PS4: 10 Things SONY DOESN’T Tell You

PS4: 10 Things SONY DOESN’T Tell You

Looking for some extra tips to get the most out of your PlayStation 4? We’ve got you covered!
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105 Responses

  1. Yespacito says:

    1: The secret to defeating T-series once and for all

  2. Steedy says:

    They secretly really homie‘s with Microsoft… no okay

  3. Bud Morr says:

    And now my tv will turn on when it’s supposed to.

  4. Chris Fawcett says:

    1:53 “There are people who like not having the blackest black”

    immediately shows black guy (update) THEY ACTUALLY CHANGED THE PICTURE lol
    When i made my original comment i wasn’t being serious obviously it was just coincidental editing but it is funny how they have obviously freaked out a bit over this whole matter

    • Sam Johnson says:

      it’s a monkey calm down people ffs

    • t8365 says:

      +J Moz haha, i hear ya, it confusing me to, trust me, My bad, i do struggle with that… i try my best though…most of the time, when i take the time to check my spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    • Knee Grow says:

      Yea not a big deal at all they should have keeper it

    • EG:UK says:

      How you supposed to demonstrate the blackest black with a white guy. They should have used a bougainville black person. Blackest black there is.

    • frogger5509 says:

      EG:UK why do people care he wasnt being racist, and it didnt even allign at this point were nitpicking

  5. Orange Man Bad says:

    1: *That coming from ps3 to ps4 meant you have to pay for online gaming*

  6. jCon1996 Justin Connor says:

    jesus christ i dont even own a ps4 and i stayed to the end

  7. First name Please enter name says:

    I use a monitor , I changed it to full and omg .

  8. 02.thugfiq says:

    One more thing, if u save ur credit info in the ps4. Ensure that the renewal period before expiry is turn off. Most time when the ps4 have an updates it will turn it on automatically. So let’s say u didn’t play the console for a year (or whichever months u choose) it won’t auto renewal. Just saying.

    • miliyo says:


    • Andrew Mahdi says:

      If it does auto renew you have 3 days to cancel. I called them one time to do that and they refunded my money and disabled my ps plus. I bought a game for my brother on his profile and it used the card info on another profile that was on the same system to auto renew.

    • Lmao. says:

      it turned on by itself for me last year :/

    • Soulcommander says:

      I have no idea what you were saying there dude. Totally blew my mind and Confused the heck out of me.

    • hamndv says:

      almost got banned from Sony for calling the bank to stop the process of renewing PS+

  9. ForcedNacho 44 says:

    I was expecting bad things not the most useful thing EVER

    • wilbert tonn says:

      No such thing as bad when it comes to GAMERANX!!

    • Punisher 9472 says:

      +wilbert tonn you have not seen their video “10 console gaming myths debunked” then cuz that list they litteraly defended the PS4 online gaming payment shit (im on PC and dont care wtf it was called for that multiplayer PAY stuff).

      Edit: oh also on that video they also said “dont bitch about stuff you dissagre with we also did a pc one” now they DEFENDED online PAY and tell us to stop bitching cuz they also did a pc one xD…….

      Edit 2: so thanks for the likes. So just wanted to say some random shit they said in the video that is bs,

      Defended online PAY.

      Console aint holding the gaming a gen back which it is…. Its holding gaming like 5 years back mininum because devs gotta make it playable 30 fps at least, it has worse hardware.

      Ps games have 60 fps… Etc….. But even if its not and its 30 fps…. WhO cAReS?… (i couldnt even watch videos on my 60hz Phone when i first got a 144hz monitor without getting dissy in my head at first)

      That a controller is as good as a mouse and keyboard when it comes to games and the example they used it was RPG’s, now a mouse and keyboard are better in 90% of games like FPS, RPG, RTS (i think it was RTS?, etc) but a controller is better in platformers and in assassins creed for alot of people (not me on the new ones but the old ones hell yeah).

      And other random shit and also STOP READING THIS AND JUST WATCH THAT TRASH LIST FFS

    • frogger5509 says:

      Punisher 9472 sony has to make extr money to stay afloat

    • Punisher 9472 says:

      +frogger5509 dude look at humble bundle, green man gaming which are game sellers online like steam where green man gaming once made a 30 games 30$ deal where they had 30 games and not cheap ones but sniper elite 4, metal gear solid phantom pain, darkest dungeon, etc and it sold like 10mil (not a few of that bundle sold) and 100% went to charity or humble bundle where they sell ALOT and 1/3 goes to charity (i think it was 1/3???? Correct me cuz a part went to charity).

