Printer Problems (Original Animation)

Printer Problems (Original Animation)

Mysterious and threatening messages begin being printed autonomously from Mike and Zach’s printer. In their efforts to find the source, they only find a terrible truth

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24 Responses

  1. Piemations says:

    i couldn’t have made this without my newly expanded team. They’re gonna take these videos to the next level and I couldn’t be more excited. More things comin’ 🙏

  2. Xycron says:

    We all need a bit of magenta in our lives.

  3. Crowne Prince says:

    I can’t disclose how many boptarts were consumed in the making of this animation.

  4. Gojirawars 03 says:

    This one was actually nutty. I keep thinking your animation can’t get any higher quality, and then you keep proving me wrong!

    Exceptional work, Mike!

    And don’t worry. I’m addicted to Pop Tarts, too. They have plenty of nutritional value.

  5. DerZeldaGamer says:

    I absolutely LOVE how they are actually really smart in this episode and are not full on morons, really adds to their character!
    Sure they goof up still but they feel so much more realistic now, amazing job man!

  6. YelloWool says:

    The fact they came up with a pretty smart solution first is actually really funny. 😂

  7. Nightweaver20xx says:

    What I like about your animations, Mike, is how subtle the humor is.

  8. Samwiz1 says:

    When he said “hi hungry I’m-“ I think I had a stroke.

  9. JollyGreenJimbo says:

    I just want to say It’s insane how far and how much these animations have improved and all the crazy details within. I fucking love this channel.

  10. Emeald says:

    I really love the moment at 0:58. You expect the pop tarts to fall over as a gag, and they just don’t. I laughed hard at that. Brilliant writing!

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