President Trump Is Using His Office To Protect His Family’s Businesses

President Trump Is Using His Office To Protect His Family’s Businesses

Stephen calls out the President for using his platform to attack Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka’s clothing line.

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19 Responses

  1. Megan West says:

    How did he get elected, wth

  2. Cami Hauskins says:

    The title of this video is a surprise to no one.

  3. Elephant Groove says:

    Of course he is! He’s also actively engaging in cronyism and nepotism.

  4. fernando wetherbee says:

    isn’t that A) nepotism and B)illegal? conflict of interest?

  5. Lorena Cabrera Vera says:

    nepotism and corruption

  6. Clash says:

    C’mon, give Trump some credit! At least, he’s standing up for the woman
    he’s having an incestuous affair with.

  7. Cami Hauskins says:

    Trump is a petulant child and a drama queen, and this is coming from a
    teenager, so that’s saying a lot.

  8. Anders Raben Hansen says:

    I’m wondering when the American people has had enough.

  9. ufster81 says:

    impeach the orange turd already.

  10. KingOfMadCows says:

    Kellyanne Conway is right. It’s so unfair that I’m being charged for murder
    just because I killed 7 people. What about the 7 billion people I didn’t

  11. anton chigurh says:

    If Obama did this Republicans would want impeachment …This should be

  12. Corey Miller says:

    When *IS* Trump telling the truth? I honestly have no recollection of when
    Trump was being truthful.

  13. leoselios778 says:

    I hate being that guy: The conspiracy pandering nuttjob;
    but seriously I would not be surprised if a “Terrorist” attack occurred
    within the next few days, just in time to sway the opinion of the American
    Public on the travel ban.

  14. Zzyzzyzzs says:

    Still won’t talk to China, won’t talk to Mexico, won’t enact any positive
    policies worth a damn. Instead spends his time picking fights on Twitter
    with department stores, whining about the other branches of govt like a
    stubborn kid who can’t believe he has to listen to his parents, and getting
    the senate to vote in the equivalent of cool parents who won’t cook him
    broccoli and will let him stay up late (DeVos & Sessions). Meanwhile his
    senators are introducing bills to eliminate the Environmental Protection
    Authority and the Election Assistance Commission. And lies and lies and
    lies, then sends out his attack dogs Spicer & Conway to defend his
    nonsense. Spicer’s job is to communicate White House policy; instead he has
    to stand on stage in front of the American flag and talk about bathrobes.
    I’m willing to accept there were a few Trump supporters who wanted to see
    the system changed, but congratu-fucking-lations, you just voted in a
    fucking circus.

  15. camelshit says:

    Please, let there be at least some trump voters who by now are starting to
    realize what a fraud trump is, how utterly unfit he is to occupy the
    presidency. I really hope so, for their sake. It is human to err, they
    shouldn’t be afraid to come forth and confess their regret.

  16. Benaiah Uchiha-Senju says:

    Stephen Colbert for president 2020
    His slogan will be *Don’t be fooled again*

  17. FirstAmongTheEquals says:

    George Bush looks so elegant and regal right now.

  18. Cameron Sipka says:

    Republicans don’t like when a strong woman speaks. scilence her!

  19. James Burgess says:

    What was Jeff Sessions rap name?

    Triple K

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