Project: Playtime’s Buggy launch Explained

Project: Playtime’s Buggy launch Explained

I didn’t ever expect Poppy to go multiplayer, I DID however expect it to be as broken as it is.

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55 Responses

  1. I Consume Cats says:

    A product being broken during alpha is understandable since the game is nowhere close to finished.

    But the fact that they’ve already added microtransactions is not a good sign

    • Crystal 959 says:

      @Infinite Mausoleum if not that’s still something that should have been immediately noticed and fixed. If it is a bug it’s incredibly irresponsible to leave in the game on launch, especially to mostly kids

    • Infinite Mausoleum says:

      @Crystal 959 The double charge thing is likely a real bug/oversight, probably in whatever they’re using for currency conversion since Spiff said it works with USD. They’re not *that* evil. Yet.

    • Arson The Average says:

      Its poppy playtime-_- from the get go it was made to make money and nothing else. Although this game genuinely looks fun I doubt their gonna spend money to actually fix these problems and hire developers that are are fit for this game

    • Carrot Cake says:

      They’ve done NFTS, said they were planning a movie, AND started selling overpriced merch after chapter 1. Yea, they be like that.

    • Holy Roman says:

      @Rapt0r Yes, but if they don’t need the money now already, then they also don’t need to put a full on battlepass in a game that released as a complete mess. Of course they’ll need to get in money to make the game worth it long-term, but it’s just a thing about decency to wait on that stuff for a week or two after release until the game’s more fleshed out, you know?

  2. J Rex says:

    Man that was fun. Poor Phil couldn’t get in a single damn game. It was fun seeing him playing Peggle tho.

    • DrMeduimAnt says:

      @Joe 527 fairly sure it wasn’t a steam problem, considering how many times Phil uninstall and reinstall the game, accepting many friends’ invite, restarting his computer, using 2 different VPNs, and literally showing on stream how long the game took to relaunch (about 30 minutes)

    • Joe 527 says:

      That more of a Steam Problem then Project playtime Fault Even Really good Games like Monster hunter Have This Problem with Online only for your Country too!

    • Andy the Light Warrior says:

      @Crystal 959 nonetheless we got more of Phil Playing Peggle out of it, so I’m happy

    • Crystal 959 says:

      To be fair Phil lives in Chile and he’s said his internet service from there is horrible so that’s at least part of it. But still, game’s broken beyond belief

    • Andy the Light Warrior says:

      I was about to say that lol

  3. Chelsea Murray says:

    I played the game for a bit, it ended up lagging so much that players I had killed would just come back to life, it was wild. Also falling out of the world at the start as a player makes you spawn where the monsters spawn.

  4. MossyCorpse says:

    If I’m understanding this correctly, the devs that made this had very little experience making multiplayer games and were rushed. This is entirely the company’s fault for not getting devs that know how to make this type of game and for rushing the devs

    • Nobody's_here07 says:

      @MettIQ No, I’m saying that games take elements from one another all the time so saying one is a ripoff from one another just because some ideas from the game were put into it is a bit dumb considering the amount of other games that do the same. It’s alright as long as they change enough so that they’re not a complete copy.

    • MettIQ says:

      @Nobody’s_here07 I already know that? Lol are you just trying to prove you’re smart or something?

    • Nobody's_here07 says:

      @MettIQ A lot of games tend to take ideas from one another but with a spin.

      Sonic is a platformer based on momentum while Mario is a game more focused on precision platforming.

      PUBG is a battle royale shooter game with more warzone-like graphics while Fortnite has a more cartoonish-like vibe.

      Temple run has an Indiana Jones like estetique and the game has more focus on precise timing and reflexes with it’s sharp turns and obstacles in every corner while Subway Surfers is sort of more lax as you only run on three lanes with constant power ups.

      Chess has 16 pieces in total for each player with certain pieces allowing you to move in different ways to capture their king in an 8×8 squared battlefield while checkers only has 12 pieces for each player that can only move diagonally where your goal is to take out all your opponents pieces in an 8×8 squared battlefield.

    • MettIQ says:

      @Nobody’s_here07 No, all I was saying was how notable the similarities were to DBD as if they were trying to make money off of the idea similarly to the NTF scandle

    • MettIQ says:

      @TophatKiyaki I agree, DBD has a very lackluster gen system and I like the idea Poppy Playtime has

  5. Squeaks D'corgeh says:

    UE4 Dev here, from the looks of things, a good chunk of errors like the clipping upon being sent to Wulog are actually Server Replication Issues.

