President Trump Full Speech at HUGE Rally in Melbourne Florida 2/18/17

President Trump Full Speech at HUGE Rally in Melbourne Florida 2/18/17

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President Donald Trump Rally In Melbourne, Florida
Orlando Melbourne Airport
Melbourne, FL
February 18, 2017

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19 Responses

  1. Octavia Vargas says:

    You go Donald! I am proud of my Lord Jesus, my president, my flag and my country!!!!

  2. bbdog141414 says:

    Obamacare repeal needs to happen faster as does tax reform. I truly hope the congressional Republicans develop a sense of urgency. If we had congressional term limits i have a feeling that politicians would be more productive.

  3. Daniel John says:

    Trump makes it look easy with his top buttons undone

  4. Michael Angelo says:


  5. herpherpbrocolli says:

    I love relaxed Trump. No tie, unbuttoned shirt, letting people up on the podium. I don’t believe any president in American history has done things like this. A true man of his nation.

  6. Chali M says:

    hate him or love him he still remains the toughest president of the whole world. I love Trump. God bless Trump.

  7. Nona Business says:

    trump is amazing

  8. jaferguson49 says:

    Historical.  The man is a genius.  He goes straight to the crowds, bypassing the MSM.  ROCK ON PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  9. Bryan Little says:


  10. PezX Candy says:

    the best President since I lived.

  11. winger j says:

    sounds like the leftist american media has run into a brick wall.

  12. colderbeer says:

    28 days in office and he’s already a legend…..

  13. Pierre Simon says:

    “The Nation-State remains the best model for human happiness”. Fuck Soros and the globalist agenda. This is the end of the communist ideology and the New World Order. It’s about time, the people are getting their world back. Fuck the left and it’s crazy utopias.

  14. Daniel Herrera says:

    Latinos for Trump!

  15. Heaven Insights says:


  16. Abdul Khan says:

    Legend has a name D.J.Trump

  17. King James says:

    he will go down in history as the best president that really made a change

  18. anaranjadisimo says:

    can`t stop the Trump Train

  19. GoldenTV3 says:

    “You’re going to win so much you’re going to get sick and tired of winning.”

    He kept his promise.

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