Protesters across U.S. call for justice for George Floyd | USA TODAY

Protesters across U.S. call for justice for George Floyd | USA TODAY

As cities where protests have erupted try to quell the demonstrations, several governors and mayors across the country have imposed or extended curfews Sunday in anticipation of another night of unrest.
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More than 20 cities have imposed some type of curfew. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced he would extend curfew for Minneapolis and St. Paul through Monday morning.

Other cities who have announced curfews include Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Seattle, Louisville – where Breonna Taylor was killed – Richmond, Virginia, and Portland, Oregon.

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59 Responses

  1. Degal 76 says:

    I wonder how many seniors in New York and New Jersey nursing homes said “I can’t breathe” when the Governors of those states put contaminated virus patients in with them?

  2. Sficlassic says:

    People protesting is one thing. What the Hell are they doing ? Making it worse by adding more fuel to the fire !

    • Alex Chiu says:

      They Always like that ..They can protest in peace they always do this and Honestly I hope they all go to jail they deserve it coz that’s not the way .. sometimes I asking myself what about if they live in cuba they all b dead by now but waoo they live in USA 🇺🇸

    • KELLI2L2 says:

      @wtnomad Just asking that question shows you need a real history education.

    • wtnomad says:

      please do
      educate me, oh wise one…😉

    • SNIPER 50 says:

      i would like to see your reaction if one of your family got Throttle to death

    • Blitz Nimbus says:

      You’re one of the pussies

  3. Harry Wang says:

    I’m not living in the US so I may have not seen the whole picture. I’m just a bit confused of what the protesters are asking for? The policeman has been taken in custody and charged. Why they can’t wait for the justice after the trial?

    • JHeints - says:

      Minneapolis police departments policy handbook allows knee neck holds if officers receive advanced training.

      Floyd’s neck and head are seen lifting multiple times during the hold. The officer has very little weight on it.

      Floyd was complaining of breathing difficulty while standing and collapsed.
      This means “I can’t breath” is not the result of the knee.

      The autopsy showed no signs of suffocation or bruising to the neck.
      Floyd died of heart attack.

      Floyd has a history of cocaine use and coronary heart disease.

      When these two circumstances are mixed with elevated stress, such as an arrest, cardiac events are possible.

      The officer did everything textbook according to his departments manual.
      He did not kill Floyd.

      They don’t want to wait because in light of evidence, they will look foolish. Most these protestors likely believe the earth is flat as well

    • Peace Freedom says:

      @JHeints – stfu

    • JHeints - says:

      Peace Freedom

      Feel welcome to add to the evidence. Not everyone is following the entire story.

    • Canary InTheMachine says:

      @JHeints – HA! Even if the police manual DID have a policy of leaning on a handcuffed man’s neck 3 minutes after he is unconscious, THEN that would be evidence of a terrible problem RIGHT THERE.

    • Peace Freedom says:

      @JHeints – Explain why you would need 3 officers on top of George Floyd when he’s already handcuffed on his stomach & no longer a threat. People like you are what’s wrong in this world.

  4. Age of Reason says:

    White dude with his fist up: wait a minute this is getting militant what am i doing here?

  5. Nissaren says:

    Got some news for you, looting hard working peoples stores wont stop rasicm.
    Just fyi

    • R D says:

      No but imagine how many food stamps were saved this week.

    • second wave says:

      @R D you know who get the most foodstamps in America right? I’ll wait (jeopardy music in background)

    • JHeints - says:

      They laugh at flat earthers and anti-vax yet this entire movement is against the evidence. Surely they are not this stupid

    • Clay Thomas says:

      waves where is the racism you’re referring to?? George Floyd wasn’t killed bc he was black.. police use those same tactics on white people.. it’s police brutality not racism..

    • second wave says:

      @Clay Thomas 🙄

  6. Adriana Jimenez says:

    Looting and robbing??? That doesn’t seem to do anyone justice right????? Morons

    • TheHOruS55 says:

      @lil caddie “Someones got murdered” Like cmon how many black and white peaople are murdered every day in america? Yall just wanted a reason to this nonsense chaos and you got, now you feel like you can do whatever you want. Pathetic.

    • DDdastard06 says:

      It’s pure boiling rage and resentment. The fact that so many people don’t understand that is telling. These riots are predicated on more than just this one instance of police murder, it’s decades of failed government policy and injustices. The looting and destruction of property is the rage of a society left behind. If you think that’s bad you should read about the French Revolution. Be thankful people’s heads aren’t being carried around on pikes yet.

    • Waseem Amin says:

      I dont know what your watching. but most people are not looting and robbing
      the person that thinks this is the one that is the true moron here

    • Albert Loto says:

      because they want to be heard in that way so that the government can do some negotiation

    • Michael Voigt says:

      @Adriana Jimenez Your f*cking trash. You seriously think looting helps? This is just going to increase the hate toward black people.

  7. Paolo Velasquez says:


  8. Utnapishtim says:

    It’s odd that they block words like 🍵party.

  9. LifeOn Cam says:

    It’s like he called on his mother and mother nature responded. R.I.P

  10. Retro RyanX says:

    Ignorance comes in all colors

  11. Matt Baker says:

    Seeing this comment section and what’s going on makes it look like the US is gonna collapse.

  12. Crazy Food says:

    Hi future year 2200 i created my food channel 1 month ago. So if i die atleast you can see my food channel. Love from the past June 2020

  13. Russell Henry says:

    The hypocrisy and double standard i am seeing in these 4 squares. All at once, it’s absolutely bizarre

  14. needle444 says:

    I’m sorry but wasn’t George Floyd like 60 years old? How’s that a kid? I respect the cause of it all, but this just makes them look super ignorant to what happened, like all they saw was an African American was murdered, and immediately just grabbed their riot gear and hit the streets.

    • Eric says:

      … he was 46… However, age should not have anything to do with this, it just seems you don’t know much about this or just won’t do any research. I’m not saying looting is good or the answer but, Martin Luther King Jr said: “A riot is the language of the unheard…Social justice and progress are the absolute guarantors of riot prevention…Riots do not develop out of thin air”
      he also says: “I would say that every summer we are going to have this kind of vigorous protest. My hope is that it will be non-violent, I hope that we can avoid riots because riots are self-defeating”. So maybe stop looking at the people and look at what is killing them.

  15. Puro Takuache cuh says:

    Today I’n LA it looked like the purge was real

  16. Doris White says:

    Linda Sarsour is calling the riots a “revolution”. Wow! That’s a flip.

  17. Bong Arisgado says:

    Protesting ? No it’s more on looting and evil ways.

  18. damn Human says:

    Corona cried seeing this

  19. Steve Robertson says:

    USA why the destructive criminal activity? Your destroying people’s lives! A man has lost his life in a horrific way, why destroy your communities? He would not of wanted this.

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