Proof of evolution that you can find on your body

Proof of evolution that you can find on your body

You have your mom’s smile, your dad’s eyes, and the ear muscles of a Triassic mammal.

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Forty-two percent of Americans say that humans were created in their present form within the past 10,000 years — a percentage that hasn’t changed much since 1982, when Gallup started polling views on evolution.

Several lines of evidence, from the fossil record, comparative anatomy, and genetics, tell another story. But you don’t have to read all the research to find signs of our evolutionary history — you can see it in the vestigial structures in each of our bodies, like the third molars that no longer fit in our mouths. For a few other examples, check out the video above. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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20 Responses

  1. SeriouslyNotNormal says:

    i can still grab things with my feet

  2. TheOrionStar says:

    Appendix is the biggest one

  3. PrinceJibinJoy says:

    just because humans have some similar characteristics as other animals
    doesn’t mean we evolved from them lol don’t be foolish

  4. Official Warrior says:

    This should be under the category of religion.

  5. MrCommentator says:

    I think you mean to use the word evidence not proof…

  6. Yuriy “Lazovets” Demenko says:

    it’s 2016 and we still need to proof that evolution is real…. people are
    fucking dumb.

  7. Rizky Octavianto says:

    i watch this because of joss fong

  8. Olivia silver says:

    I have the first one in my left hand

  9. Austin kye says:

    thanks for this beautiful video

  10. J Borgia says:

    I can move my ears :D

  11. Roen Spacy says:

    Evolution by natural selection is a farcical attempt to explain life. One
    needs more faith to believe in it than to believe in religion.

  12. Michael Rod says:

    Total bull, God created us.

  13. Bizorke says:

    Cool video I didn’t know most of these things. However, this isn’t “proof
    of evolution”.

  14. ZeSpecter says:

    Alien, duck, frog, fish

  15. Claire Pittman says:

    *clicks video* alright let me put down my ice cream bowl and let’s do this

  16. Indyfilm Maker says:

    Proof of evolution means no God ?? or there is a God who started the

  17. Joey's third chin says:


  18. RavenHH TV says:

    I dont see how this could prove we are evovled from a totality of nothing.
    For example, take a shot at explaing the pineal gland.

  19. Nick Saleh says:

    It’s 2016 and we still think we evolved from monkey’s. Just because two
    species share the same traits does not mean we evolved from them.

  20. Malichan121 says:

    How would Christians explain these?