Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reveal proposal details

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reveal proposal details

The royal couple opens up about the proposal, the ring and their future together.

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86 Responses

  1. Maria Santos says:

    Nobody really cares

  2. MrRhys T says:

    Prince harry got a goofy face. When your a prince you can get any woman

    • MrRhys T says:

      La la la you need glasses or your like another gold diggers out there. He is a prince and women will drop there panties to snag a prince

    • shred305 says:

      He is obviously not the hottest, like, say Brad Pitt. But you can’t sit here and say he’s hideous or unattractive like ed sheeran, who is best described as goofy looking. Y’all can’t sit here and pretend like he’s monstrous looking and can’t get a girl if he was poor and his life depended on it, come on now. Please!

    • Lake Girl says:

      Maybe not. Chelsy and Cressida said no thank you.

    • La la la says:

      MrRhys T tf are you talking about you retard. He’s definitely a good looking man and you’re a jealous simp who thinks Meghan is way more attractive than she really is because that’s what simps do; hate on other males and put mediocre pussy on a pedestal. She is average at best.

    • MrRhys T says:

      La la la yeah your a royal dick sucker…. you love them dictator family with them balding heads and gap teeth.

  3. Wisteria777 S says:

    This is a sweet moment – it truly is – BUT, Prince Harry is known for having a rebellious streak and this is the most rebellious I have seen yet. She played her cards right, who wouldn’t, duh. Applying the right amount of caress to the emotions of someone (a Prince, no less) who’s dealt (or still dealing with) mental health issues. Let’s see how long it will last. His poor mother didn’t fair well in that department, let’s hope he has better luck.

  4. PotOdd says:

    I don’t care.

  5. Kipton Anthony says:

    Someone just hit the jackpot!!!!! We will never have a yank as our queen won’t happen

    • Kipton Anthony says:

      Emmette Gamble not about 5 million ..there’s levels to this game trust me she hit the jackpot of all jackpots

    • Kipton Anthony says:

      lineflyer1 got more chance of me becoming President of America then a an American queen never mind a black queen in the U.K.

    • Carm Your Farm says:

      lineflyer1 the best thing that ever happened to him.

    • Roger Clemons says:

      $5 million is petty change in the word of the elites. He career options were getting narrower with age. She caught a big fish, or so she thinks. 

      She is what is called a commoner. 

      She has no idea what type of world the elites live in,  and how petty and selfish and gossipy it will become for  her. 

      And Mr Veteran has spent 20 years taking up the offers of the hundreds of women,  who were more than willing to share their bed with the not good looking,  less than Prince Charming narcissist. 

      If he cannot remain faithful, he can always blame it on  PTSD.


      Two pleasure seekers. I wonder if she has a temper.

    • Jodie Banks says:

      She’s a trashy American gold digger. She’ll marry him then cheat on his goofy ass but not before squirting out a kid.

  6. Irina Volkoeva says:

    The English should have done what was done to the Romanov’s, the Royal Family are thieves and criminals.

  7. black god says:

    Shocked that they allowed him to get serious with a Black woman. Evil incestuous “royal” family.

    • Taylor Lawlis says:

      WoiYoi I don’t mean to start anything but I disagree and think that she is black if she has black in her but she is also white, so just because she is mixed that doesn’t make her not black. Also I definitely disagreed when you said Barack Obama isn’t black because he clearly is.

    • Jodie Banks says:

      She’s trash. She’ll divorce him when she gets bored and after she has a kid with him. I bet she cheats on his stupid ass.

    • Melat Haile says:

      WooYui “Black”:of any human group having dark-colored skin, especially of African or Australian Aboriginal ANCESTRY. Read a dictionary, calm down. No one is really purely one race, this is not nazi germany. Blacks are a beautifully wide spectrum of people with different skin colors, hair textures and other physical features. People who are biracial can choose to identify with one race or both, there’s no harm.

    • Jurai Bones says:

      black god whatever her father is she is

    • Raptexalicious says:

      lmao shes not black youre retarded

  8. Dima Andro says:

    She looks like his sister the mixed version

  9. Ice Cream says:

    She’s much prettier than him

    • horseygurl143 says:

      He’s hot!!!

    • La la la says:

      Ice Cream no she’s not. Even with all that weave and makeup she’s still average af and he’s adorable. Inside and out.

    • Cristykal Hits says:

      We’re your glasses bitch.

