Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian off the stage

Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian off the stage

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20 Responses

  1. Jocelyn Flores says:

    Who is Prince?

  2. spongebob swag pants says:

    When was this?

  3. davonizdashit says:

    He like… Bitch I’m prince

  4. johnny granillo says:

    yeassss lol

  5. Michael Cardi says:

    Prince, you did a saint’s service for humanity when you kicked that
    overgrown Bratz doll off stage. May you and David Bowie enjoy your
    ascension to Valhalla.

  6. Max Payne says:


  7. Scrounge _ says:

    Looks like Kim won in the end considering she’s still alive.

  8. kissmygrits says:

    Yet another reason to love the man.

  9. Mario Angel Ruiz says:


  10. MoonlightEX says:

    Rip prince, you will be missed

  11. ronmcmohan says:

    BTW, who is Kim Kardashian? I know the talented music genius Prince who is
    worth all the fame and popularity. RIP Prince, rock the gods up there in

  12. Literally A Hat says:

    I thought he was literally going to KICK her off the stage

  13. Michael The Idiot Blueberry says:

    thx gaben

  14. LEAKS SoReal says:

    when did this happen?

  15. Doodle Bugg says:

    R.I.P Prince :(

  16. Your Average American says:

    I wish we could somehow sacrifice kim kardashian to bring Prince back. In
    fact, I wish we could do that with all of our the recently dying stars.

    We could sacrifice Justin bieber to bring back David bowie.

  17. PieMan2014 says:

    thanks, and have fun.

  18. Lueng Wattanakiri says:

    kardashian is a celebrity sl$t.

  19. Vansanity Kazsky says:

    I thought he kicked her. I would have cheered. Fuck the Kartrashians

  20. TraumaER says:

    My respect for Prince just went up 1000%. Kicking a whale off the stage is
    alright in my book!