President Obama’s Final Campaign Appearance For Hillary Clinton

President Obama’s Final Campaign Appearance For Hillary Clinton

President Barack Obama’s final campaign appearance for Hillary Clinton in front of a massive crowd of 40,000 people at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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19 Responses

  1. Mr. Turkey says:

    who i shouting all the time?

  2. RAju timshena says:

    mind ur langauge
    i love hillary .love love love..

  3. Kano71 says:

    It’s true. Chump has been banned from twitter. Chump has the temperament of
    a 5 year old. It will be real funny if he sneaks out and twitter wars Jay Z
    and Beyoncé.

  4. Martin Anderson says:

    Will miss him, you never realize what you have until its gone, well it
    seems more and more do. Shame the next president wont be of remotely the
    same caliber.

  5. Oldrich Kraus says:

    What a load of populist bullcrap

  6. The Duchess of Muanenguba says:

    Compare President Obama; his class, his style, his intelligence, his
    compassion, his self-respect, his integrity — with that out of control,
    toxic, divisive, racist, tax dodging lying conman Donald Trump who is
    trying to take over his job. It doesn’t bear thinking that such a crass
    creature like that racist Birther Donald Trump is the closest thing to a
    dangerous halfwit that ever ran for president. President Obama has set the
    bar so high, Donald Trump is basically wading in a cesspool of grime that
    he brought. Compared to Obama, Trump is like an oozing puss; a stinking
    sluge so foul and so maladrous that he contaminates every place where he
    places his egregrious afflicted, tawdry feet. That lying sexual predator
    and Putin’s puppet, will get his comeuppance in humiliation. Good will
    trump evil.

  7. mark rowell says:

    The most corrupt TREASONOUS president in history is helping another lying
    corrupt criminal into the whitehouse to continue the corrupt criminal

  8. robert behne says:

    Campaigning for a crook on Americas money. He must be a crook too. Thanks
    for making my decision easy. Trump all the way!

  9. R Ma says:

    Obama Hope and change 2016 style! It’s awesome! God bless President Hillary

  10. Jojo jojo says:

    Obama didn’t do one positive thing for this country in 8 years. He was a
    fluke he got paid and vacationed for nothing. Government just got fatter
    and bigger in the last 8 years, glad to see its over. The last thing we
    need is another carrer politician in the white house.

  11. Robby Desana says:

    The campaigner in chief Obama has left a financial mess. He has almost
    doubled the national debt to $19.85 trillion (!) with the deficit for 2016
    projected to reach $1.25 trillion or an astonishing 6.5% of GDP.

    Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama also destroyed Iraq, Syria and Libya by
    funding, arming and providing logistic support to Al Qaida.

    His best friend is dictator Erdogan of Turkey who was used as a tool to
    help create and establish ISIS in the initial (and crucial) 18 months. And
    yes, Guantanamo is still open despite Obama’s many promises to shut it down.

    That people still cheer for this disgrace of a president is proof perfect
    that you can fool most people most of the time.

  12. lapersianaperta says:

    Wow, after this I’d vote for Hillary and I’m not even american

  13. gusto fernandes says:

    USA vote trump for peace noobs hillari for PRISON

  14. John Milton says:

    Hilary is only the puppet of Wall Street. She wouldn’t do the interest of

  15. Christopher Mesrine says:


  16. nadnarf says:

    It is natural to man to indulge in the illusion of hope and listen to the
    song of the siren till she transforms us into beasts. Are we to be among
    the number of those who having eyes see not and having ears hear not that
    which so nearly concern our temporal salvation.
    Patrick Henry 1775

  17. Derek Cliff Crane says:

    on our tax dollars… its sickening and wrong.

  18. Youngbaked551 says:

    we will miss you president Obama

  19. Dirty Dave says:

    Why doesn’t Hillary show the comments on her official videos? Why are there
    more dislikes on her official videos? Why do more people go to his rally’s
    and watch his videos?

    HE HEEEEE!!!!