    • Roger Clemons says:

      She is 50% black. Obama was 50% black.  In fairness, he is marrying an African American. The Royal Family is 100% white going back 900 years.  And most likely racist. It  will be fun to see the drama.  Her looks are average and her career in a downhill mode,  so she is shopping for a baby daddy. 
      Black Lingo there.
      She picked a real winner. Dude has probably known 10,000 babes. 

      I am sure, at 33 he is all ready to settle down with just one lady.

      Yeah, it will be easy to become monagamous…. after the past 20 years have been a life where good looking big boobed babes are chasing you from morning till dust.

    • Righteous1 says:

      She’s older than him by 5 years too

  10. andrew brown says:

    She looks like Pippa Middleton

  11. Mark Smith says:

    You “persuaded” her? No Harry, your money, your status, your fame did all that. This girl is peering right though you and looking at dollar signs.

    • Mark Smith says:

      Namelessandpure ok

    • Jodie Banks says:

      Yep she’s a gold digger and she’ll cheat on him and then divorce his ass but not until she gets knocked up. She’s trash but then so is Prince Charles.

    • Mark Smith says:

      Jodie Banks Maybe, I don’t know. Just something about a girl from LA and Prince Harry from London. Just makes me think she’s after the status as if she was on the bachelor.

    • Jesse Patterson says:

      She was on tv for almost a decade and is still a working actress ? she doesn’t need money. Pretty rich people like pretty rich people, it’s totally normal haha

    • Luis F.R. says:

      Namelessandpure ahahahahahaha!! You’re a dope if you can’t understand that there are a million other guys like Harry, but she stuck with him for ONE thing over all the others. HINT: it’s what nearly all women on every social media platform is crying about. im ECSTATIC about her being black though( or at least part. Charles wouldn’t allow a pure black woman I’m sure).it’s time for that useless family to cease to exist.

  12. Hexagon Bright says:

    I Love all the Comments that don’t give a Fuck about CNN Fake News & England Trash ???

    • audiosent c. says:

      Hexagon Bright and yet CNN dog whistled you into commenting? Need to work on that. You caught a low dose of “fake news”. Better get checked out quick…

    • Hiaruga says:

      Hexagon Bright > Fake news is a stupid jingoistic term Trump likes to use—I see you fell for it,

  13. Omar Khaled says:

    Mike Ross who?

  14. FactHub says:

    5000 views and #25 on trending…hmmm

  15. sauntrel johnson says:

    Yet all these trolls took the time out of there self important lives to comment how “they don’t care”. Kind of ironic really. Well anyways good to see positive news for once.

    • PlasmaBurns says:

      You actually call this good ‘news’? wow…. The good news is, there is a cure for stupid….but the good news is, its fatal. You will be cured one day.

    • Roxanne Chicken Nuggets says:

      Oh yeah, 5 secs to comment “i don’t care” is time they could have spent making a cure for cancer!!! Those idiots

  16. Hijg Hojo says:

    Race mixing traitor, zionist Harry

  17. James Mitchell says:

    Royalty, how disgusting. Someone should pull that platinum spoon out of his mouth, take all of the shit he has that was paid for by the citizens of Britain, and put a bullet in the back of his head. The same goes for the rest of the so called royal family and double for the queen. They did not work for anything, only did they inherit their wealth.

  18. Hexagon Bright says:

    2 Million Subs Yeah Sure CNN ??

  19. Hexagon Bright says:

    All the idiots saying oh shes Black, who cares it’s alway about Race with Libtards Damn Women are Beautiful in any Color & she looks like she can pass for a few Races ?

    • South Efrikan says:

      Hexagon Bright In America, blacks insist a drop of black makes them black even though just about every so-called black person in the country is mixed, and they rant about victimhood and slavery as if they were still slaves. So according to the popular mindset, he is just about marrying a black American slave. Obama – victim – black. This chick – victim – black. Except it suits her now to claim white. Divorced also. Good luck and happiness to them.

    • Jon Snow says:

      South Efrikan we say it because whites made the one drop rule not us

    • Aesthetic Autism says:

      Hexagon Bright fuck off she’s racially defiling the blood line

    • Clorox Bleach says:

      Zav Dab 2.0 well I’m half black and conservative. Nice to meet you.

    • Clorox Bleach says:

      Jon Snow the one drop rule is trash.

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