Proto-Putty in Liquid Nitrogen & Other Crazy Tests!

Proto-Putty in Liquid Nitrogen & Other Crazy Tests!

In today’s video, we find out just how much proto-putty can take before it “breaks”!

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80 Responses

  1. Smalls Smallies says:

    Liquid nitrogen vs. Thermite

  2. a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming says:

    Why did proto-putty explode [by thermal shock)

  3. David Itzhaki says:

    It seems most youtube channels are getting worst with time

  4. a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming says:

    Proto-putty VS Sodium Hydroxide

  5. Drew Acors says:

    Behold!!! The Prince Of Random

  6. The King of Random says:

    Hey guys, Grant here with a new challenge for you.

    Can we get some questions or comments that don’t involve asking where I am?

  7. Miguel Correia says:

    where is grant

  8. Jacob Beins says:

    Put liquid nitrogen on negative x and see what happens

  9. MinipongTV says:

    Sorry. Not gonna lie, this is probably the worst video you’ve done so far

  10. FoxPaw says:

    What would happen if you put a termometer in a vacuum? (Both one with alcohol and one electric)

  11. Official Chris Chen Channel says:

    Burn something in the furnace and then put it in liquid nitrogen

  12. Raihan Islam says:

    The King of Random do a draw my life please

  13. Dylan Alvarez says:

    Try making the coldest substance on the planet, Liquid Helium.

  14. Ashton does BMX says:

    Who likes grant more?

  15. Trick Shots 4 Real says:

    Make a Gallium octopus!

  16. robin vanorsouw says:

    What will happen when you trow wood in your furnace?

  17. LegendsOfCookie says:

    I think this channel should be called “The Kings Of Random”.

  18. She'Myia Malone says:

    What am I falling asleep watching.?

  19. Savage JoJo says:

    Mix Proto putty with pig blood and see what happens

  20. mariel ivana says:

    The nitrogen one was to be expected

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