years and that what the police were either racist
    or without school psychology and pedagogy that is a different !!

  17. 1djtogo says:

    blacks kill blacks in Africa and America …dumb whites wanna act just like
    em ,,,,vote all democrats out ! there killing America

  18. Salvatore Cusumano says:

    Protesters are not rioters.

    Protesters are trying to get a message out and do it as a community to
    spark change for the good, and for the community. These people should be
    respected and protected under the U.S. Constitution.

    Rioters are out for themselves. They look for any reason to commit crimes
    and hope that their faces get lost in the deluge of other faces. They have
    no purpose, no higher cause, other than to steal, destroy, and hurt others.
    These people should be captured and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the

  19. John Doe says:

    Every police officer should have a video/audio recording device on their
    person at all times while on duty. It would be an expensive investment but
    would save so much money and lives in the long run. A good cop wont get
    fucked over and a bad cop will get his due justice. and the same goes to
    the people on the other end of the camera. if innocent it will be clear,
    and if guilty, it will be clear. Knowing their actions and the counterparts
    actions are being recorded would thwart a lot of bad cop and civilian
    behavior.. But that will never happen, because this country, along with a
    lot of others, are all based on and operated under greed and ego.. The two
    deadliest things on this planet..

    Fuck progressing humanity, we can just loot and burn shit if things go

  20. Justin O'Donohue says:

    Racism is clearly alive and well in the United States. You guys need to
    come to your senses and stop the madness.