President Obama on the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

President Obama on the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

President Obama delivers a statement on the reported police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota. Warsaw, Poland. July 7, 2016

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19 Responses

  1. Elizabeth B says:

    I wonder if he will mention the huge rap sheet of Alton Sterling who was a
    sex offender. I wonder if he will make a speech today about the dead cops
    in Dallas…..doubt it.

  2. ZilchFan66 says:

    This is not a Presidential issue.

  3. Rabbi Shekelstein says:

    what should trouble us is the behavior of blacks. 12% of the population
    committing 53% of homicides is pretty damn concerning…

  4. Coletha Albert says:


  5. Soul Masseuse says:

    I am a caucasian who works as a Research Interviewer doing public policy
    surveys who has worked on nation-wide surveys for the Washington Post, ABC
    News, Huffington Post, etc., on such topics as these. The majority of
    American citizens of ALL races see this as a problem and as being real.
    President Obama’s statistics are correct. It gives me a great sense of
    pride when interviewing other caucasions who identify the racism and see it
    as wrong and most believe those commiting such horrendous acts are a
    minority in our law enforcement. And, for the comments below regarding
    blacks feeling sorry for themselves, are you aware most homeless are
    whites? I work with many blacks, who some work 2 to 3 jobs… let’s put our
    biases aside and as President Obama implies, come together about this
    situation rather than apart, shall we?

  6. lijit77 says:

    The President laid out some very disturbing statistics here. These
    statistics are the root of this problem. Fix that and we won’t have these

  7. healthhavencom says:

    Disarm the police.

  8. jsrhodes80 says:

    Dear Obama…. Where were you when blacks were targeting whites playing the
    knock out game? Where were you after investigations cleared the police who
    were involved in these shootings? This country is completely screwed up..
    Shitty racist president

  9. Clifton Shepherd says:

    Take guns away from cops then. Since Obama always wants to take away guns
    from citizens when an event happens, then why should law enforcement be
    able to kill people at will.

  10. Static fl says:

    F UC K You obama, divider in chief.

  11. michael andrews says:

    hey barack, you got what you wanted. bill ayers is proud of your
    leadership!!! im sure obama wont send anyone to the cops funeral.

  12. mrfarenheit0323 says:

    the fuck are you doing obama there are more pressing matters at hand and
    you waste time with this shit?

  13. D I says:

    “Bargaining rights and equipment”?.. Oh you mean those grants police get
    from the federal government for full filling quotas ? If you haven’t read
    Ms Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow please do.

  14. audience4u2 says:

    Great speaker, great man.
    Would love to hear him uncensored rip into the bullshit institutional crap
    that allows these tragedies caught on film to go unpunished.
    Shooting are definitely troubling for fair minded people.

  15. Mojo Risin says:

    Every time this Clown in Chief speaks out against police officers, cops get

  16. 李慧清 says:

    i want to have a gun.

  17. Lolz Hero says:

    Black community encourage all of their children to become police.. and next
    generation problem solved.

  18. D Poop says:

    every citizen should have the same human rights that law enforcement
    officers have.

  19. Terminatorf2502017 Jesus Christ is Lord says:

    Take your eyes away about CROOKED HILLARY CLINTON , the shootings is for
    the city police to deal with not federal government especially not a racist
    black baiting President, all the President wants to do is take away the 2nd
    Amendment, and disarm citizens , after that sheep to the slaughter. Open
    your eyes use your common sense.