Prince explains his name change (1999 CNN interview)

Prince explains his name change (1999 CNN interview)

In a 1999 interview with CNN, Prince explains why he decided to take the step to replace his name with a symbol.

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20 Responses

  1. jrakanewyork says:

    the world is ending soon tragic stuff around the world. earthquake floods
    violence God is coming soon.. like Noah’s ark the warnings are here are we

  2. TheNexxtGreatThing says:

    I’m still waiting for a message that says he’s actually alive…I just
    can’t believe he left us so unexpectedly and so soon! Rest in peace icon.

  3. El Sito says:

    You upload this when he dies for views . Wow

  4. little man says:

    ( we love you ( Saudi Arabia

  5. Gage Garrison says:

    rip idol

  6. Edwin Becerra says:

    was he gay?

  7. Hamburgo says:

    I searched deep in my heart to become a transgender.

  8. Karloz Aguirrez says:

    How can this 1000 year old Jew Bastard outlive every single person he has
    interviewed for God’s sake

  9. Chris Green says:

    I always thought prince should get a lot more respect in the music biz. He
    made so much music, apparently he has volumes yet to be released and wrote
    songs everyday. MJ was considered the king of pop. How would we classify

  10. John Schweiger says:

    Glitters in his hair

  11. ?Sarada uchiha? says:

    is he black?

  12. Homosexual Jesus says:

    i fcked a lot of niggas off his songs, which is very precious to me. rip
    sweetheart, forever in my heart

  13. Christopher Lee says:

    I think if he would have had a time machine to look in the future, he
    probably would have not changed his name to a symbol, as he would have
    figured there is no way to introduce his music, him on stage, or anywhere
    else. I am sure he was not looking for a new name change to “the artist
    formerly known as Prince”. However, I am not sure if it gave him a boost
    and more publicity. My guess it did get people talking about him for a

  14. ZA_Survivalist says:

    He seems pretty chill. Thats awesome.

  15. Don't be upsetti. I'm a Faghetti. o:^) says:

    rest in prince

  16. nhlover says:

    He is so softly spoken but had a voice that could hit some serious high
    notes. What an artist and song writer we have lost RIP Prince. What a
    legacy you leave us with

  17. vicki johnson says:

    Gorgeous man!

  18. Alex says:

    He was clearly transgender

  19. Taufik Rahman says:

    We already lost Michael Jackson, not Prince…

  20. Livereater00 says:

    …it is true now, he is now the ‘former prince’…. too soon, too soon?