Protester climbs Statue of Liberty

Protester climbs Statue of Liberty

A woman has climbed the base of the Statue of Liberty and seven people have been arrested on Liberty Island, all of whom are believed to be protesters, law enforcement sources told CNN.

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  1. AeroPwnX says:

    _Like it or not, this is what makes America, Americans protesting. Bravo!_ *Happy 4th*??

    • Rollin’ Coal says:

      Ummmm, but she’s a illegal alien so you have no point. Get the facts, she’s been living in America for 10 yrs….illegally!!! Charge her accordingly & ship her ass back to the country where she is a citizen of. Goodbye ??

    • Ari CX says:

      AeroPwnX Not illegally climbing a statue to try and get attention on yourself is not protesting lol You can say what you want but not put others in danger or block traffic to prevent others to get to their destination and others to get through like ambulance to hospitals ect.! You never know whats going on these streets and highways you are blocking and people just want to get home! Or maybe they are trying to get to a loved one dying or sick in the hospital ect.! My mom was in the hospital for weeks and if someone would have blocked me from getting to her I don’t know what I would have done to them or the rage that would fill up inside me! Also were I live an ambulance was actually stuck on the highway because of fuckers like this! Protest on your free time and off the fucking streers blocking others because you don’t know whats going on in their lives or whos on that street/highway and it’s not right! Also this dumbass woman could have slipped and fell off onto someones head even an old person and squashed and killed them!

  2. Kyle Kroeck says:


    • Brian Lastname says:

      Kyle Kroeck Only attention I needed is for you to realize tone down the caps buddy. You can’t be that starved for attention. If you are, I’m sure life will get better for you.

    • Kyle Kroeck says:

      Brian Lastname dude I wish I was there to pat you on the back and make you feel better. Idk why you invited yourself in on this conversation if it isn’t directed towards you. Stop trying to get yourself attention by starting unwanted drama. And stop trying to win a fight you can’t win to give yourself an ego boost. Move along to another comment and try again. ?

    • Brian Lastname says:

      Kyle Kroeck I know it hurts being called out , it’s why you put the little laughing emojis…to make others here think you’re winning an argument. But we bother know that’s not the case my friend. Have yourself a good day.

    • Jonnybarbs says:


    • Jesse Reale says:

      People are allowed to have political views.

  3. Scott Pauley says:

    Why don’t the protesters use their energy to fix Mexico so the families don’t have to leave ?

    • shy 380 says:

      Scott Pauley
      You forgotten how you got these lands.. You didn’t sneak in???? Hahaha, what a lie. What’s a definition of locusts.

    • Healthy Nappy Hair Is Happy Hair says:

      Farook Razzak Exact

    • Spartan m1lf says:

      Scott Pauley show me how you stop a cartel?

    • Busy kitty says:

      Mexico yeah we have a problem with them coming but the majority of the people coming are from Central America where all the child molesters and gangs are at..

    • Scott Pauley says:

      Spartan m1lf we stopped the Confederate Army, the Germans, mafia, etc… Fight them; be smarter and tougher than they are. Fight for freedom. Don’t run away. America will help you.

  4. Panama Black says:

    The original statue of liberty was a black woman.She belongs there wtf??

  5. Greg Albert says:

    So a socialist leftist democrat hmm. Typical

    • squareyellowpaper Warthog1950 says:

      Proud Liberal Leftist Libertarian, here! A VET and a Patriot. Yes, it is typical. Civil disobedience is a way to make people see/hear your message of peace, justice, liberty, and solidarity. We are the opposition to evil.

    • joey sands says:

      Greg Albert those are three different philosophies that seem like they sounded like they went together in your head, but unfortunately when you typed it out it was just ignorant and laughable. Yet instead of realizing that there’s no such thing as a “socialist leftist democrat” political party, you posted this anyway. Before even trying to respond to the “substance” of your comment, I had to correct you. Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve said, or just try to know what you’re talking about.

    • Greg Albert says:

      joey sands haha ignorant as usual. Glad I’m no where near the low level of life you have accepted

    • David Beppler says:

      Greg Albert I am sure you think you make sense. But just because other idiots think you are smart, does not make it so.

