President Trump 2018 State of the Union Address (C-SPAN)

President Trump 2018 State of the Union Address (C-SPAN)

TUESDAY: President Trump delivers State of the Union Address to a Joint Session of Congress – LIVE on C-SPAN, C-SPAN Radio,

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110 Responses

  1. cab5392 says:

    You could almost hear liberal heads exploding with each new talking point.

    • Roman says:

      Been watching CNN? Wake up, buddy.

    • pmd2 says:

      It wasn’t until the 1940’s and 1950’s that we adopted “Under God” or anything religious like that into our government, pledge, or currency, and Trump’s temporary tax cuts bring back temporary jobs which is a bubble that will simply burst once he and his policies leave office but hey I guess you’re too busy huffing those sweet sweet “clean coal” fumes that totally don’t cause cancer to understand facts and actually question leadership. So yeah, enjoy calling liberals triggered crybabies while getting screwed over by conservative swindlers in the long term I guess.

      Just keep telling yourself these tax cut bubbles are a lie and the national debt is A-OK fella

    • Jennie Walsh says:

      You could tell the DemonRat section by all the sourpuss faces. Their evil plots, plans and conspiracies to destroy America are being exposed and annihilated, and none too soon. Thank God for His Divine Protection & Guidance of Trump and America.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Even the points that helped them, they just sat there, pointless, with a scowl on their clueless faces. I am so glad they will never be in power of our country ever again.

    • renge99O9 says:

      Vedran Nothingbetweentheears- If your bitchy masters didn’t use taxpayer money to block each and every thing he tries, no matter what, all of it would be underway by now. It’s okay, only a matter of time, elections in just over a month so more of your masters can get thrown off the plantation. After watching how Dems have behaved, I will never vote for one again, EVER.

  2. Eddie Strike says:


  3. Perfectectly Legitimate Name says:

    1:42:02-1:42:08 priceless

  4. Shelley McMindes says:

    release the memo! Yes!

    • John Shedlock says:

      I read it…It’s actually 99 pages ….But explosive…. Violations of the FBI , was that they hired outside agencies to collect ( insurance policy) aka Dossier,( Fusion GPS) to indeed spy on Trump’s team, before and after his transition untill 5/2017….The dozzia was used to get the Fisa warrant for Trump…it failed until the dozzia…Who’s listed , Rosinstine, who tonight is begging the AG to stop it from coming out , becouse his name is all over it, along with Colmy, McCabe, Rodgers, Clapper, Lynch…It lists all the violations committed by the FBI , and , CIA, along with two other law enforcement agencies…It also lists how they presented false pretenses to obtain a Fisa warrant, against Trump’s incoming transition team…And violated private citizen s of their constitutional rights….Shift is going nuts becouse he and several other demotards, including Obama , broke the law by the cover up…And it lists instructions to distroy anything obtained in the Intel gathering…only opps they got Muller to conduct a fraugenly investigation on Trump…Opps …lol

    • Lisa Moreno says:

      John Shedlock Yep – great summary Trump has all of them running scared ” because it’s coming out to be revealed to the country first hand” How Obama and his merry clan USED the weapons of the power of the state to go after a political opponent ” Freaking police state tactics” and it takes me back when Trump said ” the calm before the storm statement” Trump knew then what was coming down the road for these criminals AND the MSM at the time had no clue what Trump meant when he said that – In fact the MSM freaked out thinking Trump was referring to the N. Korea situation BUT I BELIEVE TRUMP WAS TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOU DESCRIBED IN YOUR TRUTHFUL POST.

    • Mathew Hastings says:

      Get IT J More like morons are dividing this country, so tell me oh wise one, what directions should we be running since you have the answer.

    • black hk hong kong says:

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    • renge99O9 says:

      Vedran whatever- If Trump threatens to release his tax returns, can we expect the Director of the IRS to immediately resign too? The true criminals are slowly being uncovered, turns out the juiciest chickens were the ones crowing loudest. LOL

  5. The Meme king says:

    The dems look so un happy 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Phil Conerly says:

    I guess all those no-show Demarats didn’t care to honor all of our heroes

  7. JoJoRock197 says:

    Butthurt Nancy Pelosi and Tim Kaine are the best part of this video.

    • Martincito says:

      The best part is the fools like you who believe a guy who is simply reading a script and means zero of what he’s saying

    • Walter Clifford says:

      Like the way Obama read a script? Oh ya and people followed that Idiot. He was Against America form the beginning.

    • Zachary Rose says:

      They want the Nation State of America to fail so they can ascend to the leadership of a new border-less Market State full to the brim with poor, submissive brown people.

    • the Trayne says:

      nancy PEDOlosi and tim STAIN

    • renge99O9 says:

      Martincito- Can you specifically say what part of the script he didn’t mean? Like which part has he not at least tried to take action on? Yeah of course I’m kidding, we aren’t stupid like you so we already know the truth. Pack sand Libby.

  8. Darthchris Lord21 says:

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2020!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Eileen Lingg says:

    So many sour faces, poor babies.

    • Noah Boddy says:

      Even “African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded” was met with sour faces from the Congressional Black Caucus. They claim Obama deserves the credit for that… but even if that were completely true it’s something to be celebrated.. or is it that they don’t want more working self supporting individuals and families so that they are tethered to vote for the national financial assistance that only the democrats can provide.

