Pro Soccer Player Carli Lloyd on Male Soccer Players’ Habit of Flopping

Pro Soccer Player Carli Lloyd on Male Soccer Players’ Habit of Flopping

2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup champ Carli Lloyd doesn’t fall back on flopping as a matter of pride.
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Pro Soccer Player Carli Lloyd on Male Soccer Players’ Habit of Flopping

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20 Responses

  1. VeNoM Mohawk says:

    Men’s are more skilled than the women’s and men’s require more skill 

  2. sam sung says:

    American talking about football. Rolling my eyes

  3. MP USMC SRT says:

    Sports lives matter!

  4. juan o'connor says:

    women are terrible at football just look at the usa japan final, whenever
    you score a goal from mid field in a final you know something is wrong

  5. theakronhammer77 says:


  6. moiraine_damodred says:

    what a great sports role model for kids.
    she’s an inspiration

  7. cesar leon says:

    Women’s soccer is still boring in my opinion. 

  8. Yamamama says:

    You mean diving. Americans?????.

  9. BeefStew says:

    Seth Meyers is a dick swallower

  10. Isaac says:

    The men are just tripping over the fact that on average they make 615% more
    money than the women.

  11. oc2k13 says:

    Is this what makes women’s football “better”, men’s football is more
    competitive, it’s more rewarding , it’s a better quality of football. It’s
    like saying people who own bikes are better than people who own cars,
    because they didn’t steal them to get them.

  12. Mustard Tiger says:

    Flopping?? Do people really call diving that?

  13. Harry John says:

    But who is earning Millions to lose ‘pride’ and sells out 90,000+ capacity

  14. nomorecakes says:

    why would you need to flop when you can steal the ball because half the
    other players on the pitch cant even hold the ball on their feet for half a
    second without making a bad touch?

  15. serendipityuk says:

    Weird they call fake grass “turf”. In England turf is a chunk of grass….