Prince kicks Kim Kardashian off stage FULL VIDEO

Prince kicks Kim Kardashian off stage FULL VIDEO

Found the full video of Prince kicking Kim Kardashian off stage. Not recorded by me. R.I.P. Prince

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20 Responses

  1. TomRB 97 says:

    RIP you magnificent man

  2. luisweast says:

    that talentless lady had no business up there…

  3. Alexandra Koenig says:

    lmao “welcome to america” thank you prince for taking out the useless trash
    I mean did she just expect to just stand there like some kind of award on

  4. CrisGames 25 says:

    R.I.P Prince

  5. legend9177 says:

    Kim Kardashian might be an idiot but I would definitely bang her!

  6. GodWithUs 15 says:

    her ass is to heavy to dance

  7. Powertuber1000 says:

    Damn… This Prince show seems more exciting than I thought.

  8. satireknight says:

    Beautiful moment. Beautiful.

  9. Lil Los says:

    LOL I bet she felt embarrassed as fuck! #R.I.P ?❤

  10. Samantha Castillo says:


  11. Robert Reid says:

    She is Fine as hell now, dont take that from her, she just.cant

  12. Nick Bowden says:

    I was hoping he would actually kick her. Is that mean?

  13. Jerry W says:

    Sucks to be outspoken against secret societies.

  14. Trayon Pooler says:

    LOL I don’t get it what happen though?

  15. MsMMMommy says:

    What an idiot!!!! Girl you was suppose to get busy honey!!! I bet if he
    would have told you to take your clothes off and take a selfie yo ass
    would have been moving

  16. ELCNUmorFnaMehT says:

    Dashed her off that stage like she bungee

  17. Reginaldo Hernandez says:

    Greatness kicks a fatass brain dead dumb CUNT !!!! off stage ,you will be
    missed Mr Prince ,great guitarist overall great period long live the Prince

  18. steven alvarado says:

    It’s sad when ACTUAL talent like prince have to leave this earth
    Yet talentless trash like the kardashians stay #SMH

  19. Youbones says:

    Prince was like “I ain’t yo husband and I’m not Gonna let you finish but
    you can get the fuck off my stage”

  20. HOT POCKETZ says: