Prey | Official Trailer | Hulu

Prey | Official Trailer | Hulu

It lives to hunt. #Prey is coming to Hulu on August 5.

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31 Responses

  1. Scenic Fights says:

    This looks pretty good and has huge potential. Really love the concept.

    • Michael DEsantis says:

      @A Knight of Cybertron I know AvP does not count. But can we agree that not only the AvP was bad, but you could not see anything.

    • A Knight of Cybertron says:

      @Michael DEsantis do mean it’s set in a completely different time period, so I’m sure it won’t follow in the same vein as whatever the hell 2018 was

    • Troy Muni says:

      @Cappuchino100 I applaud your optimism. While I certainly hope you’re correct and they make it somewhat believable, the odds of that happening without making the experienced male hunters look like complete idiots are slim to none. Netflix and Hulu both have a track record of ignoring the audience they produce content for and prioritizing social agendas over the plot. Hulu’s movies are consistently rated among the worst original content of every major streaming service based on critic and audience review scores….so I’m not getting my hopes up.

  2. Tell It Animated says:

    This looks like it could hit the heights of the first and second films, wish it was coming to theatres but I’m still pumped

  3. White Walker says:

    Showing Predators hunting in different historical eras is a cool concept. You can build a huge franchise with this concept. Hopefully this will be a good Predator movie.

    • Troy Muni says:

      @KneelBeforeZak Handmaid’s was good for the first few seasons, then took a nose dive, IMO. I had to force myself thru the last season in particular. I’m not sure I can even think of any other original content they put out that was anywhere near as good.

    • Nabil Hernandez says:

      It’d be dope to get a franchise on different protagonists from different times go against predators

    • El_Rose 5000 says:

      Yep, would love to see it go up against some Vikings in the Ice

    • KneelBeforeZak says:

      @Troy Muni I only know them from the handmaid’s tale. The director and this trailer has me hyped, gutted its not doing the same

    • Troy Muni says:

      @KneelBeforeZak I can count every single Hulu produced movie that was any good on one hand and still have fingers to spare.

  4. Travis Hartman says:

    This actually looks pretty good. Much better than the initial teaser. I’m a huge fan of Predator throughout the ages concept so very excited to see exactly what they do with this.

  5. RK1916 says:

    This actually looks like it deserves to go to the theater. I am surprised how exciting and intriguing this trailer was for me.

  6. maybetoby says:

    This is what the film series needs to be. Turn it into an anthology series that takes place at different points in history.

  7. Darce Zillious says:

    The last few installments lacked the very foundation of what made a predator movie stand out amongst a sea of scifi films: fear of the unknown. We didn’t know what it was, where it hailed from, it’s motives. That ambiguousness lended a sense of horror and mystery about the character. Plus, the predator’s relentless pursuit of hunting down beings with ever stopping. This movie is gonna be great. I have full faith in Dan

  8. UFO SECTION 51 says:

    I don’t know. Still not convinced. I think we’ve lost the spirit and the concept of charismatic characters like Dutch who are strong enough to deal with the Predator. Even the character of Harrigan played by Danny Glover in Predator 2 was interesting. I don’t have the same feeling with this new movie. I miss something epic in this new movie. Sorry. Maybe the future will show me that I’m wrong, and I hope so.

    • MBG says:

      @philthestampede ok, go watch Olympic level men and women race. There’s plenty of video of men destroying them. It’s not bigotry to understand men and women are built different. Then again I’m clearly not speaking to someone who works with facts, only argues with emotion. Sad really.

    • philthestampede says:

      Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she can’t be as strong as an Olympian male athlete, bigot.

    • SurrealTeal says:

      We’ll have to see what it provides as it’s hard to judge yet with a trailer. I have moderate expectations from this, unfortunately I don’t think anything can top the original Predator but that’s just nostalgic at this point as well as epic!

    • ArsynZ says:

      It was never about just strength alone. It was about cunning.
      Dutch, and the entire team for that matter were all strong physically, but Dutch out witted the predator in the end.

    • blueonblack83 says:

      Those kinds of action stars are from a bygone era, I’m afraid. I hope this movie doesn’t bomb as well… If it does, then bye bye Predator franchise.

  9. dinodudeGR says:

    This actually looks promising and good. I like the setting, I like the more serious tone overall and it seems like we are maybe getting a good Predator movie finally. I like that they went into a smaller scale. A group of humans against one single Predator. Im happy to see new equipment for the Predator and finally FINALLY I get to see a human trying to outsmart the Yautza with traps and wits (like in the first movie and Predators). It’s a survival story and Im happy with what Im seeing.

  10. David Emanuel Rosini says:

    This was actually a really good trailer, showed a lot of the chaos that’s about to unfold without actually revealing too much.

    • Josh Loves Movies says:

      True we don’t know how many Predators are hunting them in Prey!

    • Shorty Mtz says:

      @Laughable Larry it why I stop at the bear. So I won’t be spoiled. It annoying how these trailer give away to much. What the point watching something. If u just gonna give me the whole thing in the trailer.

    • TheBlueExorcist says:

      @H R S don’t worry it wil be woke enough for you you’ll love it lol

    • DpOp says:

      @Sundaee and what.. watch the movie bro.. I’m not telling you everything 😏

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