Pro- and anti-Trump protesters clash in Berkeley

Pro- and anti-Trump protesters clash in Berkeley

As demonstrators took to the streets demanding President Trump’s tax returns on Saturday, marchers in Berkeley, California, got into a series of scuffles. Police arrested at least four protesters.

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20 Responses

  1. takeover08 says:

    A bunch of idiots.

  2. Shirokuro Max says:

    good, you need a civil war

  3. solomon kane says:

    in the future the fascists will call themselves anti fascist. Winston Churchill.

  4. Deplorable Trumplican says:

    That’s the liberal isis for you.

  5. MVQlech_67 says:

    People need to stop playing politics as a team sport. I bet half these guys would be on the opposite side if Trump was a Democrat

  6. adam thomas says:

    this isnt a riot this is just a friendly game of push the dumpster

  7. PIGGY VIGGY says:


  8. Swift says:

    Kill antifa communist pigs ?

  9. xCaptxCrunchx says:

    Why is the protest revolving around a Dumpster? lol

  10. Amigo Jones says:

    isis=cover faces and wear black with masks….oh wait that’s just the left

  11. Tom Johnson says:

    this allegedly about trumps taxes,right. this is a bunch of snowflake crybabies who didn’t get their way and are now showing their level of maturity on national tv.

  12. Tim Brennan says:

    Looks like all the violence is coming from the Leftists thugs (fascists wearing masks) as usual.

  13. the dude says:

    antifa are weak and pathetic
    little worms.

  14. pete smith says:

    rothchild’s are watching this from a bunker eating popcorn saying, ”excellent….we remain in total control of the animals…”

  15. Mike Harrison says:

    Hey CBS , There not antifacist protesters , The people in black cloths are communist anarchist. Thats why people don’t trust you in the media , You people in the media keep playing games with words.There are millions of us that see through your bullcrap.

  16. JollyGreenDevil says:

    Calling themselves anti-fascists all the while fighting against both free speech and Democracy. Wow our educational institutions have really gone to shit!

  17. Mrs. Adriann says:

    Poor dumpster all he ever wanted to do was keep Berkeley clean!

  18. Atoms Molecules says:

    Antifa are pussies. They never step up to anyone one on one like a man would. These pussy ass bitches hide behind masks and only do something when they are in large groups.

  19. bobbygnosis says:

    The Antifa terrorists were driven out like the violent thugs they are.


    Did anyone try to give them a Pepsi?

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