President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold Press Briefing | TIME

President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold Press Briefing | TIME

President Trump and members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing after the Senate passes a landmark $2 trillion relief package for Americans and businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

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President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold Press Briefing

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63 Responses

  1. Grig Van says:

    Lord have mercy save us!

    • Super Power says:

      @Roddy MacChlerich too bad the orange man beat him to us.😆

    • Jim O'Hagan says:

      Sorry, there will be no saving. There is no lord. We are the only intelligent life forms “we” know of so far, unless you believe Bob Lazar.. and he’s been right about a lot… in which case, we’re just dumb apes that have been visited numerous times by higher life forms. Notice forms. Plural. More than one type.

    • Teddy Rosenburg says:

      Grig Van this is the lords plan

    • ArmedSquid37 says:

      Grig Van Science will save us not some flying spaghetti monster in the sky

    • Guanqi Song says:

      He’s not doing it. We have to do it.

  2. Kael Eklund says:

    Address starts at 31:00

  3. DaRthHueS says:


  4. Storm Sarg says:

    “We have a virus, the best virus, huge…..huge virus”

  5. RiverFlower ASMR says:

    The speech starts at 31:03 for those who are watching this after the live. : )

  6. LOL JOKES POP says:

    And also at 30:56 go crazy on taking clips on those cameras😂

  7. Suman Gurung says:

    Saying that in 21 century USA is a powerful country and now they are shameful, up to now they are not doing nothing and covid19 spread over all country and USA have to show them, how powerful and fast than other country? Let’s do it fast… Let’s go! What happen to USA and no more speech and Let’s do in action not in words.

  8. Dick Steele says:

    he mentioned Lyme Connecticut!!! whoa

  9. Story Gordon says:

    Now he is forming a task force to assess which counties he can open. Two problems: That increases their risk. He didn’t close them.

    • pR1mal says:

      Exactly, the orange blowhard talks about easing restrictions HE DIDN’T SET. The governors will remove them, WHEN THEY SEE FIT.
      The governor in my state has taken the correct steps, thus far. He is to be commended, particularly in the face of the Trump admin’s ignorance.

  10. Desiree Hall says:

    I want to get my feet done

  11. Donkey Kong says:

    Why doesn’t the Surgeon General standing behind in uniform speak?

  12. Mark Gingrass says:

    How did they know they have it if they never went to a doctor?

  13. Burner Account says:

    Dr. D. Burke’s statement 48:09 may be the most important message to the American people right now.

    • Rodolfo says:

      sorry but all of them are untrustworthy now. Especially that woman and the surgeon general. The only one that has a bit of credibility is dr faucci.

  14. slickjilly says:

    He looks unwell. I mean more so than usual.

  15. Bianca Dankwahmintah2 says:

    When will New York open the testing center why did Cuomo close it

  16. Matt says:

    This is really TREMENDOUS 😏

  17. ICEMAN GT says:

    “Nobody knows the corona virus better than me.”

  18. Lee Lydston says:

    “Look at all those empty seats. Never seen it like that.”

    Oh yes you have. Just yesterday. And the Day Before. And the Day before that!

    • Chicago Truths says:

      Lee Lydston
      They should keep it that way.

      Then, you have 40 reporters in a room, instead of 160 reporters chattering at the President, to gain his attention.
      Now, you have more respectable an orderly press conferences, that focus on the communication of the factual information on the National issues.

      Also, you have less emotionally driven reporters, and there is less talk about everybody’s feelings about the issues.

    • Richard Skipper says:

      @Chicago Truths Agreed. Reporters that have nothing but political agendas should not be allowed to even be there. The American people deserve better.

  19. Páraic S. Ó Súilleabháin says:

    55:50 to get to some facts

  20. Calvin says:

    Someone please give him a new word, he has worn Tremendous out.

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