Primitive Technology: Round hut

Primitive Technology: Round hut

I built a round hut using palm thatch and mud walls to replace the damaged A-frame hut built a few months ago. The A frame hut was damaged due to torrential rain and poor design elements considering the wet conditions. The thatch had rotted in the part of the roof that gets shade. Moth larvae and mold grew and consumed the thatch in these places. The hut also tilted forward due to the back post being hammered in only 25 cm into the ground. So on returning to the property (it was cut off by flooded bridge) I began work on a new hut.
The new hut was positioned further into the open clearing to get more sunlight. A 3 meter diameter circle was scribed and 12 wooden posts were hammered into the ground, each 50 cm deep for a sturdier structure. Lintels were then tied to the top of the posts joining the posts together. A tripod ladder was made from poles lashed together at the top and a platform lashed to its frame. The roof poles were then attached to the top of the lintels and lashed together at the top to form a conical roof frame, 3 meters at the highest point. Loya cane was then tied on the eaves to act as support for the ends of the palm thatch.
700 palm fronds were then cut split and thatched onto the roof. The tripod ladder was used to climb up and thatch the roof from the inside. A cap was then made to put on the very top of the cone when the roof was almost finished.
A drainage moat was dug around the hut and the excavated soil was placed on the hut floor to raise its level above the damp ground. A deluge tested the hut’s water shedding abilities. Torrential rain fell while a fire was kept going inside the dry hut. The drainage moat flowed like a stream during the heavy rain event.
Loya cane was then harvested and woven between the posts. This formed a low wall. It was then daubed with mud inside and out. The clay from this was taken from the drainage moat. Rain falling into the moat meant that water didn’t need to be collected from the stream to mix the mud. This is another benefit of the drainage moat.
The low wall allows light and air into the hut. With a fire going in the central pit, mosquitoes are kept at bay. The central fire pit produces smoke and heat that will hopefully prevent moths laying eggs in the roof (the caterpillars of which eat thatch) and will prevent mold from growing. The hut will be used as an undercover work space for future projects.
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  1. imSUPERcereal22 says:

    How much is this game?
    And is it co-op?

    • I can't think of a name says:

      Sorry, it only comes in solo at the moment. You might have to wait for the new release in 2030, where they add his mate 😁

    • Lucky Dot says:

      Nah, Your in a different server, The Modern Age, The predators in this era are, Donald Trump, Ajit Pai, And basically all of the corrupt Government, This guy is Playing in The Primitive Ages, It’s too late cause you updated the game too much, You will just have to wait for him to slowly Update his Game

    • Dale Hanson says:

      Far Cry lol.

  2. irham nasution says:

    Not like others survival have 2 player in the video, this survival solo player n not need guild for lveling n upgrading.

    Build hut lvl 8 :
    Rest 35%
    Sunshine resistant 95%
    Slot : 8

    Lumber : 35
    Robe : 80
    Hair of three : 125
    Stone : 1

  3. Greedy Imp FREE @ Google Play says:

    I hope this channel will be alive for so long that he’ll be building skyscrapers!

  4. SquabbaTheHutch says:

    The man that started it all. So many channels like this now.

  5. 愚者 says:


  6. Havoq MS says:

    On the next episode, of ‘Cargo shorts and Affraid’…

  7. Vaciuks says:

    9:56 like my after playing football 😀

  8. awSm says:

    You’re doing the best content I’ve ever seen on Youtube. I enjoy every single video.
    “Wood henge” made me smirk 😀

  9. Сергиус Великолепный says:

    У нас в России такое не прокатит,нужно будет строить что нибудь по теплее,сруб или в крайний случай землянку.

    • Илья A says:

      На лето можно

    • peeqa says:

      Когда хомосапиенсы пришли на территории современной России, у них уже давно были более продвинутые технологии. Это именно примитивные технологии уровня “а-ля тропики”. Чем дальше продвигались технологии – тем более суровые климаты осваивали люди. Скоро другие планеты будем осваивать.

    • женька петросян says:

      нормальная беседка получилась

  10. Berkay024 says:

    This guy brought minecraft to a different level.

  11. chbrules says:

    Literally the best channel on YT. No BS, just legit awesomeness.

  12. Señor Lechuga says:

    This guy looks like he’s in total armony with the nature. I wish I could be like him, I feel his chakras aligned (or something like that, I barely know about the chakras thing if you ask, I just love all that stuff :P)

  13. backstabhacker says:

    This guy has the most chance to survive after ww3 apocalypse

  14. Fizzy says:

    Hear mosquito on camera
    Me: HIT my arms my head everything!

  15. 阿神 says:


  16. mangols12 says:

    Is there any primitive way to protect the huts from pests and molds that tries to destroy it? Or is it just build another one kind of thing

  17. BaconSalad says:

    Build a wall and make the cassowary pay for it

  18. PRYDAX says:

    Wtf already 1,4 mil views?? I don’t get it? Do y’all wanna go live in the jungle or something?

  19. Imperius says:

    This guy should have been in Youtube Rewind.

  20. Made in BALi says:


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