Project Scorpio Exclusive: Final Specs Revealed!

Project Scorpio Exclusive: Final Specs Revealed!

Rich went to Microsoft to see Project Scorpio, talk to the people who made it and see software running. But just how powerful is it? This video reveals all.

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20 Responses

  1. Infinifail says:

    It’s sad that such an informative & professional channel’s Comments are filled with flame wars. Come on guys.

  2. Spooktacular Wheatley says:

    PS4 fanboys are the most toxic community in console/game videos.
    *Prove* *Me*
    Look down at the top comments if you may….

  3. Sam Martin says:

    Is the GPU architecture seriously based on Polaris and not Vega? If so, then why did they have to wait an entire year after the PS4 Pro to release? If it’s Polaris then I am really disappoint. I’m also somewhat disappointed that it’s still using the Jaguar CPU architecture. But I guess they had to in order to ensure compatibility. The CPU improvements are very interesting though. I’ve never heard of something like DX12 being implemented on the hardware before. That seems like it might be a huge advantage along with the latency reductions.

    Seems like they’re really trying to get as much performance as possible out of the old Jaguar architecture. I wonder if they added simultaneous multi-threading to it? 4GB of RAM being reserved for the OS seems very odd to me. I can’t imagine that the OS which is even slimmer than it was in 2013 actually needs 4GB of RAM. This is definitely going to blow the PS4/PS4 Pro out of the water though.

  4. V R says:

    It’s a spec reveal, we don’t really know how the games will run or how they’ll look, you cant base it on other hardware cause it’s custom. Saw a pic that said 60fps at 4K resolution so that’s what it is until I see something official that proves otherwise. Most people watching this don’t know anything about hardware and just want to see how shiny their games can be. Exclusives and games are important but this isn’t a console reveal it’s just specs…

  5. Bigbad Crawford says:

    Would be more impressed if it ran the witcher 3 with hairworks 4k 60fps

  6. IamJacksColon4 says:

    DX12 built in is the biggest bombshell. this machine is a mega monster.

  7. nico5179 says:

    Thanks Digital Foundry, now I know what to buy in 2017, Ryzen 1800X, 16GB DDR4 at 3600Mhz and the soon to come RX Vega with 8GB HBM2 memory. It will feel so good playing all scorpio games at better resolution and especially frames per second. LOL

  8. Adam Jensen says:

    All Xbox fans jacking off to this video lol

  9. Resvrgam says:

    Honestly, who cares about improved hardware specs if the games are going to be hamstrung by mandatory support for the obsolete Xbox One hardware?

    As a former developer, I found it extremely frustrating to be forced to adhere to the Xbox 360’s TCR’s that enforced games needed to work on the Xbox 360 SKUs that lacked a hard drive. That’s right: developers of non-MMOs for that console had a MAXIMUM of 2 GB to install to the console – everything had to be loaded/streamed from the optical drive (which is why the multi-platform PS3 ports sucked – games were streamed off of a 2x BD-ROM in addition to having to code around the Cell processors).

    1080p @ 60 fps should have been a minimum standard for games on the launch of the Xbox One and PS4.

    Here we are at its 3rd revision and it’s still lagging behind high-range PCs from 5 years ago.

  10. Punty A says:

    very impressive, now if only Microsoft can back it up with games.

  11. I Machinarium I says:

    LOL! All these morons in the comments, who know next to nothing about anything in this video, crying about how it still uses a Jaguar CPU and that’s going to be a major bottleneck.

    Did you even watch/listen to the first 4 or so minutes, or ANY, of the video?

    Wichard explains how Microsoft’s engineers have customised the CPU to try and effectively eliminate any bottlenecks which could occur. Yes we will have to wait and see how it works in practice. But this is what an ACTUAL customised CPU design is. Not like in the Nintendo Switch where it’s just a Tegra X1 which both NVIDIA and Nintendo claimed had been customised when it really wasn’t.

    Plus there are VERY few games nowadays which rely on the CPU much anymore. Most games mainly rely on the GPU. And also this helps to keep costs down on the console. Which is a good thing.

    Paired with the right components, which judging by this video seems to be the case, the Jaguar CPU will be fine.

  12. Tru4Life says:

    Not sure you can still call this a mid gen refresh anymore…

  13. TigerMan 666 says:

    wow they shut the average pony the fuck up ? im impressed ???????????????

  14. hussar16 says:

    ps5 is around the corner in a couple years, with 4k60fps and graphics above, so this is a fail

  15. Danny B says:

    Playing the most powerful console with the best controller in gaming is going to be a real treat 😉

  16. giosan says:

    All that power, but where are the games?

  17. Pablo de la Torre Gálvez says:

    If I upgrade my PC with a GTX 1070 and 16GB of RAM, it’ll surpass Scorpio, right?

  18. Nick Loquellano says:

    Well sony fanboys are the worst.Coming from a ps4 owner.

  19. deviliscry11 says:

    what’s the point of a console if this has no exclusives and not good games. even if This thing do 8k I won’t buy it .. it’s like a useless investment

  20. Leaves of Thought LoT says:

    he said Forza engine was ported.
    isn’t it supposed to run native?

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