Prologue to the Next Chapter of The Walking Dead

Prologue to the Next Chapter of The Walking Dead

Catch a special prologue for the next chapter of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Returns February. For more The Walking Dead videos:

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20 Responses

  1. Gamex4000 says:

    Do it with Dan!!!!!

  2. Tcnj80 says:

    Instead of Glenn getting killed by Negan I want to see Daryl’s face smashed
    apart with the baseball bat in front of the group.

  3. ZzMatalack says:

    I see a REAAALL BOOYYY at 0:37


    Randall would give Negan a wedgie..

  5. Mando Commando says:

    Was this during Into The Badlands? I worked late so I just recorded the
    episode on DVR, I was to tired I didn’t even watch Talking Dead and I was
    waiting to see this but there’s no way in hell I’m watching an entire
    episode of Into The Badlands to see it, so I looked it up on YouTube and

  6. TheUnDeadSociety says:

    Ahh valentines day! The day we might all get our hearts broken and beaten
    down by Negan, Lucille and the saviors ??

  7. kevin meza says:

    glen dies by negan.

  8. Susan Wyse (Sassy) says:

    The ketchup packets in the glove box. Negan will require those as well.

  9. Wisdom Tooth says:

    Negan fan boys stfu about Negan. Rick going to layeth the smackdown on his
    candy ass.

  10. ZegetaX1 says:

    Fuck into the Badlands i shouldn’t have to watch 7 minutes of crap to get
    walking dead teaser

  11. William Salice says:

    The greatest 2 minutes of my life

  12. Ur Mum says:

    Watch Abraham be like “who’s Negan” lol

  13. Rick Sanchez says:


  14. Dayanara Manon says:

    May the Lord have mercy on their souls. Negan is Satan!

  15. DylanTrooper10 says:

    Is that Negan? Or is it just a high ranking savior

  16. GeneralSantucci1st says:

    I hope Abraham uses that rpg and ends these clowns

  17. Jeamus King says:

    anyone got the feels when he said negans name

  18. Littleandy08 says:

    aww man negan is gonna kill Glenn :(

  19. Rayn J Carson says:

    1:45 Thank me later

    Don’t know what I’m more excited for, Spoilers

    the Saviours firebombing Alexandria with Grenades.

    Or Cyclops Carl having to sing a song as penance.

  20. AJ Christopher says:

    I really hope they make Negan almost exactly like he is in the comics. He
    was such a joy to read, hopefully he’ll be just as good to watch.