Protests in Charlottesville take a violent turn

Protests in Charlottesville take a violent turn

Violent clashes have broken out between white nationalist protesters and police and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid joins CBSN from the protest.

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20 Responses

  1. edιтн andrade says:

    Remind me never to go to Charlottesville… 😂💔

  2. Robert Locke says:

    Proves that white people are scared.

  3. Chip Skylarkツ says:

    White lives matter?

  4. Joseph McCaffrey says:

    When will black people know their place?

  5. Ascension5dEarth says:

    Both sides harbor racism.

  6. Alejandro De La Vega says:


  7. robert pena says:

    “white nationalists” anybody in america has the right to protest peacefully but when these counter protesters arive the monkeys of black live matter, the people bring with them there violent ideology of oppressing anything they view as white , notice how the media failed to report that reason for this protest was becuase the citizens of west virgina were peacefully protesting the removal of the robert e lee statue which is in there constitutional right, yet notice how these protesters werent the ones who were seeking peacfull they were met with violence by the left in there hometown. THE CONFEDERATE SYMBOLS ARE NOT A PROBLEM IN AMERICA DONT TRY TO DESTROY HISTORY, dont justify youre communist agenda with the historical symbols of america.

  8. Andrew Joseph says:

    Trump is indirectly to blame for this in my opinion with his hateful rhetoric and policies, and his promotion of bigots in government. Bigots feel emboldened, they’re not ashamed of their hate anymore.

  9. Alberto Garcia says:

    looks like some can’t get over the fact that THE SOUTH FUCKEN LOST

  10. Angela Campuzano says:

    all lives mater

  11. Silver Schooner says:

    White people stage a protest rally and are attacked, black people (BLM) stage a protest rally and are not attacked. Who’s demonstrating Racism here?

  12. Penny Grant says:

    Omg people, just STOP! We are fighting each other, and this is just ridiculous!

  13. National Embarrassment says:

    Lock up Orange Terrorist Trump.

  14. Billy Cole, Jr says:

    “”Counter-protesters” CBS Fake News …..counter protesters are liberal, Democrats that haven’t gotten over Hillary losing….2nd amendment could be invoked real quick….go home cry in your “Safe place”……

  15. halo4da360 says:

    Civil war is upon us. And those on the left will lose.

  16. jamesking says:

    This is exactly what the Russians want to see. The US crumble from the inside

  17. Xr8dACE420 says:

    White Nationalist Lives DON’T matter…

  18. andyr80 says:

    If little snowflakes feelings weren’t hurt so much about a statue of a guy from 160 years ago and wanting to take it down for no reason, we wouldn’t be here. Too many faggots in America today, why can’t they just let it be and carry on with their lives? A statue never hurt anyone.

  19. Collin Pugeda says:

    Join me and let’s hand out some Pepsi to everyone

  20. Kill a Cracker, Fill with laughter! says:

    A bunch of monkeys rioting over a stupid statue. I swear, white supremacists are the biggest babies.

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