Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Developing ‘Wild Wild Country’ as a Movie

Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Developing ‘Wild Wild Country’ as a Movie

For the first time, Priyanka Chopra revealed she is developing a feature film adaptation of the hit Netflix docuseries “Wild Wild Country,” which she’ll produce and star in. The actress also chatted about her upcoming rom-com “Isn’t It Romantic,” and Ellen had the perfect wedding gift for her and husband Nick Jonas.


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65 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    Priyanka deserves her *Miss World* title she is so gorgeous and smart

  2. sara xxt says:

    She‘s so freaking beautiful. Lucky Nick ! ?

  3. The Music Arena says:


    I really want to hit 20000 ?, I’ll appreciate any support

  4. luna Luv says:

    Priyanka is such a icon. Love from Turkey.

  5. Abhirup Sengupta says:

    People who have only seen her Hollywood films… don’t even know her true potential as an actress

  6. LittleMissPerfect 4eva says:

    Can’t wait for ‘isn’t it romantic’.. love ya PeeCee ?

  7. Ebony Daniels says:

    This Dress ? her babies are gonna be gorgeous!

  8. Linda evangelista says:

    So early that Indians haven’t started bashing her accent yet.

    • Kash Malik says:

      IonlyWantedToKnowTheirNames No, they don’t expect her to speak like Apu bc we know that’s an exaggerated accent. But she does deliberately change her accent when she’s around foreign press vs. when she’s around Indian media.

    • Mr Lex says:

      Well. Indians in India speak too funny and most people in the world can’t understand them. I give her credit for modifying her accent so Westerners can understand. Indians in India need understand that if one theirs is abroad talking to a foreign audience, it is natural to modify that accent so her intended audience can understand. It’s called communication.

    • General Grievous says:

      Linda evangelista oPeN BoB aND VaGenE

    • Sameer Sir says:

      +roe kharkrang Whats so good about copying someone’s accent when your accent is unique in it own way and others can easily understand it!!

  9. Yuli Nuryash says:

    She’s the best, and so gorgeous.. love her

  10. Seep Gupta says:

    Priyanka u r doing great work. Good luck for that. And thanks to Ellen for inviting her and having this wonderful interview. Lots of love from India. ????

  11. joyofrs Joy says:

    Love her all the way from Nigeria Africa, she is an icon??

  12. Brood Tuber says:

    who’s the hottest girl in the world ? DESI GIRL <3

  13. paltu bacha says:

    Her caramel skin is so sexy. Just look at it

  14. Brood Tuber says:

    This time Ellen was a bit softer on Priyanka unlike last time, but Ellen being Ellen lol

  15. _na98xx says:

    Priyanka is such a G-O-D-D-E-S-S
    Her beauty is so underrated ,people in the west unfortunately don’t know how capable and versatile actor she is

  16. Na Hhh says:

    Is someone just scrolling to the comments? ?❤️ have nice day.people

  17. Ebo J. says:

    Wild, Wild Country is such a good docuseries. I’m certain Priyanka will do a great job.

  18. Khushboo Sharma says:

    She’s so gorgeous and confident!?

  19. Shreya Valunj says:

    She’s looking so freaking gorgeous in that dress!! ?❤?❤

  20. Maliha Intikhab says:

    Wild Wild Country was so insanely popular how has not even a single person in the audience seen it?

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