    • Elliot Sims says:

      Bob Wiley Most of that is because of illegal immigration

  6. Cindy Antiquey says:

    Leave the fool up there! One less dangerous leftist walking the streets!

  7. silverpairaducks says:


  8. Wil Robles says:

    Is it me, or are people becoming loonier and loonier?

    • JoeLopez40oz says:

      Wil Robles
      You are right! Just look at who Americans elected as their president.

    • squareyellowpaper Warthog1950 says:

      Nothing wrong with an American coming to protect Liberty.

    • Wayne Dome says:

      Most comments are by children trying to incite a response.

    • Wil Robles says:

      Ashley Martinez thanks to those bombs you’re not obligated to speak Japanese or German, or to adopt by force their laws and customs.

    • Brandon 203 says:

      XHALE303 those statistics are wrong. When CNN tells you illegal aliens do not commit crimes it is false. What they are doing is cherry picking statistics. Case in point they are only using data from aliens who are granted a green card, then they do not include the numerous family members accompanying them. If a family of nine enters the polls are only going off the main applicant. Also once the alien either stops going to court or overstays their welcome those aliens are no longer counted.

  9. Brandon 203 says:

    Probably another illegal alien

  10. Buddysimo Simonetta says:

    She isn,t white so they will prosecute to the fullest extent. Trumps admin felonies( jared and co) nothing to see folks

  11. Crown Admirer says:

    Let her get down herself.

  12. Movie Nerd says:

    Fun Fact: The Statue of Liberty is actually a lighthouse.

  13. SuperBeavers says:

    The amount of unintelligent and juvenile comments here is astounding

    • BJ Martin says:

      So, she’s illegally protesting in the US. While in her country Democratic Republic of Congo there is rampant child prostitution that’s totally ignored by their police. I’m pretty sure child prostitution is more dangerous than mother’s willing to continually cross the US border on their own knowing the law yet they keep doing it. I think it’s a better thing to fight child prostitution that is nothing short a legal tourism where she came from.

    • Crash//Burn Crash//Burn says:

      It’s juvenile to forget punctuation too.

    • TheFireIndian says:

      ironic seeing your name is SuperBeavers

    • michaelthemovieman says:

      SuperBeavers Fitting for this unintelligent and juvenile “woman.”

  14. The jukebox says:

    OMG just let it rot there.

  15. WhirlWind says:

    But why do they care? As long as she’s not doing damage it shouldn’t matter. They’re just making her stronger by making it a big deal.

    • Tammy Wines says:

      WhirlWind She wanted to make a statement she can now in handcuffs.

    • Cooneyman says:

      It’s possible that there’s a threat, officers need to treat everything as if it can endanger citizens because if they do start to slack off then terrorists and people causing harm could easily do so.

    • zonal spore says:

      I’ll have to agree with that so much

    • Scats Scats says:

      WhirlWind they should have shot that spic

    • Braden Allan Network says:

      WhirlWind This is a situation where it’s hard to know what’s going to happen. It could be someone trying to commit suicide, vandalizing, or even planting bombs. They’re protecting the people visiting the statue while also protecting her.

  16. Fliptittie says:

    For people to be protesting ICE tells me that ICE is working quite well rounding up illegal immigrants here in America GO TRUMP…????????????

    • Spartan m1lf says:

      Fliptittie you look like a trump supporter lol

    • Bob Fizcling says:

      Spartan m1lf ???

    • Braden Allan Network says:

      Fliptittie If they’re illegal, they probably have a good reason for it (most likely.) If they’re running from a country because of captivity, are communism, or barley any freedom, then they should be aloud. If it’s someone who just wants to live here, and their country isn’t a war zone, then they need to legally come into the country.

  17. sidefx996 says:

    Leave her up there. Let her get down herself.

  18. Diva's House says:

    Lol whoever homegirl is, she is a bold mutha mutha.??

  19. Axiom Ape says:

    *Leave her up there and see how she gets down lmao*

  20. Janet Johnson says:

    The original statute of liberty use to be a black woman. Of course they changed it to a WHITE FEMALE statue.

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