Protests held in Hollywood and throughout Southern California | George Floyd death

Protests held in Hollywood and throughout Southern California | George Floyd death

Multiple protests were held in Southern California, including Hollywood, Northridge, Brea, downtown L.A. and Manhattan Beach to protest the death of George Floyd. Latest details, coverage here:

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60 Responses

  1. Hal 9000 says:

    Without the media & the face mask visuals, it’s like corona never existed.

  2. River River says:

    Watching this with the volume off. Listening to Pink Floyd’s album The Wall. So much better that way.

  3. Chris Ratcliffe says:

    I guess we have moved on from the coronavirus.

    • AAA A says:

      A nuke would have been a perfect end to this march

    • Fishing & Hunting says:

      @patrella bell this isn’t a influenza it’s a cocktail of 4 different kinds of viruses we should all file law suits against the black lives matter groups if we get covid19 there’s no talking to stupid

    • Fishing & Hunting says:

      @patrella bell why are you talking shit about Trump he said he loves everyone. If you know your history Republicans freed the slaves and Democrats threw Martin Luther king jr. in jail that’s why I’m voting Democrats so we can put you back into slavery that’s when you behaved and I know Biden hates blacks so he has my vote.

    • patrella bell says:

      @michael wittmann leftist rightist bullcrap, So you are saying the leftist put righteousness , Injustice and wrongful death Caused police officers before their own life cause by covid-19. So you’re saying like Trump says loot and shoot. Is more important then saying bring the murdering police officers to Justice, jail them all, jail them all, jail them all.

    • patrella bell says:

      @Fishing & Hunting telling me you love me means BS IF YOU ARE NOT . Showing me you love ME. Trump the con man his buttery sweet words does not fascinates me. I need to see action, action, arrest them cops. not say loot shoot arrest jail them all jail them all jail them all.

  4. Doggo Willink says:

    Tomorrow: Jeremy Dewitt arrested for “jumping into Washington” as a national guard paratrooper.

  5. Jaan Turia says:

    1:17:25 That conversation between the protestor and journalist really hit home

  6. Ldvus 187 says:

    They gave us black Friday and think that’s good.we need more

  7. Ben Shamoiel says:

    Can you give them the map to the stars home.

  8. Lisa Harrison says:

    Peaceful. We get it. Thanks for the fuzzy feeling But at night they go nuts

    • Jane Baxter says:

      Lisa Harrison At night, looters take advantage of the protests. Those peacefully protesting do not support looting and rioting.

  9. Experience With Me says:

    Protesters should hand the police a Pepsi can just like the commercial. Maybe that will bring piece.

  10. G L says:

    I wish these guys would have just shut it for TWO SECONDS so we could actually HEAR the crowd. Incessant chatter filler.

    • Andrew_Owens says:

      @Tango Alpha Were they saying things like: “Grab ’em by the pussy'” or “shithole countries”, things that parents have had to explain to young children? I think foul language is a pretty mild response to a systemic pattern of murders.

    • Andrew_Owens says:

      @noman Yeah, a systemic pattern of murder on one side and broken windows and graffiti peaceful protesting (in many places) on the other. Same thing. A burned car and a man murdered slowly on camera is exactly the same thing. But it seems you’ve already figured that out for yourself.

    • Tango Alpha says:

      @Andrew_Owens I think theres a fine line between some things SAID rather than being done… on camera… to children. Like, how Biden is seen in several clips sniffing the hair of little girls… or touching them on their bellies and you can see the girl is uncomfortable, whispering perverse comments in their ears…. groping them some more. Even Biden has spatted out racist comments to “boost his campaign” for the black community. There is evidence that he blatantly confessed to “quid pro quo” about Ukraine, too. 😉

    • Andrew_Owens says:

      @Tango Alpha You mean like this guy?

      “Epstein likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”
      – Donald J Trump

    • noman says:

      @Andrew_Owens Systemic pattern of murder? More whites are killed by police.
      I bet you didn’t protest the death of Tony Timpa.

  11. Kevin S. says:

    Mass coronavirus inoculation! If the virus is still as lethal as they say, we’ll soon find out.

  12. artimus says:

    According to TEAM AMERICA: “…freedom costs a buck o’five” 🙂

  13. Samuraisahsah says:

    “No looting allowed”??

    When tf is looting ever allowed, wtf is this dummy talking abt??

    • Andrew_Owens says:

      @shirley ann This country was founded by trouble makers. I suppose it isn’t trouble making to murder a black man on camera?

    • Andrew_Owens says:

      @MACKENZIE POTTS No, it’s politics. If he didn’t publicly state that their purpose was not to loot, then half of the media would be claiming it was and stating things like: “Well, we haven’t seen any looting yet.” And if the peaceful protest goes on too long, they’ll pay people to loot and break windows just so that they can roll over the crowds. It’s an old, old game. The term is “agents provacateurs”. The FBI used to seed every organization with people who tried to start violence so that the strong hand of the government could swat dissent. Peaceful protest could lead to change, and we can’t have that now can we?

    • shirley ann says:

      @Andrew_Owens You are nuts, don’t try your stupid pretzel logic on me. Looters are “patriots” I got it, they have killed people. Please. You ever seen a chicken with its head cut off? That’s what you people remind me of.

    • Andrew_Owens says:

      @shirley ann No, looters aren’t patriots. But neither are crooked cops in a crooked system who use their power to murder people. Looting is clearly no part of the protests and looters are criminals. To pretend that the very purpose of the protests is to loot is utterly blind.

    • shirley ann says:

      @Andrew_Owens I’m sorry, you’re stupidity is not contagious I hope. You’ll figure it out hopefully some day, people grow and change. Have you served in the military or even had a job? I really doubt that you have.

  14. Highlander says:

    Protester: No one in the middle of this situation.
    COVID-19: I’m in the middle without prejudice 24/7.

  15. Adam says:

    I like how the people who said The Donald isn’t treating corona properly are the same people doing this shit. Anything to go against the gov am I right guys !

  16. tokyo osaka says:

    Corona virus be like: your making my job to easy.

  17. Dame Triple Duece says:

    Wow if everyone dont die of covid now. Guess it was all bs!

  18. The left Is evil says:

    Justice for George wait is that free flatscreens

  19. Mamacita De Los Perros says:

    Interesting that the majority of these ‘peaceful’ protesters are white.

  20. Niraj Namburi says:

    At this point in 2020, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the joker came.

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