PRETTYMUCH – Phases (Official Video)

PRETTYMUCH – Phases (Official Video)

Music video by PRETTYMUCH performing Phases (Official Video). (C) 2019 Simco Limited

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51 Responses

  1. reseve bruker says:

    I want a boyfriend who respect girls like the boys in PRETTYMUCH do.
    How they sing about love really opens my eyes of who I deserve.

  2. Janvi Patel says:

    Super proud this is a beautiful fuckin song love you guys??

  3. ツgithika says:

    ears? blessed.
    eyes? also blessed.
    wig? on mars.
    hotel? trivago.

  4. Sister Squad says:

    I think I broke the replay button….

    Thanks for one like

    Oof that was me

  5. Ella Waldrop says:

    This is how many years PRETTYMUCH will be popular.

  6. Melanie Gobillon says:

    This song makes cry while dancing… It makes me happy and sad at the same time ❤ It is just amazing!

  7. Rebekka 205 says:

    My mom: *this song*
    Me: MoM It’S nOt a pHasE

  8. Laura Arambula says:


    Prettymuch:we should be even cuter for the music video

  9. evelyn cruz says:

    This is the song that is gonna make them blow up!! And kinda sad that they didn’t say “prettymuch”.

  10. Danielle Skye says:

    Who else kinda likes Austin better with his natural brown hair??‍♂️?

    Like if you do?


    Damn this needs to be #1 on trending like NOW who agrees like

  12. Nejira Heric says:

    Omg ??my little babies are not so little anymore??❤️

  13. •Grace• says:

    This is the definition of a GLOW-UP ? 2019: The Year of PRETTYMUCH

  14. Mercie says:

    zion rapping? wait? stop. my ovaries weren’t ready for this

  15. Shaquanda says:

    “So how good do you want this song to be?”

    Prettymuch: *yes*

  16. Mimansa S says:

    my baby brandon’s voice pulls through every time ugh wow

  17. Mimansa S says:

    austin looks sooo good, imma switch lanes real quick. what

  18. Darling Whatever says:

    This song makes me feel sad but in a good way (it’s confusing)???

  19. la marii says:

    why are people disliking this bop???!!!???

  20. Montana's life says:

    My babys are on the trending page it is a merical 2019 is going to be there year PERIOD

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