President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address

President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address

Watch the 2019 State of the Union Address from President Donald Trump and the Democratic response from Stacey Abrams February 5, 2019. Live coverage from ABC News starts at 8:30 pm EST. Get additional State of the Union analysis, fact-check and video at

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71 Responses

  1. Henry Torres says:

    I love how ABC kept cutting to the pissed off Democrats instead of the cheering crowds that supported trump. I cannot wait to hear the media spin this.

  2. bruce marler says:

    is that the same poll numbers that said clinton would win, IDIOTS!

    • Lightning Driver says:

      88Gibson LesPaul I’m 70 and all my life I’ve heard all this fear Russia b.s. We used to hide under our school tables, as if that would somehow save us. Decades of this stupid Russia horse crap. Russia is a ONE resource economy, you dimwit: petroleum. When you can sway the price of oil, you have Russia by the balls. Hell, we have more in common with those people than with most of the rest of the world. We are losing our country to immigration, legal and illegal. The last census projection is 75 million more people in this country by 2060, chiefly due to immigrants and their offspring. No way can the environment or the infrastructure handle that. THIS is the challenge today, not Russia.

    • Lightning Driver says:

      Katakuri Besides, which, their was tremendous vote fraud in favor of Clinton.

    • drb1485 says:

      Lightning Driver There is literally zero credible evidence of voter fraud. I hate her too, but let’s not say things that are demonstrably false. It makes us all look bad.

    • deez nutz says:

      No, it’s not the same poll

  3. Poe_Lovecraft-69 Gaming says:

    Wow the two reporters are so sexist and racist @ 1:35

  4. John Hall says:

    For the first time in my life a POTUS said “America will never become a socialist country” while 1/3 of congress sat on their thumbs.

    Dangerous times.

    • Jimmy Dawkins Jr says:

      +Irene Enghardt that communist Bernie Sanders can go to hell and his followers

    • RossiGear says:

      Hail socialism

    • Jim Solo says:

      The dollar has zero real value. The Federal Trade Reserve has had control since 1913. If you honestly believe the current way we run our country will continue working, you might be a Trumpf muppet.

    • Bet On Me says:

      +Jim Solo Jim Solo , Federal Reserve was made exactly to stop socialist programmers like you from ruining the waving economy. It’s works like airbag. It was planned for decades. But you have no idea exactly how, do you? Read Bankers Manifesto, you complete ignorant.
      To all the liberals and Democrats that say Trump is wrong – people are waking up to your bull. They see how you reject facts and logic in the name of Trump hating. It’s futile.

    • J T says:

      You are likely poor. So you NEED socialism. If the govt takes away the “social programs” like medicare….you’d die from disease and fading health. Also you would lose your shit. You people are super ignorant. You dont deserve socialism. You cannot be re-educated. I say get rid of you. The richest people prefer to use you for debt and super wealth. Either way you’re fucked. Poor peasants have no idea what they want and cannot protect themselves from Russia or China. #biggergovernment #thepeoplecanthelpthemselves #hypocrisy #alreadysocialost #ignorance #the99percent #weneedaculling #youarealldisableduselesspeoplenotfitforthefuture

  5. Fresh Start says:

    Yes, let’s believe the polls you present because they were so accurate during the election and ever since…..

  6. Chad Hill says:

    A lot of gang members will still hate….this was a message of unity. Voted for Obama 2x BUT the media made me leave the democratic party. Keep up the HATE, you will LOSE more and more followers/voters!

    • Sam says:

      The media made you leave. You are an idiot in purest form. Listening to the media is the single stupidest thing you can doo in this country.

    • Alyssa DeNino says:

      This speech promotes hatred and mischaracterized the reality we live in. America’s biggest source of “illegal immigrants” is overstated visas, not people walking over. A wall would destroy the habitats of many wild animals and not be an effective way to combat this immigration problem trump has depicted. The late term abortion law is meant to be used in cases where the mother would die in the birth process or the hold would die shortly after birth, and life its few moments on earth in agony. The rhetoric used in this speech was meant to further divide, not create unity.

    • Darin Hibbs says:

      Welcome Chad… lets find areas we can agree.

    • Xavier K says:

      If the media can make you leave a party you’re a moron. You vote based on the person, not someone or something who tells you to vote. You’re not a machine but a person who can think.

  7. Mtn Noel says:

    At the 39:27 mark, Pelosi starts chewing her dentures..

  8. duane raymond says:

    ABC typical liberal bias ranting challenges, the same cronies who said Hillary will win by a landslide, bites them every time knowing that trump is the president………

  9. James G. Brown says:

    Whats up with all the Dem Harpees wearing white?  I haven’t seen that many Democrats in white since they invented the Klu Klux Klan.

  10. Daniel Potter says:

    I think it’s sad all these newly elected women in white couldn’t clap for abortion on babies who can feel pain in the womb but can dance and high five each other about being elected.

