Prison Break Challenge With Primitive Technology!!

Prison Break Challenge With Primitive Technology!!

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Hey guys! in this video, Joey and Bobby chase down Bryan in the snowy forest! The security officers use primitive technology like Bolas and traps to capture Bryan! Who do you want to see go on the run next? Let us know down below!

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57 Responses

  1. SupaFX says:

    This must have been recorded a couple months ago for it to be snowy ?

  2. Tannika Rodrigues says:

    I think YouTube broke, it’s saying there five views and 923 likes ?

  3. JellyBeanTV says:

    *To Everyone Reading This, I hope you have an amazing Day/Night!*

    And to the 1% who decided to read more,I hope all your dreams come true in Life

  4. The Fortnite Gamer says:

    One like equals 1,000,000 dollars for Bobby and j-Fred to upgrade supplies

  5. Jhauna Dyer says:

    Do another cooking challenge, please. I love watching those. They are hilarious.

  6. BlockyChubbs 08 says:

    Question of the day: Do you prefer Marvel superheros or DC superheros.

    Like if you prefer Marvel superheros like me

    Edit: is Joey OK?

  7. Sascha Goldsmith says:

    You posted less than 15 minutes ago, and you got 1.7k likes

  8. Joseph JMGV says:

    For the 0.00243796473 who see this

    You have good luck forever like to activate

  9. iris olivas says:

    8:34 I like how you can hear j-Fred fall and see him on the ground and they just don’t care lol

  10. ItzCarter says:

    Lol that was great and I love that Joey Is just out of breath the whole time

  11. Aidan Sisson says:

    (puts on camo suit) “they ain’t gonna find me”
    Me: well, maybe.
    (shows next scene)
    ok nvm your good dude

  12. Zylsa says:

    lol. I thought it was “Primitive Technology” the channel, guy who literally lives in a forest and build his own things xD

  13. Scarlet Ninjas says:

    Gonna have to call a vet, your giraffe keeps fainting.

  14. Cassandra Morris says:

    Personally I thing j-Fred is my favourite also bobby but they like never win?

  15. Meekly Vlogs says:

    “I’m out of breath when I’m not breathing,” was a very J-Jokes thing to say. Bobby is learning well from Joey. ?

  16. TheTrueLlamaLover123 says:

    Out of all the places Bryan could have ran, he randomly ran right over top of the bear traps

  17. Moon Waffles says:

    Do more PRISON ESCAPE videos! I love them! I’d love to play with you guys! Maybe when I’m a bigger youtuber?!!?

  18. Domo Da Bomb says:

    Is Joey ok? He took a lot of falls. Those guys are definitely hypochondriacs when it comes to being at a five foot altitude.

    • Leah Pagett says:

      Domo Da Bomb he has hypoglycemia which is why I think he was having many head rushes and became dizzy

  19. Mizze says:

    8:34 “I’m hearing something”…
    *Cuts to J-fred hitting the ground*

  20. randomawesome dude says:

    8:32 Just the crunch of snow and the camera panning to J-Fred on the ground?

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