Professional Dancers Try The Fortnite Dance Challenge

Professional Dancers Try The Fortnite Dance Challenge

“Why did I have to pick Squat Kick!?”

Game Credit: Fortnite / Epic Games


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86 Responses

  1. BTS. V.lover says:

    *excuse me you’re in my camera time*

  2. Justin Y. says:

    “Yes fellow fortniters, these dancers can dance”

  3. Bevsworld04 says:

    The fresh was not 10/10

  4. Gabi Briseno says:

    lmao this is so cute

  5. Kevin Li says:

    Ahhh so these are what all these crazy new dance moves are called haha

  6. Lil Ounce says:

    Girl:*gets tidy*
    Girl: I got the harder ones

  7. avari says:

    why did i never think the yo gabba gabba people were actually just people in costumes. i just assumed they were puppets lnao

  8. Sarah Farquharson says:

    Actually she got all easy ones and he got all the hard ones

    • krispi. says:

      i agree females have it easier than males
      also there are 2 genders male and female
      also abortion is murder
      and the wage gap is fake

    • Sweet Candy says:

      lol the person was legit just saying that she got the easier moves and you entered some whole ‘men have no rights’ trash? Chill dude, men have like a million rights. Dw about your gender, they are doing perfectly fine as I can see.

  9. Black Rose says:

    BuzzFeed is obviously trying to show us how women get rated less simply because they are women even though they do the same or do better

    However BuzzFeed let me tell you this
    That doesn’t happen in the real world…

    The guy was better than the girl, fact

  10. Leugim says:

    stop with this cringefest of a game

    • Neonpixel says:

      Leugim I personally never played fortnite, however I don’t understand why everyone hates it just because it’s popular

    • Guerrero fam says:

      Neonpixel thats why ppl hate it because it’s popular and people won’t stop talking about it even buzzfeed is making a video related to fortnite which is why ppl find the game annoying

    • Ariana Buterà says:

      The games actually really fun and addictive but it is annoying becos people ruin it by talking about it 24/7

    • OG Banana says:

      Leugim these people are dancing so good stfu an appreciate good dancers.

  11. Veridian says:

    Looks like everyone in Fortnite is a professional dancer

  12. Veridian says:

    But can they do the stand in place and do nothing dance as good as I do it?

  13. WeezyFire says:

    last time i tried the squat kick dance my cat flew into my ceiling fan…

  14. Thomas Müller says:

    Se said he had the easy ones, she had flapper and he had electro shuffle lol

    Edit: i meant she not se

  15. Bulbasaur says:

    Lmao the girl bragging about Yo Gabba Gabba and then the guy quickly mentioning Beyoncé

  16. Kaylee Desroches says:

    *i hate our generation*

  17. Brock Luna says:

    I wasn’t convinced she was a professional dancer but then I heard she was on yo gabba gabba I thought…..she’s legit?

  18. q u a c c says:

    I knew Desperado was sexy af

  19. hersays says:

    lol why is she complaining about getting all the hard ones? she got one hard dance

    • hersays says:

      hades child because she complained way too much. the dances she got she didn’t do too bad on, because they aren’t too challenging, apart from the last one. personally, i just think that he made them look easier because he could execute them well and by the looks of it she was trying to justify why she couldn’t make them flow too. but in fact his dances were more complex and harder. hers were simplier and idk maybe she was learning? it’s my opinion, don’t get offended and try come for me.

    • hades child says:

      hersays who said i was offended. Or comming for you. I just said that she might be better at what he was doing that what she got. Just like i would complain if i did a drawing version of this with my friend. And he got to draw humans where i had to do animals. He can do both i cant do animals. Aka imma complain bout it. Plus the only time i heard her complain was when she said his was easier.

    • BRYAN says:

      No need to sound hurt lol

    • Jadon Mesfun says:

      BRYAN How can they sound hurt when you can’t even hear them? They’re typing not talking. Try to be more upbeat when reading text in your head Bryan. ?

    • ll Spiire ll says:


  20. Ayesha Irfan says:

    Why are people calling this cringey?

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