Profiles in Tremendousness: Pardon Edition – Sheriff Joe Arpaio: The Daily Show

Profiles in Tremendousness: Pardon Edition – Sheriff Joe Arpaio: The Daily Show

President Trump pardons Joe Arpaio, a controversial former sheriff who advocated the use of excessive force and cracked down on immigration through racial profiling.

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20 Responses

  1. Blue Marley says:

    we’ve run out of idioms for this idiot. #impeach!

  2. Andy Myers says:

    Arpaio is just unbelievably vile

  3. Get Rekt says:

    Arpaio is a racist criminal, so it’s no wonder Trump pardoned him. Just look at his history of racism:
    – He was sued by the justice department multiple times in the 70s for racial discrimination
    – He was quoted in a 1991 book as saying he didn’t like black people counting his money (art his casinos) because according to him, laziness is a trait in blacks.
    – When he would visit his casinos his black employees would be forced to leave the floor.
    – He called a Latina women “Miss Housekeeping”
    – When he was asked about David Duke supporting him during the campaign he pretended not to know him and refused to denounce him

    But despite all of this, Trump supporters say anyone who calls him racist is just an SJW snowflake.

  4. jack duval says:

    Anyone else from Phoenix? Also, Arpaio’s a criminal. He should be in prison.

  5. Smallz 101 says:

    This just proves that Under trumps rule he will not only turn a blind eye to racism but publicly aide and support it.

  6. Sentinel HDD says:

    Donald Trump scrapped Barack Obama’s flood protection standards days before Hurricane Harvey. ….Pray for Texas

  7. Mal c.H says:

    So sad this son of a bitch doesn’t get to experience what it’s like to be behind bars like the people he’s made suffer the same way.

  8. Virginie Pierre says:

    He always defend people with the same characteristics as him

  9. Salt GM says:

    This pardon reveals the true colors of Trump. He doesn’t care about the people’s civil rights, he only cares about limiting our rights.

  10. MoreAmerican says:

    Fuck that old man.

  11. Smallz 101 says:

    This man violated THE BILL OF RIGHTS by investigating people with no evidence at all. THE BILL OF RIGHTS FFS! But where are the constitutionalists now?

  12. Dragon XZero says:

    So…how bad do you think Trump is going to screw up the Hurricane situation?

  13. Namida says:

    Said Trump supporter in Nazi ourfit while doing Hitler salute

  14. Shaylee West says:

    he SHACKLED WOMEN IN LABOR TO THE BED. plain evil. i pray for the day that these old geezers lose their power in politics and law…

  15. Tetsu Hatano says:

    Can someone in the GOP please grow a spine already at this rate he’s gonna personally endorse skinheads as “misunderstood bald individuals”

  16. Mirian Mendoza says:

    As a Latina this pardon definitely struck fear in my heart and saddened me. It was just a big fuck you to Latinos by Trump.

  17. Rick Edmondson says:

    If they put that sheriff in prison they will have to keep him in maximum security for his own protection… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  18. Kat Atwood says:

    BTW, Trump says Arizona loves Arpaio….not true, I live in AZ, Arpaio is not well liked.

  19. Juanito says:

    I live in Phoenix half the year. He is hated down there. Protest everywhere all over the city EVERYDAY!

  20. Aman Panda says:

    So this is the real USA which had been hidden somewhere. So much for civility, democracy and everything hypocrites US talks of in international arena. So much winning USA

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