President Trump warns coronavirus crisis could last until August, cause a recession

President Trump warns coronavirus crisis could last until August, cause a recession

President Trump said Monday the next 15 days will be critical in the fight against coronavirus, and urged Americans to avoid groups of 10 or more people. Mr. Trump also warned the crisis could last until August and cause a recession. Ben Tracy reports from the White House.

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97 Responses


    What about bills. You guys should stop the bills until august

  2. Dan Pettyjohn says:

    My left ear is very displeased with this video.

  3. Ben obrien says:

    You notice none of these government Pricks are saying anything about how anyone is supposed to pay their bills taking two weeks off

    • Darth_Chaos says:

      Shng275 Medicare-For-All = High taxation for all classes, for a mediocre government-run healthcare system

    • Local Fixx says:

      @Compete ToDefeat Libya, but NATO invaded and murdered Gaddafi for it.

    • Compete ToDefeat says:

      @Bobo Mackenzie He needs to get more funding into the mental healthcare system. That way you can get treatment for your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • Johnny Castaway says:

      @Michelangelo Buonarroti Did you vote for Donald Trump? His main policy was to build a wall

    • Nate 07 says:

      @Andy Fetzer UBI is very real and we’ll probably need it one day when automation starts replacing workers and there isnt enough jobs.

  4. NoahTre says:

    Feels like the end of the world tbh. Crazy how everyone is acting.

    • Greybeard says:

      X2F0101011 I was around for Y2K, I told people it was no big deal. Ebola happened, I told people no big deal. This time though… THIS TIME feels different. I went and bought a month worth of supplies. I’m not saying it’s the END by any means, but it’s getting pretty serious.

    • Greybeard says:

      Austin Blackburn mostly. You wanna chance it? Or chance indirectly killing other folks? I don’t.

    • Greybeard says:

      Cindy Chronister it’s just getting going. We still have little data on how bad it can get. The “flu” has been around awhile.

    • Ordinary Games says:

      @Virginia Spartan it is only dangerous to a specific group, it’s fatalities mainly come from older men and women, and there has been only 1 death from someone under 18

    • the divils eye yourmomsucksmydick2times says:

      @MattS_RANTZ49 what freedom it was neva there

  5. Andrew Justin Hom says:

    my left ear really enjoyed this

  6. The Hooded Claw says:

    Breaking News: CDC advises not paying rent until August.

    • frank enstein says:

      @Ich Bin Erroten tell him to take a pill

    • Kevin K says:

      @frank enstein a lease is a contract between 2 parties and should be honored by both parties

    • Dadson worldwide says:

      Actually trumps taken care of that banks will give you a month waiver of all loan interest. He suspended student loan interest so you could do that if you want. If you don’t try it to much banks will waive a month but normally charge you interest trymp took care of us there.

    • bgt125 says:

      @Kevin K What? Did you just stub your toe and yell “thanks obama!” to the heaven’s again or something?

    • Kevin K says:

      @bgt125 what gives you that idea ?

  7. G says:

    The volume on this video is really low.

  8. DEPREDATING zZ says:

    1st January: Eat well, wash your hands, keep calm.

    16 March: Dont die, worst its coming, probably recession.

    • Shundai says:

      @Austin Blackburn so do you give him a 10 rating as well?

    • Austin Blackburn says:

      @Shundai No I don’t but then again I also believe he is probably is just doing whatever the cdc recomends I mean when was the last time a president has been in office with any medical experience. Besides we can always hope people handle things better but outside of just taking complete control of the country and basically degrading Americans level of freedom to those given under the chinese communist party what else is he supposed to do other than tell us to try to limit are contact its not like he wanted a major disease that could trigger a recession to happen months before the elections.

    • Shundai says:

      @Austin Blackburn I honestly don’t know what he wants I’m not apart of EITHER gang I’m independent. But I am also unbias and I know what poop smells like. One minute you hear Oh look what he’s doing to make us great but when it’s something bad it’s never his fault he’s not being held accountable for ANYTHING. Listen to the CDC lmao trump yea right. When you’re able to think for yourself then maybe we can have unbias dialogue & continue this conversation. If not that’s fine too.

    • Jessica Sumpter says:

      And the end of the world

    • luca miceli says:

      make america great again at the beginning of February people (here in Italy) underestimated the risk of coronavirus. More than a month after we are all quarantined. I kept saying to myself “I wish somebody would have told us what was coming and how to deal properly since the beginning”, however it was too late. Than I said to myself “USA is lucky, as they can do what we couldn’t”. Then I saw how the USA administration dealt with it and I lost faith in the world.