    • Wheat says:

      Weird how trump started mentioning the already downward trending black unemployment after The Right started losing elections with the help of the black vote.. 🤔

    • Noah Boddy says:

      Agreed on a downward trend but still you have an average of 12.3% under Obama and 7.4% black employment under Trump. Source:

    • the Trayne says:

      hey!!! You cannot MAKE people work unless they are slaves, like the satanist DEMONcrats want to hand the usa over to the new world order where 95% of the world population will be killed(see georgia guidestones) and the united states of america will be disbanded and turned into region 5 like the hunger games at best.

    • Tactical Bacon says:

      Republicans did the exact same thing when Obama gave the state of the union. Or are you too young to remember?

  10. bigbaddawn says:

    I’m so proud of my President. My grandchildren won’t grow up in a place like Venezuela.

  11. Zuko Urquhart says:

    There needs to be a demo cam for the whole address. Every time I see their crusty faces I burst out laughing.

    • vincent parente says:

      Their panicked faces crack me up. With all the lies they spew it really cracks me up. Seeing Pelosi literally shaking yesterday on CNN made my day!

  12. chris notyou says:

    Americans are dreamers too!MAGA!

  13. Collin Kenney says:

    Democrats sat, as Trump spoke out against North Korea. That tells you all you need to know.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Here’s all anyone needs to know…. even when President Trump commented on a goal that he had reached and accomplished that made even the democrats stand and cheer, look at the all nigger caucus. Ugly ass apes sat there with scowls on their chimp faces.
      They no longer need to be in our country, they are domestic terrorists. I dare ANYONE to logically refute the fact that niggers are natural enemies to America.

    • Michael DeBell says:

      Truth Hurts I’d put money on you being a democrat because they are the real racists and always have been.

    • Sierra Hoyt says:

      Man people are such hypocrites… Republicans did the same shit to Obama. Both parties are sore losers.

    • Tactical Bacon says:

      Yes because aggravating a volatile dictator is the way to go.

      No one likes North Korea, there’s just the fact that Democrats don’t want America to get nuked so that Trump can flex his military muscles

    • Tactical Bacon says:

      Michael DeBell You are such a dumbass

  14. vetteguy says:

    some of these dems look like they just ate the corn out of their own shit!!!!

    • 54markl says:

      That’s the way you funny-talkers are going to look when Trump is impeached for treason, Jeff Davis.

    • renge99O9 says:

      54markl- Man you like a crazy squirrel running around commenting the same shit everywhere. Lemme guess, you are a paid “media influencer”, amiright? x-D

    • Dan Zykam says:

      🇺🇸🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣 I was thinking the same thing!!

    • love thy cock says:

      vetteguy they do look like some sad snowflakes, they look like they just found out they have herpees.

    • firstname lastname says:

      renge99O9 progressive deep state libshits just throw $$ at any idiot to solve their problems. Why? Becaue they got used to slave labor doing absolutely everything for them. Dont worry. We’re here to fix that for these degenerate fukcs

  15. Warren Rhinerson says:

    I love how Ted Cruz is smiling and happy while Bernie Sanders looks like he’s about to die on hearing the mandate for Obamacare is gone

  16. themagicbanana says:

    Made my eyes water multiple times, donald trump cares about america and americans, god bless president trump and the united states 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      Wheat after eight years of Obama the country was back on track

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      Wheat Obama was way over his head and really not up to the job

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      Wheat obama was the black plague that brought us grim reaper a satan incarnate the anti christ

    • Truth Hurts says:

      What did that nigger nobama ever do, NOTHING, he was a great speaker, an effective orator, he played on your emotions. But he was so ineffective, and destructive to our country.
      In just one single year, President Trump has repaired our nation far more than nobama damaged it in eight. But there is still so far to go, so much to do.

    • Raymond Stefan says:

      your an ah with a mouth .unfortionitly theres lots of ya. you do know that your free to leave the country

  17. The Adventurous Guide to the Galaxy says:

    Excellently Delivered.

    • The Adventurous Guide to the Galaxy says:

      54markl including me, a black man. Thanks for attempting to make anyone give a shit about your fake racism concerns. Your a DEMBOT

    • The Adventurous Guide to the Galaxy says:

      Truth Hurts they just want to fuck kids like dems and pedos, they get no more boy pussy, so the Dems are angry of course.

    • renge99O9 says:

      54markl- Man, you like a rabid squirrel going crazy posting all over the place. Trump really wrecked your asshole, couldn’t be more obvious. I don’t care if he does anything in office, just watching how easily he exposed your mental disorders for the world to see is more than enough. x-D

    • Jordan Richardson says:

      Frisky Bottomsuuater Lol u sound remedial

    • Jordan Richardson says:

      Truth Hurts This isn’t your country retard this land was stolen Take ya asses back to Ireland

  18. Frank Patek says:

    Is it me or do the democrats look like petulant children?

  19. R Finn says:

    I think Nancy Pelosi had time breathing!!!

  20. ccountry93 says:

    Dems are an embarrassment

    • Vedran Noneofyourbusiness says:

      You can see how butthurt he is every time he looks right that they aren’t applauding his bullshit. He’s just waiting to get home to so he can hatetweet everyone who was mean to him, like a fucking 6-year-old.

    • Hung Grapes says:

      Only in your opinion !

    • renge99O9 says:

      iamsuethecuntful- I can see that you are eager to remain near the dildo. Can you put some action behind your principle, maybe go out and actually open that cowardly bitch mouth in person? The only thing I want to change is your clown face you peter puffer.

    • Ryan Jones says:

      ccountry93 bipartisanship is embarrassing

    • Blaise Collins says:

      Tybetts agree with everything you said, but your inability to use “you’re”, misspelling “ridiculously”, and lack on punctuation diminished your post

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