Protesters Clash With Minneapolis Police

Protesters Clash With Minneapolis Police

The death of George Floyd led to chaos and destruction in Minneapolis Tuesday night, reports Jeff Wagner (3:53).
WCCO 4 News At 10 – May 26, 2020

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60 Responses

  1. Ryan Connors says:

    “The police need to know this is dangerous, it’s the climate they have created” … most important quote I heard.

    • WeInDaFieldhouse says:

      Brad Alaska yeah man this scares me bc my dads a trooper thank god he’s almost retired. I couldn’t even watch the whole video what that cop did was disgusting and should be charged with murder. There are so many good cops out there that are being overshadowed by this bullshit. Ffs

    • Top Branch says:

      @samurai gamers congratulations you’ve just said the dumbest shit all day. Good job!

    • MsLacy707 says:

      They know exactly what they are doing!

    • Finley Strine says:

      RimaWatch Khadeir I will agree that the environment created around black communities is one of hate and brutality. This fuels it, I believe that there is something their not telling us about this mans death because he was talking… having air move out and back into his lungs. But I also see that this fuels the fear in the black community because all their lives all they have heard are cops will kill them, and here that looks like it could be true. But rioting is just gonna kill more blacks, one guy died let’s fuck up are home then get pissed when people don’t want to invest and fix it.

    • Houston Asterisks says:

      RimaWatch Khadeir what about the racist trailer trash environment you live in? Where’s that on the scale?

  2. Tamira Holbrook says:

    He didn’t even die “a short time later” he died right on the ground and u can see it in the full video, he stop moving , was completely lifeless and they was still on his neck smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. Stephen Eggert says:

    These cops are no good..the chief needs to be fired..over looked like when the cop had his body weight on the man..he was trying to kill my eyes..the cops set the tone for what’s going on on the in this video..thugs in blue…its what we call a police will take yrs to rebuild in the community..cops now will have to be extra carful… now..they were not serving this day but trying to kill a man in front of camras… the man said he could not breath…that said it all he was cuffed……..folks..its a killing in public view..on the streets ..this is what these cops are now being trained to do..the blam starts at the top……

    • Pedro Bossio says:

      You’re 100% right on this. The Police Chief is responsible for his ranks and that includes their behavior, people should petition his resignation immediately.

    • Ernesto Estrada says:

      Conrad Knight The “president” of that place is not the source of the problem. If we don’t uphold police departments to a higher standard, training frequency will fall for those who aren’t actively seeking ways to be better officers.

      Nobody ever told those officers “Don’t be too careful, Johnson!” In fact, that tactic was developed long ago, and the officer had not been re-trained to use more effective methods.

      In my experience and knowledge, training experts strive to make sure ALL their training forces officers to learn better ways to incapacitate and subdue suspects, which is why there are so many daily arrests without deaths.

    • Conrad Knight says:

      @Ernesto Estrada WAIT!!!! Is it necessary to train a person morality… if you have to train the police about morality they shouldn’t be doing that job…

    • Benny C says:

    • Ernesto Estrada says:

      Conrad Knight So if your employer has to educate you that your breaks are only 30 min… should you still get a break?

      I was REQUIRED to take classes on police ethics and administering justice. Countless times we were shown WHY, as a police officer, you should rat out corruption immediately.

      Countless protest breakdowns and shooting breakdowns, and so little change. Violence will only lead to a more severely-acting department, and will lead to unnecessary injuries and casualties.

  4. Tamjan San says:

    Bravo American people, Enough is Enough !

  5. U HU says:

    The police murdered him in broad daylight.

  6. stephen hendley says:

    It was being filmed , and no one intervened . That’s tragic .

    • Joey Pastrana says:

      Facts no Hacks exactly cops would of called a 1085 and hundreds of cops would of came beating them all

    • jeremy smith says:

      When u don’t take the time to know the law..u can’t help yourself or anyone else

    • Nesy Mesy says:

      @mypersonalyoutub1000 there were some people that tried to help the man

    • David Vega says:

      jeremy smith oh yeah? And where I. The law does it allow for the murder of a suspect who has already been detained? Civilians commit crimes and the police show up, but when police commit crimes nothing happens

    • Preston Nelson says:

      They tried

  7. Jacob Durham says:

    Police arrested and murdered George Floyd on camera.

    • Продам Родину says:

      This is a representative execution of a person throughout the world, to dare all garbage.

  8. MAKnCHEEZ says:

    That was not an “arrest”
    It was a murder

  9. OSKI says:

    there are literally murderers walking freely on the street. Smh

  10. Joe L says:

    That cop belongs in prison give him 30 years like the would to anybody else that commits murder

  11. Mirian V says:

    Hr didnt die a short time later. He was murdered

  12. duxburyrealestate says:

    Charge the murdering cops with murder already.

    • kato says:

      This literally happened like a day ago, the FBI is investigating, but obviously you cant charge, trial and sentence them in a day

  13. GSGExtreme44 says:

    I don’t want to hear any bullshit like “he died from health complications” or “he died because drugs were in his system” –

  14. Steve Aguiar says:

    Im actually really tired of cops getting away with murder like this …

  15. Liam Leezer says:

    “This is not the way it was supposed to end”. George his life wasnt supposed to end like that…. disgusting

    • Jillian Elise says:

      Yes but when we act violently and aggressively while protesting violence and aggression? It takes away from the point. A peaceful protest would reach further. Thank goodness they are investigating.

  16. Felix Petteni says:

    It’s nice to see people of all races take action and fight back.

    • Lynx Fresh says:

      Regardless of race, gender, religion and all that jazz; on a fundamental level we all most stand up to those in authority when they abuse their power.

  17. Kris Kris says:

    violently killing a black unarmed victim, difficult to see a black man tortured to death.
    Black Community is not protected.

  18. Joana John19:30 says:

    It was MURDER, the police officers who were terminated belong in prison.

  19. Dean Sheley says:

    Those officers MURDERED Mr. Floyd. They need to be charged with murder, PERIOD.

  20. Fiston Nembalemba says:

    “ Die later” is code word for police murder

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