Prince Harry: The 60 Minutes Interview

Prince Harry: The 60 Minutes Interview

Prince Harry and Anderson Cooper speak in the royal’s first American television interview about his new memoir, “Spare.”

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36 Responses

  1. Mary Lee-Anderson says:

    To be honest after the loss of a parent I think most siblings go through difficult times. It doesn’t matter who you are. Love this family and I hope they sort things out ❤

    • Diane Valentine says:

      It is time he got the therapy he needs, instead of spreading his anger

    • Chris says:

      @Mandu Fagbemi Thanks for proving you’ve nothing to say of value, but need to act childish instead. Are you a poor victim too?

    • Rekha Dedhia says:

      @Cleo Wilson they keep bringing race card and go on talk to media.this about not his wife it is jealousy.he is jealous of his brother now.thwy never will be brother any more.he is giving interview because he deep down missing his familly.he is felling lonely even he has his own familly.

    • Kate says:

      @Cleo Wilson He only needed ‘permission’ to marry Meghan if he wanted to keep his place in the line of succession. And, BTW, permission was granted. But even if it wasn’t, he could have just stepped out of the line, married her and moved on. He’s not likely to ever be King anyway, so what would it matter. BTW, I think they’re relying on the ignorance of people like cleo wilson to not understand how this actually works.

    • David says:

      When are you not honest???

  2. Kandy Gibson says:

    The public’s tears were not just for Princess Diana, it was also for those two boys who lost their mother. In 1955 my father lost his father in a car wreck at the age of 7. He also believed that he was not really dead. There had been some kind of mistake, and one day he would walk back through the door as if nothing had happened. My father was deeply affected by the loss of his father. He was a very anxious and angry man. I recognize this anger in Harry. I hope that he can get the help my father never received.

  3. Amanda Williams says:

    Hearing that he thought his Mom wasn’t dead and one day would come back to get them broke my heart. Grief is so complex.

  4. In Pro Per says:

    After my mother died very suddenly at the young age of 61 yrs. I as the oldest in the family had a very hard time with the loss. And I KNEW I needed help learning to cope. So I went to Grief Recovery offered at a hospital, the instructor was a man and very knowledgeable in helping all of us in the group, it did not cure the grief you must go through but it helped you understand the process. For instant you can’t NOT grief the loss of a loved one, like hold back tears or not talk about it because it will come out in other ways like it did for Harry, you must cry scream beat up a old trash can or some sort of physical outlet. Because if you never release your pain it will surely come out in other very destructive ways physical or mentally or both. And the loss of a major figure like a parent changes the family dynamic. The instructor went on to how it explain how it changes the relationship between siblings and other family members. It was a very very helpful class for me and my sister yes we cried most everyone did, but it helped! Truly. E ven though my mom has been gone over 30 yrs I still miss her everyday. This is just a short snipet from what I learned there but if you delay going thru grief and try to stuff it inside… It will effect your emotional health for years too come. It must be released. Learning how is a must to live a healthy productive life mentally. Food for thought people. 💔

    • Sandra Williams says:

      Reading your response was exactly my experience when I loss my mom over 20 years ago. The only difference in you and I is that I lived in a different State than my siblings. I felt so alone even though we talked on the phone almost daily. I remembered many years later I had a luncheon for 20 of my dear friends to thank them for their prayers and for not giving up on our friendship. Grief is real and each person has to find their own way of coping and that takes time even years. I was heart broken to know that Prince Harry and William didn’t get the necessary care to help them heal they were only children at the time and look at the suffering they had to endure. Praying for healing. 🙏🏿🙏🏿❤❤

    • Hoji says:

      Thank you for sharing .

    • Diana Cross says:

      I lost my father the same way at the same age. I’m sorry for and also understand your loss. ❤️

    • Becky says:

      You’re telling me that you’re typing this at the age of 90?

    • Mary Archangel says:

      @MG Really? Is that all you got from what was shared here? Try not virtue-signalling and THINK. You may learn something about what it is to be human, royal or not!!!

  5. Forest Tales says:

    I lost my mother in a car accident when I was 5, and my father died of cancer when I was 19. It is amazing to see all of the comments from others who lost a parent during childhood. Growing up, I didn’t know anyone else who had lost a parent. I don’t recall this, but a cousin told me that I told her once that “they told me my mom died, but she’s coming back.” Growing up I prayed that God would rewrite history and bring her back to us. Nice interview Anderson. I wish Harry and William much happiness in life, even if they take diverging paths.

    • Christine Catrambone says:

      I am in that club myself. It is a pain that changes whole trajectory of your life. God Bless us and Harry😘🙏

    • Karen Kinyone says:

      Unfortunately William is in such a higher position he is not allowed to fight back ! But I hope one day these two brothers can make a mend ! Family is everything! I wish they could see this

    • mandyinseattle says:

      @2010 William hamstrung by his future kingly duties and won’t complain publicly so instead he pushes and punches his brother, and you think that’s better?

    • Jacquelyn B. Benefield says:

      I was 23 when my mom died of cancer. I remember when she first started going downhill how angry I was at God for taking MY mother knowing full well how much I and our family loved and needed her. I also had fantasies of her coming back on the beginning. I’m 52 and have long since released the anger and grief but I can understand Harry’s thoughts about his mom especially because no one it seems ever talked to him about his pain so you live in your head with all these thoughts and emotions. So glad he got the treatments he needed. Sometimes grief can have an arresting effect where you can’t see your way out without help.

    • 2010 says:

      William lost a mother to and he isn’t trashing his brother. So sick of this guy.

  6. Karyn Bigelow says:

    This was devastating to hear Harry discuss how for 11 years he couldn’t accept his mother’s passing and telling himself that each day would be the day she would return

  7. David W says:

    Harry is not the first child who had a mother die tragically while he was very young. But, his mother was the most famous person on the planet, and her death was a worldwide event. Everyone who is old enough remembers the hysteria around the world that followed that event. I cannot think of any other single death that was such a huge story in my lifetime. That is why he can’t let go of it. The world won’t let him.

    • Desert Rose says:

      @Diana Cross true he can. If it is profit he is looking for

    • Diana Cross says:

      @Desert Rose why shouldn’t he? So many others have. Movies, newspapers, books, TV shows and interviews. Authors, directors, actors, reporters, former acquaintances of Diana’s, etc. have ALL have profited off of his mother’s death.

    • Desert Rose says:

      @RANESTORY PICTURES and they can’t make money speaking about it either


      True. The Crown and the film, Spencer et al keep the memory of her ever present. Everyone suggesting he get past it like others have done, don’t have films and tv shows on about their lost love ones.

  8. Yoga_ For_me says:

    When asked if he’s spoken to his dad recently you can see the emotions on his face. Pain, sadness.

    • Thalia Wow says:

      Yes and it is a shame that the so called King doesn’t take his crown off for his own son. It is sad, it breaks my heart. 😢

  9. Jessica Ponticello says:

    How can you not cry listening to him talk about his mum! He’s still so very broken by the whole thing! I didn’t realize just how much till watching this….

  10. Shanti Nu says:

    Prince Harry is expressing himself in a cautious way and respectfully. He is telling his truth after being in a barrel without being able to express his feelings or grief his loving and adored Princess Diana of Wales.

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