President Trump on “Justice” Part 1

President Trump on “Justice” Part 1

President Trump on “Justice” Part 1

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18 Responses

  1. csyrg says:

    No, No I didn’t ….. My five year old lies like that, it’s cute on her. Oh and the “I won’t talk about that”, but tweeting about it, sure what’s the harm.

  2. Ron Joseph says:

    “It depends on how you define loyalty.”
    – Donald J. Trump.

    Seriously, fuck this guy. He’s a lying, traitorous cunt and an embarrassment.

  3. David Fuller says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Trump is a liar!!!”I can’t comment on recordings” = Donald Trump is going to PRISON

  4. Frank Enstein says:

    Jesus, he reminds me of the retarded kid at my gym who cleans the machines.

  5. Ivy J. says:

    hair somehow got even more ugly-ass
    smh just like his personality

  6. Sabino Rodriguez says:

    Have you guys watched Prometheus? What were your thoughts on it?

  7. Rodrigo Salles says:

    This retard is so going to prison…

  8. jensen1901 says:

    Trump is a liar and a con artist. The only reason he fired Comey is because he knew Coney was moving forward with investigation which DOES include charges against several members of team Trump, and possibly even Trump himself.

  9. Eusden Shing says:

    He tweets about it and then he can’t talk about it.

  10. TheeBambam says:

    I bet trump tried to finger this women after the interview.

  11. Pyro Zach says:

    Trump’s actions and behavior have cost him to lose many of his most loyal supporters.

  12. wrozay says:

    How is this trending at 20k views?

  13. JohnG500 says:

    Trump is amazing!! He is one of the best president since President Reagan!!!

  14. Kimora Nedio says:

    hate his ugly stupid face

  15. Nelson Rivera says:

    Any news on the leaked tapes?

  16. Paul Newton says:

    When he looks at the camera a lie is coming, when he looks up a lie is being checked against other lies.

  17. Brandon Christopher says:


  18. Stephen Foster says:

    Dig a hole! Bury yourself! He dug it more then six feet.. put him in it! He’s gone what are y’all waiting for?!(republicans)

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