    When making a game like this, you will have to select what data is being replicated to the server at all times, and then manually send other data through “MultiCast”. If I had to take a guess on the issue here, the game never manually sends any data, but instead replicates every single variable each frame, overloading all of the servers and leading to bad replication.

    • Squeaks D'corgeh says:

      @Alexandra McGinnis Oh, okay so, the map itself isn’t the issue here, those are persistent and load on every machine off of disc. However, the players themselves are streamed in and only spawned when needed.

      Objects in unreal have “Variables” used for ingame functionality, so, for instance, “LHand” will be true if extended or false if not. Typically, you have to manually sync these variables using Multicast events. It looks like instead, they used the variables without any manual syncing, instead turning on a mode that syncs them every frame, overclocking servers. Hope that helps!

    • Alexandra McGinnis says:

      So if I got this right, a strategy many game use is to basically keep a “copy” of the map on each player’s game. But only relay and duplicate information about where other players are?
      I’m no programmer, but that what I’m getting.
      But this game decided to have the map replicated with each player and the player’s movement. Causing all these issues

    • Your Friendly Neighborhood Jinx says:

      Makes sense that it’d be the case. Sounds like a multiplayer exclusive problem, something the devs likely never had to encounter. Hopefully the info gets to the right place so they can rework stuff before it gets to be a bigger pain

    • Squeaks D'corgeh says:

      @Pale Captain Wolf Kayls Yup, in the flesh lmao

    • Pale Captain Wolf Kayls says:

      Ohey, the Broadside fellow! (Or “Shipwrecked 64”)

  6. JachymorDota says:

    Never forget: You only ever have ONE gamelaunch. Make it count.

  7. Michaelo0 says:

    There’s something I find pretty depressing seeing this drop as early access and already have working micro-transactions…

    • Otherface says:

      ​@venus diedthe problem isn’t the fact that is free. The problem is the fact fact is an early access game. They basically added microtransactions to a game in which it’s current state is made for beta testing.

      And before you say “they wanted to test the microtransactions”, couldn’t they replace it with in-game money, like Disney Speedstorm? It’s beta also had a battle pass, but with in-game money

    • Michaelo0 says:

      @Leonel Well like I said, I find it depressing a game could be released like this.
      I’d be fine with the micro-transactions if the game was a lot more stable. Even by early access standards is way too buggy.

      There’s also no guarentees they keep the micro-transactions for cosmetics only and with how this released and past controversies with Poppy Playime stuff I’m not optimistic.

    • Leonel says:

      I mean, why do people care? It’s like saying “damn random people buying clothes, I don’t like it!”

    • venus died says:

      @Cam Harkness ah I’m glad we both can agree
      I think I kinda worded it badly on my part sorry for that, but I agree with everything yall said

    • Cam Harkness says:

      @venus died and all of our points legit are, it’s fine to have micro transactions, it’s just when the game is buggy, or in early access (aka, free beta testers) that’s a problem.

      Reading your whole comment you like, partly get what we mean while still misunderstanding us.

  8. Calvin Jordan says:

    Love how it just came out and
    everyone is putting in their titles that it is the buggiest mess of a game

    • Jod Gaming says:

      Early access isn’t an excuse, the point of early access is for the player base to give feedback. But this is clearly unnecessary seeing as the game is unplayable. They don’t need the community to point out how shit it is rn

    • Crystal 959 says:

      @Bagaspati Prabaswara when did “early access” become “excuse to be completely broken on release”

    • duppy the puppy says:

      I mean… it is a HUGE mess of a game. I’ve seen wip games made by teenagers with more polish than this game.

    • Olivia Tilleman says:

      @Kaiju Ultimax “constant central server disconnects” splatoon players be malding at this (i am splatoon players)

    • Cam Harkness says:

      @Gabriela Borges “it’s early development”
      You skipped apart of the sentence. It’s what everyone says during trailers and the like.

      My point you missed was, anything else that even looks bad in trailers, or even demos (early access is basically using people as a free beta test) tends to be bashed, while pokemon ends up having a lot of defenders even if the trailer looks bad.

      That was the point.

  9. The_Godbodor says:

    I’d say Huggy is the worst monster to deal with. The mini Huggys are so annoying cause they really make it so you can’t do anything (especially when you’re in a lobby with only like 2 other non-monster players). Mommy is definitely the second worst with her crazy movement capabilities. Every Boxy I’ve fought hasn’t done so well, but maybe that’s just cause they don’t know what they’re doing.

  10. The quiet one says:

    When you try to turn an ok indie game in to a franchise 😂

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