  9. Golden Legend says:

    Why is the audio so low

    • Local Fixx says:

      Cornoa is in the power lines. The power lines need to be removed from the insulation and scrubbed. Lockheed Martin will do it for $3 trillion as part of Trump next “stimulus”. If the “private sector” doesn’t get another $3 trillion, we’ll all die from Corona. 🤪👀

  10. Brian Andrade says:

    Y’all MFers better suspend bills&Rent till August then

  11. Rodney Diamond says:

    breakings news the corona virus broke all our mics so you cant hear us

  12. Oliver Cooper says:

    I’m working until they close down the highways TRUCKERS DONT QUIT.AMERICA NEEDS US

  13. Jon S says:

    Hey, he could have given himself an 11/10.

    • Joanne Park says:

      Jon S – Just leaves ya speechless, should be used to it – but i’m not. Kind regards from New Zealand.

  14. JACK Alleman says:

    14 days isn’t the miracle cure.Stay home and be yourself.

    • nattacka says:

      @Black Ocean just don’t be poor 😂

    • Irunwitha hatchet says:

      Are you gonna give him money because he ain’t make any sitting home or does he need to rub your smartass

    • Rick Jones says:

      Well Jack. I didn’t know you were such an expert on this Coronavirus. Maybe you should be in charge of the CDC. You sound pretty sure that 14 days isn’t going to be the Cure. How many days do you recommend mr. Expert?

    • nattacka says:

      @Irunwitha hatchet it’s called savings if you have none then wtf are you doing

    • TheJimmyJ57 says:

      nattacka ok kid your mommy and daddy will make sure your put in a infected home tomorrow😂

  15. Jamaal Thomas says:

    Should have kept the pandemic department 🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. George Bush says:

    My mortgage isn’t taking a break so I wont either

    • Johnny Castaway says:

      💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 A S S H O L E S Welcome to K A R M A

    • Wally Davidson says:

      I really had respect for you Mr. Bush until I saw your comment. You would think someone like you has better things to do. Disgusting!

    • Dennis K says:

      And that’s why I started saving up from 2012. I can hold up for at least 10 years now without having an income.
      Most people don’t save no more they find it more important to have luxury and status showing of wealth instead of having wealth

    • Christian Winter says:

      @Redwood Madrone Better question, what will the house be worth once the US is in a full blown depression? Is it really worth the mortgage?

    • Grant Prine says:

      George, I know you cheated on me and I’m going to sue you!

  17. Tyler L says:

    Damn the government really failed us on this one!!

    • Laoshi J says:

      @Seekers Squad

      Exactly. In regards to the current situation there are many armchair Presidents in the comment section? pointing fingers. Pathetic!

    • Joe Z says:

      westbender 820 When did Chinese government control USA

    • rob jose says:

      @Chris Smith Its the stupid people….not even our government lmao. The goverment has been doing good closing schools, telling people not to panic and stop mass buying hahha. But the people fail to listen therefore they will pay for it in the future

    • DR4G0N says:

      @jordan sheppard Haha funny joke

    • PungiFungi says:

      @Joe Z , the Chinese government basically got the US by the balls because they manufacture many of our basic medical necessities. If Trump’s China tariff is not giving people incentive to move manufacturing back home or to some other place, this thing with the virus certainly will.

  18. Renee Peck says:

    I’m less scared for the Coronavirus rather than how our country is handling this situation.

    • xthatwhiteguyx says:

      @GL K Uh…. what?

    • xthatwhiteguyx says:

      @Nissan370Z Earth’s entire population can fit, uncomfortably, in Los Angeles… The world, and certainly the United States is NOWHERE NEAR overpopulated.

    • GL K says:

      @xthatwhiteguyx Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps you really don’t know anything about communism; that maybe you have been programmed to hate and constantly compare to something that you never have lived through and just heard about in school and the media? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t support communism. I don’t know what it is, other than the version that the US has given to me about it. What I can tell you is that this iteration of capitalism that has swept the world is pretty damn horrendous. I suggest you one day take the time to watch this documentary that was made by DW; and you are able to see right here on youtube. It’s called “Greed,” a two part documentary. Just type in Greed at the search bar above.

    • array s says:

      Do not worry we have the best president in the world. Viva Chump!

    • GL K says:

      “Praise the almighty, sent-by-god, Trump almighty. The most noble man in the Universe.”   We need to get used to saying that just like the way North Koreans are forced to believe, think and speak of their Dictator.  Practice now, and you’ll not have trouble when it finally becomes true.

  19. Shane Sullivan says:

    Well I gotta go out and get money to pay bills I’m not rich can’t just sit home. What a joke

  20. PaPa Told Me Too says:

    “ rest for 15 days “

    Average America: Are we a joke to you?

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