    • S A R C A S M says:

      Daniel Potter because they are humans with fucking uterus and the people you suffer when they made that hard ass decision no man should tell a woman what and what not to do with their fucking body

    • Tumulint says:

      Conservatives complain about the liberal feminist using feeling instead of facts, yet we have this hypocrisy . I’m yet to form an opinion about late term abortion because I think with my head and not with the bible. However, if it wasn’t scientifically safe for the women and the fetus to take on the abortion processes, then it wouldn’t be legal.

    • Kyle Nguyen says:

      Insert name here they made a law where u can have an abortion any time. So if the baby is developed with a brain, and body your telling me it’s okay to kill it?

    • NimsChannel says:

      It’s easier to save a puppy than it is to adopt one. People want a feel good story while someone else takes on the burden, then they wonder why people use public assistance.

    • Clorox Bleach says:


  11. Joe Stacks says:

    diversity in color isn’t true diversity. the only true diversity is diversity in thought.

    • Anthony LiPira says:

      Diversity used to simply mean ‘variety’. It now means ‘getting rid of the whites’.

    • Obama's Stand says:

      Lol idiot diversity of thought is a TERRIBLE THING when the so many acceptable thoughts are



      +Anthony LiPira “whites” have been making all the decisions and what do we have to show for it 19 years of war ,wars all over the world ,21trillion in debt and a recession on the horizon that make the great depression look like a cakewalk

    • Anthony LiPira says:

      +I NEED MY OPIOIDS BRO I’m not a fan of Zionist, Neoconservative foreign policy either.

  12. Lynda Mackrous says:

    Trump applauded ALL the women , and citizen women at work

  13. Jesse Lee says:

    You can love or hate the POTUS, but having 90% of the MSM being bias is enough for me to give the man a chance. Think for yourselves America!

  14. sirjames45443 says:

    The reactions on some peoples faces makes me wonder wtf is really going on.

  15. Rocky Firee says:

    Im democrat always have been but i applaud president Trump on a speech well presented

    • Catherine Haessig says:

      Tumulint not true some are about freedom & some like the Socialists are for NWO which is for the enslavement of humans.

    • Catherine Haessig says:

      Mr. CrossMii Will Be GOOD they have no honest answer because by the Russian comment it’s all the lies they were told as if the Truth by their corrupt lying criminal politicians on the left. Who are famous for turning their crimes on to their opposition as if it’s their crimes. Hillary did that when she was campaigning and her voters believed her. Which means they hate without any real reasoning.

    • Death Berry says:

      Mr. CrossMii Will Be GOOD
      Because Honest to God, he is a retard who believes he can do the fuck he wants, but more importantly he’s another idiot voted by a retarded group of people.
      People like trump, Hillary, Obama, Jackson, shouldn’t be allowed to run for president. But fools like Trumptards Just keep that cycle going.
      As far as I know trump is nothing more than a substitute President, till a real president takes the office.

    • Death Berry says:

      Catherine Haessig
      In fact if you keep being brainwashed by trump, you’ll keep on sucking on his dick.

    • Kyle Nguyen says:

      Cyrus Wexler I think he is saying you don’t have to be like Lincoln and other great presidents to be a good president

  16. J Pennington says:

    Feminists didn’t clap until they got credit for something.


    • Alyssa DeNino says:

      J Pennington feminists didn’t support hateful speech that promotes a campaign based on racism and the combination of church and state.

      SHOCKER !!!

    • J Pennington says:

      Alyssa DeNino

      That’s bullshit and you know it
      I’m sorry but that is straight hot SHIT and bullshit.

      But it’s you’re opinion
      And you’re welcome to it.

      See WE conservatives,
      believe in TRUTH and FREEDOM

      That’s you’re guys GAME

      NOT OURS!

      TRUMP 2020?


    • Briannaboo says:

      (This isnt a hate comment) but what are you views of women as a whole

    • J Pennington says:

      HATE COMMENT!!!!

      Nah jk.
      I love women and respect women.

      I have no problem with REAL FEMINISM .
      But 3rd wave FEMINISM is a lying, mean, vindictive, vitriol filled hateful ideology that doesn’t give 2 fucks about women or women’s issues.
      It’s just an excuse for mean women to hate and beat down on us men

      But REAL women, I love and support 1 MILLION PERCENT.

    • J Pennington says:

      What are YOU’RE views of women as a whole?

      I’m actually curious

  17. berni oakes says:

    The SOTU ADDRESS …..Beyond epic, patriotic, factual, triumphant, sincere.Our wonderful POTUS best ever.

  18. ZeeVon says:

    How can those traitors be angry/sad about the economy or the employment figures? Oh, wait, dumb question.

  19. Shane Zettelmier says:

    Your commentary and coverage is so ridiculous. Trump has reached out to the Democrats over and over and they’ve made it clear they’re going to do absolutely nothing but fight him at every single move and refuse to work with him. They aren’t governing they are resisting, they’re doing everything they can to screw with him and they don’t care who they hurt doing it, all they care about is illegals getting over here so they can stay in office because we all know if they require ID and build the wall that the Democrats won’t have enough Americans to keep them in the office so they need illegal aliens

  20. Matrox One says:

    KamaLIAR Harris appears just miserable over the securing the border business 1:03:15. Effing Traitor.

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