President Trump Had A Bad (Or Sick) Weekend At Mar-a-Lago

President Trump Had A Bad (Or Sick) Weekend At Mar-a-Lago

Stephen chronicles Trump’s weekend tweet-a-thon, tempts the President with a shiny travel ban and shares the latest episode of ‘Real News Tonight.’

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20 Responses

  1. Get Rekt says:

    Here are some things Trump has said in response to someone pointing out that he is wrong:
    “Those were the numbers that were given to me.”
    “What, you think I’m going to fact check everything I say?”
    “I feel it’s right.”

    It’s amazing how he feels absolutely no obligation to make sure what he says is even remotely correct, and when someone points out he’s wrong he just digs his heels in even further. The even crazier thing about this particular story is the hypocrisy. He dismisses any criticism of him as ‘fake news’, yet is now making a claim that comes from Breitbart, which is quite literally propaganda.

  2. Rhett Hoskinson says:

    Our crazy orange president is going sour like meatloaf in the sun.

    But oh GOD it’s funny.

  3. charmedfan7704 says:

    Drumpf just keeps outdoing himself in stupidity. I wonder what he’ll do next week, or tomorrow?

  4. Lynn Yule says:

    I love how Trump supporters think it’s ok for him to spend tax payers money to go to Florida every weekend.

  5. VM 9 says:

    I thought the US reality TV shows were getting really boring and predictable….then the country decided to make a certain Donald Trump the fucking President of the country…”reality” TV has never been this good! Thanks Trump….or should we still thank Obama? 😛

  6. Grant B says:

    He tweets so early to dominate the news cycle. Surely people realize this by now right? RIGHT?!

  7. K-2SO says:

    Trump sucks. Bigly.

  8. S. I. V. says:

    Would it be too far if I pray that Trump dies?

  9. FreneticKey says:

    America sucks because of Donald Trump and his deplorables

  10. Maryam G says:

    Trump has got to the point that no one takes him seriously. This narcissistic is making the country a laughing stock.

  11. Angreh Kittunz says:

    You can almost see Trump sitting on his ass watching TV all day from these tweets, while the White House permanent staff go crazy trying to get him to eat his veggies.

  12. Angel Rodarte Jr. says:

    Don’t take your eye off the ball! Jeff Sessions technically committed perjury under oath and needs to do more than recuse himself.

  13. jensen1901 says:

    can you imagine if Obama went to Hawaii every weekend while he was President? Fox News and Trump would go ballistic, yet when Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago literally EVERY WEEKEND, not a peep from the right wing hypocrites.

  14. Kay 100 says:

    I’m concerned that your REAL NEWS are taken literally – seriously – by Trump worshippers.

  15. Carl McGregor says:

    Oh how you Americans must be embarrassed by the child you elected (and gave nuclear code to)

  16. insomniacfolder says:

    We’re less than 50 days in (oh! and remember Trump promised ISIS would be totally defeated within 30 days of his administration) and already we’re at Trump accusing worse than Watergate/McCarthyism/worst scandal in history.
    Where can he go from here, by 100 days, it’ll be: “Just heard Obama roasted then ate live toddlers on the Whitehouse lawn! #CannibalPresident SAD!!!”

  17. kalaya01 says:

    Can Obama do us a favor and sue this idiot fake president for Libel? How did we elect such an old clueless moronic thin-skinned grandpa and give him the nuclear codes? Thanks a lot Russia… you won.

  18. earthminus10 says:

    trumps diet of high fat and sugar along with no excercise is our only hope???

  19. Morty Sanchez says:

    if Trump thinks that the election is sacred, why did he do that whole ‘might not accept election results’ bit

    and allow his surrogates to call for violent revolution (Sherrif David Clark and former Rep. Joe Walsh)

  20. Darrell Gardner says:

    Our president is a fucking toddler..

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