Project: Playtime – Official Gameplay Trailer

Project: Playtime – Official Gameplay Trailer



PROJECT: PLAYTIME is a multiplayer horror game where six players attempt to create one giant toy while surviving a terrifying monster that roams the toy factory. A seventh player controls the monster and is given only one goal: Find and kill everyone.

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22 Responses

  1. FusionZGamer says:

    This looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun. cant wait!

  2. Cassilaine mende lima says:

    Isso vai ficar incrível ❤️

  3. Corey Reacts says:

    Gosh I can’t wait for this!!!!!

  4. SlurpyGamer 06 says:

    I’m thrilled to try this out for sure. Keep up the awesome work. Stay safe stay awesome

  5. Oscar2210 says:

    Se ve que esta va a ser un gran juego, hojala y no nos deje con muchas dudas

  6. Buggy Huggy says:

    Let’s thank Amazing Mob Games for listening to their community and collecting ALL the Best gameplay ideas of Poppy bloggers like Motya Games, Buggy Huggy and Lazzy Playtime. Cheers!

  7. Shadow_Fire says:

    I really like those features you added to this exciting game! The best parts are:
    • multiplayer
    • playing as the monsters
    • new monster!

  8. Mateus says:

    This game seems to have a lot of potential! I just hope it’s not another broken multiplayer.

  9. •~•Stitches•~• says:

    This looks great and I’m actually wondering if these could work for your games/store to make it just a bit better (in my opinion):

    add restricted toys (excluding unfinished/blueprint ones, they are in a different suggestion) and other known toys that don’t appear in the game, as plush and other merch,
    make the monsters in project playtime, as in new ones that don’t appear in the real game like boxy boo (I don’t think boxy boo would be in the real game so I’m guessing he won’t), as plush and other merch,
    make the toys that only appear in blueprints as monsters in project playtime, and as merch,
    and lastly, (this is my favourite) have a monster idea contest, where you choose 1-5 people’s. ideas and make them as monsters in a chapter (first place being the main antagonist)

    you do not have to do any of these, they are just suggestions (and comments please do not hate on this, they are only ideas and nothing else)

    • write me on t:e:l:e:g:r:a:m @MobEntertainment says:

      Truly appreciate the confidence you showed in my channel growth.♥️I have something huge for you, Note me with the above name🎉

  10. Crystal Meow says:

    I love how everything is in sinc with the music, such a cool and minor detail. I am so excited!

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