Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Engaged And Royal Wedding Set For Spring | TODAY

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Engaged And Royal Wedding Set For Spring | TODAY

The announcement from Clarence House, official residence of Prince Charles, came at 5 a.m.: Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markleare engaged, with the royal wedding set for spring. NBC’s Kelly Cobiella reports for TODAY from Kensington Palace.
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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Engaged And Royal Wedding Set For Spring | TODAY

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62 Responses

  1. Alpha1 Omega2 says:

    News not need and the USA doesn’t care. There are much bigger issues that remain ignored.

    • Gobshite says:

      Most of Britain doesn’t care either. It’s just the brainwashed simpletons who kow-tow to these inbred parasites.

    • Alpha1 Omega2 says:

      As a Trump supporter I do admit he needs to tone down his media babble and focus on getting both the Democrats and Republicans working together.

    • Alpha1 Omega2 says:

      I’ll help assist you in the world of YouTube. When you’re subscribed to a channel, they occasionally send you suggestions. One does not have to click on the video and watch it to comment on the title of it. Tahdah 😉

    • Alpha1 Omega2 says:

      Perhaps you should read above comment. It will help you better understand YouTube media.

    • spudgun _ says:

      Gobshite simpletons? That’s rich coming from from a gobshite like you.

  2. Miss Interpret says:

    Wonderful news……Congrats guys….all the best!!!!

    • THE NINJACAT says:

      (Getting teary-eyed and showing my age…)Princess Diana’s baby boy is getting married and I remember when Lady Di walked down the aisle!

    • Gobshite says:

      It’s not wonderful news for the British tax payers who will have to fund it. It’s time these parasitic royals were choked off.

  3. eastcoastartist says:

    So happy for them both!!! Together they can do a lot of good.

  4. Tara Dangol says:

    Congratulations!! Looking forward to the wedding!! YAY.

  5. THE NINJACAT says:

    CONGRATS HARRY AND MEGHAN! :  )Please live happily ever after…the world needs another fairytale! Your brother and Duchess Kate are happy and I wish this for you too!

  6. Jake Pradhan says:

    The old Windsor curse that every 80 years a royal will fall under the spell of a divorced American.

  7. life of a foreigner says:

    If the royal family keeps marrying commoners at what point is there any more point to a “royal” family?

    • life of a foreigner says:

      immayoutubecommenter probably…after all their line shouldn’t be on the throne. It was the Hastings line that were the legitimate heirs.

    • TheRightOnRed says:

      immayoutubecommenter awww Nazi hurt feelings?

    • Lewis Murphy says:

      life of a foreigner He can’t choose who he loves

    • life of a foreigner says:

      Lewis Murphy Neither can a married man with 6 kids….does he just divorce his wife and run off with a new woman or stay? Sometimes…but does it look good…no…it’s called responsibility. If they want to marry just anyone drop the title and stop taking taxes to pay for your date nights out.

  8. Jacqui Gilpin says:

    Just another mouth for the British tax payer to be burdened with. The cost of security, a wedding, and all the bloody hoop la, and no it is not offset by tourists coming to gawk at them. Their time has passed they should leave gracefully before they are thrown out.

    • Gobshite says:

      The royal family inherited all their wealth via their ancestors who acquired it theough theft, murder, exploitation, slavery, persecution and deceipt. It’s time this undemocratic nonsense was dismantled.

    • cleosmom7 says:

      Well how do you think the wealthy people in ANY country have gotten their wealth cheating, exploitation, theft, deceipt….thats how the world goes around baby! Even in communist countries where everyone is supposed to be equal….we know thats not what really happens.

    • Gobshite says:

      Maybe but we can’t vote these parasites out. That isn’t democracy.

    • rainfrog says:

      Gobshite Unfortunately, EVERY civilization is built on blood and war, and always has been. I don’t necessarily support the royals, but all nations and families are bloody ones.

  9. kayla francis says:

    Can we also remember that Meghan us not the first divorcee to marry a royal.. Camilla Parker Bowles anyone???!!!! Please some perspective…Prince Charles is the DIRECT next heir to the throne and his wife is divorced. .so Go Meghan xxx

    • ann says:

      and although her marriadge was quite short she apparently was in a relationship with her ex husband for 10 years in total.

    • Crazy Hai says:

      But the reality is, Charles and Camilla would have married each other first of all, if it hadn’t been for all the silly protocols about who Charles could and couldn’t marry. He was on the phone to Camilla on his honeymoon, for eff’s sake. I’m glad times have changed, and royalty are now marrying who they want to marry. A lot less drama tends to follow, that way.

    • Kat Deluxy says:

      Let’s not forget camila was a ho bag

    • Mark Gable says:

      kayla francis. They weren’t married in a church because camillas ex husband is still living.

    • popeye697 says:

      kayla francis Camilla wasn’t American though

  10. Elsa says:

    Why is this wedding wonderful news?

  11. Joyce B says:

    I am soo happy for the two of them. Congratulations! May they have a lifetime of happiness together.

  12. Ose Olorunfemi says:

    Congratulations 🎉 Harry and Meghan

  13. Hubba hubba says:

    Happy the kid, he finally found someone. Cograts to them both.

  14. Tina says:


  15. peter bynoe says:

    Very sad for Our English people,she not English and merry race is not European.

  16. Lee Johnson says:

    I’m British and couldn’t care less. Shoulda got rid of the lot of them years ago.

  17. Jan Orth says:

    wow….American, biracial, famous herself, divorcee, used to paparazzi, totally outgoing and used to being independent. . Queen is totally relaxing the monarchy “rules”.

    • Kimberly Tyrcha says:

      Harry is her grandson. She loves him and I’m sure she wants him to be happy.

    • Lewis Murphy says:

      Jan Orth Why would she be against it? We’re not in the middle ages and I’m sure any grandparent would want their grandchild to be happy regardless of race

  18. Live Life says:

    I didn’t like any of Harry’s ex’s & he never really looked comfortable around them either. But I like Meghan & Harry seems so happy now so I’m happy for the both of them.

  19. charmaine pearson says:

    I am thrilled. I have been waiting for this day for sometime.
    I wish for them all the love and joy
    Life can give.
    Princess Diana did a wonderful job in teaching her son’s to embrace love in its truest form
    Love from the depths of your heart for a woman no matter what her race or background.
    Imagine waking up and seeing two young people in love and announcing their engagement to the world.
    A story of Hope and love instead of hearing of hate and discord and the KING OF DEMONS Donald Trump
    Thank you Harry and Megan!!!!

  20. Lanisready T says:

    Congrats to this gorgeous couple!!!!!!

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