Pros and Cons: Going to Trump University

Pros and Cons: Going to Trump University

Jimmy weighs the good and bad of earning a degree from Donald Trump’s college.

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Pros and Cons: Going to Trump University

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20 Responses

  1. kulik03 says:

    the anti Trump propaganda is getting ridiculous

  2. Addie Jewelzz says:

    omg the KKK joke had me dyingg

  3. Emily hancock says:

    lol this is great but I’m pretty sure that the pros are non-existent

  4. Emily hancock says:

    These are savage! Great to see The Tonight show going further with the
    jokes, these were brutal and brilliant

  5. alberto meza says:

    that kkk joke was INSANE i died

  6. Mc Nat says:

    Incredibly savage KKK joke

  7. Diana Marcela Mena Ramirez says:

    I can no understand why is everybody talking about Trump, i mean if he is a
    bad think they should stop making publicity about hem.

  8. Connor Boyle says:

    What no classic Trump?
    Pro: Getting blazed (or baked).
    Con: Getting fired.

  9. Ben Rajan says:

    PRO: Going to graduate and putting on your white cap and gown.
    CON: Having a hard time seeing through the eye holes.

  10. vcarter0723 says:

    I think you mean Cons and Cons

  11. Footwalker Ranch says:

    Another attempt by the leftist media to spread propaganda and
    misinformation to the public.

  12. vcarter0723 says:

    Pro: You’ll learn…..

    Con: ….to never enroll in Trump University ever again.

  13. vcarter0723 says:

    Pro: You can put that you attended Trump University on your resume.

    Con: And no one will ever hire you for a job. Ever.

  14. Trump Australia says:

    Trump is socialism’s nemesis! That’s why we love him!

  15. Simon Eadie says:

    Pro: You leave with a university diploma.
    Con: When asked what you learned your response is, “I know words, I have
    the best words.”

  16. StrawberryCola says:

    Funfact: If you attend Trump University, instead of learning more, you come
    out of the college knowing significantly less than you did when you came
    in……Oh yeah and you get a free white hood.

  17. NEON MULLET says:

    They’re getting scared.

  18. Marcus Nerva says:

    I can’t wait to see Trump destroy Hillary and become POTUS. You liberals
    will be crying rivers.

  19. 8 Pelagic says:

    All Tomorrow’s Parties: Tea Party, Pot Party, Teapot party, Tempest Party.

  20. Rupert Murdoch says:

    Donald Trump is a complete idiot and his supporters are the most uneducated
    people on planet earth