Priyanka Chopra and Jimmy Have a Wing-Eating Contest

Priyanka Chopra and Jimmy Have a Wing-Eating Contest

Priyanka Chopra shows Jimmy how they do it in Queens, New York, by challenging Jimmy to see who can eat the most nuclear sauce-covered Atomic Wings in 20 seconds.

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Priyanka Chopra and Jimmy Have a Wing-Eating Contest

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20 Responses

  1. NalaLana123 says:

    Her character on Quantico is BA!!! :)

  2. Wijdan Hach says:

    hh she’s trying hard to be funny but she still not funny

  3. Christian Ulf says:

    Too obvious of an attention hoe. Annoying.

  4. Chumpo says:

    Did anyone notice that Priyanka’s dress has a Price tag on it :/

  5. KaBhi18 says:

    Hot and Indians go together so of course she would win. ;)

  6. lito dan says:

    if she comes to chicago she can have my homestyle hotdog anytime

  7. Pranit Jain says:

    I so hope Jimmy comes to India!

  8. HaRLeM1LyRiCS says:

    Fuck she is stunning

  9. TheBigSanch says:

    That’s my kind of woman!!

  10. Klinkg Klong says:

    Typical comments expected from Indians 1) she is fake 2) she is phony …
    Indians are predictable. But if someone from france or germany say the
    samething in their accent they wouldn’t have no problem. It is not that
    hard to become popular in US lol. Exhibit A Kim Kardashian. Nobody knows
    why she is popular. PC has done far more things in her life to have a
    little attention from American people.

  11. Kaushik King says:

    Vindalu?? I didn’t get it

  12. tfimperfectangel says:

    To be frank, I didn’t expect she would be that outgoing in talkshows. I
    thought she would be like Aishwarya, speaking eloquently while giving
    eyerolls (within herself) to those lame questions. LOL~ Good for her I
    guess, she definitely needs the exposure to the US audience since she is
    the main cast for a US TV show.

  13. peace4myheart says:

    Damn, she is purty!

  14. pooja chaubey says:

    we love u priyankachopra

  15. Madhav Bacchala says:


  16. hrithikismyfan says:

    She tries so hard it is sad.

  17. Happy soul says:

    That dresss is too..and looks like it is made for her..she is too hot <3

  18. Muff Arrow says:

    Welcome to India Jimmy and Invite SRK to your show

  19. Mauro Saavedra says:

    Johanna braddy is my girlfriend

  20. Adam Best says:

    serious? fuuuuuck