“Promised” Iman Shumpert featuring Teyana Taylor

“Promised” Iman Shumpert featuring Teyana Taylor

“The song is about keeping my promise to people that I love and all the stuff I ever said I was gonna do,” said Shumpert.

He seemingly speaks those recent events into existence, rapping, “I wanna marry your smile/I wanna spoil your style/I wanna sleep with your dreams/and then father the child.”

“The crazy thing about it is when I was writing it, I was speaking figuratively,” the Cleveland Cavs guard said. “I wrote this song about a year-and-a-half ago. Teyana didn’t add her part until right before the playoffs last year. With everything that was going on it just started to line up in my mind, I kind of envisioned what was happening and timed it up accordingly.”

Taylor added soft, intimate and well-placed vocals of her own to bring the collaboration full circle.

Director Sasha Samsanova captures slick black-and-white shots, along with cold silhouettes against a blood red background, all of which synchronize accordingly with the song itself. As the beat breaks down, the shots get more emotive and find Taylor, in particular, in a most honest and vulnerable state.

“The emotion I wanted to capture, that breakdown part of the video, was telling the story of [Teyana] feeling something new, something real that no one could take away,” said Shumpert. “I think [Sasha] did a great job of trying to capture that story.”

At just over seven minutes, it can seem longwinded at first glance, but it’s true poetry in motion with no filler and worth each second.

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20 Responses

  1. Irina Liakh says:

    LOVE it!!!

  2. Ravinn w says:

    He needs to get his own sound. You can tell he’s trying to sound like other

  3. Ravinn w says:

    But it’s not bad at all

  4. Baby Doll says:

    She look Beautiful n sexy pregnant ???????

  5. Ashley Moncrief says:


  6. krissy20five says:

    dope lyrics

  7. MechaDINO says:

    The bg sounds kinda creepy imo

  8. Faith Loveless says:

    dope ! power couple ! ?????

  9. JustMeGoldenGaming says:

    You need to sound like yourself, this sounds weird.

    Sorry Iman, your others were good, but what is this?

  10. TheSniperBoss says:

    dope shit

  11. Yohan Adipola says:

    iman just quit ball and start you’re raping career lol

  12. Courtney Alexandra says:

    I thought this was beautiful… especially for it to be his first time
    releasing music to the mainstream…. Everyone is saying you need to find
    your own sound… It will take time and developing like every other artist

  13. jmrrwalker says:

    garbage………absolute garbage….i met teyana once thats the only reason
    i wasted my time on this bs…..ill never get that 7 mins of my life

  14. Sierra Barnes says:

    It’s different

  15. Willis Reed says:

    no originality young boul…sounds way too much like trinidad james and
    travis scott but who am I. I am a basketball fan of the young boul tho!

  16. Raul Avram says:

    I respect Shumpert as a public figure and as an athlete, but he should
    stick to basketball. (no hatin’)

  17. ChanelArmai says:

    Awwww that was beautiful, made me shed a tear.

  18. mayham says:

    this probably how future sound if he didnt mumble so much on tracks

  19. Rachari Willis says:

    Iman…… I love you bruh…but cut that damn hair

  20. Fakindafunkpnay says:

    This has to be a joke ?