priorities in yu-gi-oh

priorities in yu-gi-oh

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20 Responses

  1. Wut sup dud says:

    And they still say youtubers under 21 years old is totally trash

  2. T WH says:

    It’s time to D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D DD D D D D Yugi.exe stopped working

  3. Zaio Volnutt says:

    *Price checks online*


  4. TigirlakaLaserwolf6 says:

    Okay but please remember this was an actual duel that really happened in the show

  5. Andrew Westfall says:

    Zexal was bad about it too. At one point in time, the main character was throwing a match to try and make one of his rivals feel better. However, any loss would kill a close friend of his. He was literally gambling with his friend’s life that his rival would get bored and quit the match

  6. Cheyenne Ung says:

    The sponsorship from twitch obviously resulted in higher quality masks and wigs

  7. Jonathan Davey says:

    Really good voice acting, well done

  8. sambeawesome says:

    This is exactly every episode and I love it.

  9. firebirdheats says:

    You’ve seen how yugi dresses, OF COURSE he’s into that stuff

  10. TwinTails says:

    the only thing this vid is missing is a Jigsaw sponsorship =P

  11. OEW Merritt says:

    Its official, Papa has sold out

  12. Sidney Isais says:

    This man’s voice is awesome

  13. Manuel Alcala says:

    You’re hilarious and then some!

  14. Gat the Man says:

    This might explain some things.

  15. Mel F says:

    Well, he does sort of dress like a BDSM lover with the leather get up. I know punks and rockers dress like that too.

  16. Ian Espinosa says:

    You’ve Activated My Ad Card!

  17. Angus Fedorae says:

    time to mine money for ProZD again FeelsBadMan

  18. Colombia1810 says:

    I don’t understand any of this language, but I like it

  19. Soul Care with Aswynn Willowroot says:

    “I just got you a booster pack from Target.” Hahaha!

  20. Marios AVATAR says:


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