Prince Harry and Princess Charlotte share touching moment during Queen’s funeral

Prince Harry and Princess Charlotte share touching moment during Queen’s funeral

A touching moment between Prince Harry and his niece Princess Charlotte was caught on camera during the Queen’s funeral on Monday morning.

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22 Responses

  1. Débora Jaqueline dos santos Santos says:

    Princesa Charlotte vai fazer história.

    • Emilyb77 says:

      @MCL1972 Awe, thank you!! Ikr? She’s a true princess in every way..

    • Shreya Roy Choudhury says:

      @Cali Kiwi can you send me the Instagram or something of that friend please? I need her to forecast something about my life😔(if her forecasts are usually accurate)

    • Gualter Sal says:

      que seja a fazer o bem. proteger o ambiente. e pessoas vulneraveis. para fazer história estao muitos já a trabalhar pelo lado do mal.

    • Cathy Denby says:

      BLISSFUL FUL; Their step grandma I can’t imagine horse riding maybe? Two precious children & aren’t they so like Diana & The Spencer family. I was surprised or said she was like Queen as a youngster
      total opposites in looks any way Dark & Fair, facial features both beautiful but not at all even similar
      They got very close to The Queen she has always been old frail kind great grandma & i hope that’s how they remember her ❤

    • MCL1972 says:

      @Emilyb77 couldn’t have said it better myself:

  2. Abi Nomac says:

    The maturity of that little girl and her brother George is astounding. God bless them both.

  3. Света Рашитовна says:

    Читаешь комментарии и ком в горле, сколько тёплых слов сказано в адрес королевы Елизаветы и ее семьи. Хочется поставить всем лайки. Люди, давайте жить дружно! Неважно какой ты национальности, из какой ты страны. Всем мирного неба над головой!

    • Swavka Ferguson says:

      Wielka prawda, tylko w nas jest siła do pokoju i pojednania całego świata ! Nie dajmy się uśpić i pokonać w obronie prawdy i dobra.

  4. aparecida buzhar says:

    o mundo chorando com vocês, Deus abençoe e conforte o coração de todos vocês,

  5. Just Jules says:

    I see the queen In this little princess. I feel like she’s going to be the standout of them all one day♥️

  6. Connie says:

    I think BOTH Prince George and Princess Charlotte did a wonderful job in honoring their great-grandmother. They are well-behaved and well-mannered. Congratulations, Prince William and Princess Catherine! 👏👏✨

    • Son NeverSets says:

      @Elena Escócia Amen. Good on you!
      I think ole Mary got up on the wrong side of the bed. 😉
      Hopefully it’s not a daily thing.

    • Son NeverSets says:

      @Fran Ditri If ppl know their young children may not handle something like that well, they should be left out.
      The royal children are being raised/groomed to act respectfully in public. They don’t get the leeway other kids do in the same situations.
      All well mannered & respectful children reflect on their upbringing & character of their parents, however. And they’re always a pleasure to have around.
      Nothing worse than a coddled child in the midst.

    • Son NeverSets says:

      @charlie joson 😂
      Get a grip, bud. Seriously.

  7. Kamaaatmvy says:

    Он смотрит на Шарлотту и слегка улыбается, потомучто Шарлотта очень похожа на бабушку Елизавету

  8. S. Módica says:

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte did a phenomenal job — I was nowhere near that composed and mature at 9 or 7. Prince William and Princess Catherine have three beautiful precious children and they’re really a testament to their elders. God bless them.

    • Jesus Saves! says:

      Jesus Christ died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who has faith in him. True faith in Jesus will have you bear good fruit and *drastically* change for the better! Those led by the Holy Spirit do not abide in wickedness.

      *God is ONE manifesting himself as THREE;* the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Bless him! *For these three are one.*

      As I am led by the Holy Spirit, nothing I state is a lie, but the truth of God. Anyone who tells you differently is misinformed or a liar. They do not know God, nor led by him.

      Anyone who *claims* to be a Christian and is against what I am doing, and where I am doing it; the Holy Spirit does not dwell within them, they lack understanding. They know not God, read his word, and their religion is in vain. Do not hear them, they will mislead you, the lost cannot guide the lost.

  9. Petra Burg says:

    Es ist so traurig, dass die Kinder wegen dem Zerwürfnis der Brüder wenig Chancen haben die Liebe ihrer Onkels und Tanten zu spüren und sie kennenlernen zu dürfen, das ist wirklich unendlich traurig. Ich hoffe auf Frieden, gerade für die Kinder und ihre kleinen Herzen….💞

  10. Guy Smith says:

    The way both Princess Charlotte and Prince George behaved at the Queens funeral were both impeccable and dignified for children of that aged,both the Prince and Princess of Wales must be immensely proud of their children on how they did during their Grandma’s funeral and I’m deeply proud of them myself.

    • Karen Schickling says:

      @Son NeverSets I agree, well said, parents reap what they sew in teaching their kids how to behave or letting them control the household and talk back when they are younger

    • Son NeverSets says:

      They’re groomed from early on to behave like royals in public.
      I’m sure they get to be more normal kids behind closed doors.
      All parents that raise their kids to respect them & their elders & be well mannered when out, are to be commended.
      Especially today, when kids run the show more than not. :/

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