Primitive Technology: Bed Shed

Primitive Technology: Bed Shed

I built a bed shed, a small shelter with a sleeping platform built into it. It’s quicker to build than a large hut but can be extended later on when materials and time become available. It’s not far from the dome shaped grass hut I built earlier. The hut took about 2 weeks to make only because it’s difficult to find grass in the mountain (if built in a field it would be significantly faster).
The hut is 2 m long and 1 m wide. Four posts were hammered into the ground, two 1 m high posts (1.25 m long, 25 cm underground) on the low side and two 2m high posts (2.25m long, 25cm underground) on the high side. Onto this, a sloping rafters was lashed on with fish tail wait-a-while, a spiky palm with a vine like habit. To remove the needle like spikes from the plant, the leaves are pulled off so that the frond sheaths come with them. This made suitable lashings.
Battens were then tied to the rafters and bundles of long grass from the mountainside were collected. Using vine from the bush, the bundles were lashed to the battens starting at the low side and continuing to the top so that the grass would shed rain. Cross bars were lashed to the frame of the shed at each end to support the bed. These were at a height of 1m above the ground.
The bed frame itself was made from four poles (two 2m long and two 75 cm long) lashed together to form a rectangle 1.75m long and 75 cm wide (the ends of the two longer poles extending further to sit on the cross bars in the shed). Lawyer cane was then wrapped length ways over the frame to create horizontal threads. Then more lawyer cane was woven between these threads to form a sort of bed spring net. The bed frame was then put on the cross bars and tested to see if it could hold my weight. A mat I made from woven bark in a previous video was used for bedding and a bunch of grass for a pillow. In a rainstorm it was possible to make a fire in the space under the bed.
This structure is quick and easy to build. The bed is 1 m above the ground and provides plenty of area beneath to store fire wood and tools out of the rain as well as a place to sit and make things. The bed is comfortable and keeps the occupant off the ground away from ground dwelling creatures at night. The smoke coming up from the fire keeps mosquitoes away while providing heat and light reflected back from the roof. In fine weather the fire can be placed in front of the shed in the open while during rain the fire can be kept under the shelter to keep it dry. If room is needed to stand up the bed can be folded up against the roof and tied to it using cordage.
This shed is literally one half of the standard rectilinear hut I usually build (2m x2m floor plan, 2m tall ridge line and 1 m high side walls e.g. from wattle and daub hut and tiled hut videos) and was built to be upgradeable. Later, the other side of the roof could be added on and then walls of some kind built around the frame to form a full hut.

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  1. Mugu S says:

    *Guys, we better learn this shit in order to rebuild civilisation after
    Trump starts WW3.*

  2. Nicholas LionRider says:

    Can we get this guy on naked and afraid lol

  3. Dios says:

    The legend tells that he made his camera with sticks, feathers and rocks

  4. Franklin Blankenship says:

    I’d be careful sleeping over the fire, you don’t want to breathe carbon
    monoxide. ..

  5. Primitive Technology says:

    A few people are worried about why it took so long to post a video.
    Basically, the video was delayed because of non-serious setbacks. I tried
    smelting iron but the blower seized due to a lack of candle nuts which I
    used to grease the bearings- rats ate the ones I had stored up. A lot of
    charcoal was wasted. Then I visited relatives and caught a flu from plane
    travel. I came back and started a kiln but the weather turned wet and
    stopped that project.Then the relatives visited for Christmas and I got
    sick again. Then I started working on a new, longer bow but it was taking
    too long. So finally I did this project as it seemed fairly easy and had a
    reasonable chance of success. So like I said it was just a series on
    non-serious holdups. I expect I’ll get back to a steady rate of 1 video a
    month but if it’s late don’t worry too much. Thanks.

  6. Can't barrage Farrage says:

    i got a pop up that read ‘help to subtitle this video?’ lmfao, didn’t know
    youtube’s algorithms could make jokes!!!

  7. ByTheTimeYouHaveFinishedReadingMyLongUsernameIHaveTakenYourBagel says:

    nothing beats that great feeling of seeing one of his videos in your sub

  8. pieulpe says:

    Am I the only one that wonders why the fuck people keep bringing up their
    polical opinions on this channel ? Like, how can this possibly have any
    kind of relation with what you think of feminism, American elections or
    wars ?

  9. Damian Damianio says:

    haha i like how (gaming) youtubers always say “youtube is hard work” ..
    look at this guy! that’s hard work!

  10. weesnaws12345 says:

    If the world goes bad shit insane I’m going to team up with this dude.

  11. Kaishan says:

    what texture pack are you using?

  12. J Briggs says:

    this guys videos are all fake. You don’t get wifi in the jungle dumbasses

  13. Cooper Carr says:

    The amount of poon this guy would have gotten in the Paleolithic era…

  14. Ethan Wu says:

    I learned this a couple vids ago and I want to share my knowledge: if you
    turn on captions it tells you what he’s doing

  15. jiar300 says:

    The moment this guy speaks will leave people shocked

  16. SPIRIT CRUISE says:

    This makes me appreciate my bed.

  17. Berta Lovejoy says:

    Wow this is obvious sexism on display. Why is not a woman showing how this
    bed shed is built? You always produce videos with you as the main
    protagonist, building this primitive technology but I haven’t seen any
    women featured in your videos yet. It’s disgusting how you’re playing into
    the hands of sexism and misogyny, by not promoting women and their
    creativity. They are far more able to built this primitive technology since
    the brain of women is 10% bigger than the one of men. This means that women
    are more intelligent and more effective in building. I hope you’ll feature
    a woman in your next video else I’ll have to report it to the Youtube
    admins as sexism.

    Berta Lovejoy, Promoter of Love, Equality and Peace.

  18. vesteel says:

    You haven’t uploaded for so long i thought you’re already building you own

  19. Prestige Clips says:

    The most primitive part is he still uses a WordPress domain name…

  20. bubble king says:

    what if it rains from the other direction?