President Vladimir Putin On Russian Election Interference (Full Exclusive) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

President Vladimir Putin On Russian Election Interference (Full Exclusive) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

Megyn Kelly sits down for an exclusive interview with President Vladimir Putin, asking him about allegations that the Russians interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
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President Vladimir Putin On Russian Election Interference (Full Exclusive) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

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20 Responses

  1. raiden41x says:

    Putin is the best

  2. Lonely Traveler says:

    Putin is right… President Trump is right, the media is clearly wrong… I know fully believe this Russian blame is complete BS

  3. Frank Basti says:

    This Russia nonsense is getting super old.
    What they are saying is RUSSIA hacked the election and then used Clinton’s real emails to cost her the election?
    Seriously? The whole media / congress / FBI has looked into this and has nothing to say.
    All they say is RT (which nobody in the USA watches) had articles which are against Hillary.
    If that is meddling in elections, then why was Obama doing PR for the French election.

    Here is what is going on:
    1. Clinton’s team cannot explain why they spent more and lost. They look pathetic, and are not hire able for future campaigns. They want to keep their jobs and do not want to admit they ran a bad campaign.

    2. Clinton wants power. She cannot admit she lost. She needs to be relevant, keep power, so she can profit from it.

    3. NSA, CIA, NATO, and all others who profit from having an Enemy love the idea of having Russia as a Foe. Why? MONEY. Bad Russia = More taxes for these agencies = Job Security / Profits for military contractors.

    4. Neo Con Republicans love to hate russia. They hate Trump, and want the war profiteering to continue.

    5. Dems dont want to talk about real issues. Bernie is the most popular politician in the USA. If they get off the Russia story, the Dems will have to take a look at their party and shift left. They do not want to shift left Profits in politics comes from Big Donors.

    When you hear RUSSIA, think how it effects your pocket book.

  4. apollo 69 says:

    Stupid Megan Kelly.

  5. I Want To Survive says:

    Just go home and raise your children, Megyn. You would be much more useful there.

  6. Jhon Deo says:

    Mr Putin reapect. Leader of the leaders. most intelligent president in the world.

  7. Grandmaster Thoth, The Atlantean says:

    Another pathetic journalist gets destroyed by Putin…

  8. Jimmy Biggums says:

    She got de-stroyed lmaooo

  9. Christopher Hopkins says:

    Didn’t Wikileaks reveal that the American intelligence agencies have cyberweapons that can make any cyber attack look like any other nation did it? It could be used to make it look like Russia hacked china for example. Think about that while we are told “we have proof Russia hacked the US”

  10. Julian Adame says:

    Kelly is a mediawhore

  11. Kyle Winks says:

    She didn’t make it one minute into interview before she lied. 17 intelligence agencies did NOT investigate and conclude that Russia hacked the DNC. Very fake news.

  12. Jake Jones says:

    This crap is making the USA look like a complete JOKE to the rest of the world in its entirety. Nobody’s buying this “Russian interference” bull pucky.

  13. Adam Cortright says:

    Wow. He absolutely wiped the floor with Megyn Kelly’s face. What an embarrassment!

  14. Piontro Pechetrini says:

    She was not the right person to moderate something that Important as the Economic Forum in Russia. She is not at the height to be asking questions to real World Leaders.She is an Exceptionally Stupid and Ignorant woman.

  15. UnStumpable 2016 says:

    I’ll bet Megyn was bleeding from her “wherever” after that beatdown by Vlad.

  16. Silver Jaguar says:

    Putin is right about Kennedy assassination

  17. Friendli Persen says:

    I believe Vlad Putin. That is all. 🇺🇸❤️💙

  18. David Alonso says:

    not even the edits can save her.. and man did they try

  19. Руслан Расулов says:

    Guys from USA, hi, I’m Russian and I have seen full video from this conf. To be honestly all those questions are just “face-palm” already for all Russians… But watching comments under this video I really happy that most of you understand foolishness of your mass media. I always new that Americans are great nation, but so disappointed with things are going on in your country… Bless you guys

  20. JustMeDee says:

    “You create a sensation out of nothing.” BINGO!!!

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