      Or go back to PS3 where it was free for online.

      Now here we go and now you stfu idiot so. hey idiot They dont need the online PAY its just a extra fee you stupid fuck, they have other stuff they sell like headphones, phones, other random shit that makes them alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and they earn money on the PS but they just want more money and idiots like you will buy it and dont care and say They NeeD ThE MonEY defending it.

    • Khonjel Singh says:

      +frogger5509 lol ps3 didn’t need money for online access. but since xbox 360 did it and nobody gave a shit, sony started doing it too.

      and not like it prevented hackers from stealing psn accounts.

      plus they’re double dipping at this point. 30% cut from game devs. and then $60/year from players.

  10. TheKingofBabylon PSN says:

    Sony doesn’t tell you that your playstation will sound like a plane engine when you play with it

    • Mustafa Hussam says:

      Yeah man, I have a gaming PC and that shit is loud yet the PS4 makes my PC sound like ASMR XD

    • Bromidic Nerd says:

      I never had this problem until Red Dead 2. After about an hour of play it will progressively get louder until I can hear the disc scraping something. I have to either pause or quit the game entirely to get it to stop. I’m using the original PS4.

    • Endangered Thesis says:


    • Fiftydinars says:

      Idk if I it’s just my ps4 or because I have put it in a good spot, but since I have bought my ps4 at the release day until today, it has always been extremely quiet. And I only play games that make sure to use the majority of not all of the power of the ps4. The witcher 3, uncharted 4, god of war, rdr2, GTA, etc etc.

    • Moore Blessings 913 says:

      ? what

  11. Nachi Kahn says:

    8:58 I paused and went through my box and got the code – and it was expired. 9:21 THANK YOU GAMERANX!!!

  12. Holo says:

    **Turns on TV**
    **Ps4 turns on and tv switches to the ps4 hdmi input_**
    But I wanted to watch TV through my laptop

    Ps4: *_NO_*

    • PowerStar004 says:

      +Holo that’s funny I guess it depends on what brand of TV you have. Didn’t realize it varied at all. Thanks ?

    • Brad Edward Mejia says:

      +PowerStar004 It happens to me with my LG tv.

    • KPX01 says:

      +PowerStar004 My guess is the hdmi link setting prolly should check on that and i think if you left your tv in the hdmi channel that connect to the ps and turn the tv on again it will also turn ths ps. So if you change your hdmi input to something else it shouldnt turn on the ps.

    • hielfiqri says:

      +KPX01 nope,,,still does,,,my ps4 on hdmi 3,,,i switched to 1 for normal screening,,,after i turn off and on again, my ps4 turns on , immediately detects hdmi 3 n switched to it.

    • Luke Walley says:

      I get this aswell got a 4k tv that has Netflix and a normal ps4. So ovbiously I wanna watch it in 4k and also no need to have 2 devices on!

  13. Nicholas Montgomery says:

    Here’s a tip. If you want to share a game with a friend, you can set their ps4 as your home system and your ps4 as their home system. When you buy a new game, they can log in as you, download it, log in as themselves, and they can then play the game for free. My wife and I do this for all our multi-player games. Saves us from having to buying the game twice.

  14. DragoonGaming77 says:

    Hmm now i need to go in my attic and retrieve that box.

  15. Frowlinian says:

    This video was full of useful information, some i already knew but im a massive nerd and pay attention to that sort of stuff… but screen sharing? I completely forgot about that… that’s kind of a game changer…

    Now I get to push the “share” button for the first time not on accident! Thanks!

    • PGPlayz says:

      I’ve had both

    • When Devils Strike says:

      +Alexander Lopez sony knows. Why do you think primary accounts even exist? We didnt have this when the ps4 first came out (x1 did n thats why it sold bad, funny how they dont have it anymore but ps4 does. Almost like one company started from the ground up n the other has always been a money hungry machine or something)

    • Goner Of Savers says:

      +Tim Larsen well yes but if u both have + then its multplayer with 1 Game only 1 of u need the game

    • Frowlinian says:

      +PGPlayz oh, really? I knew you could play xbox games on PC (which is incidentally why I sold my xbox) but I didnt know they were integrated that tightly… hm

      Kinda makes you wonder why Fable 2 was never released on PC, but maybe that’s just me… or it could be the single worst thing Microsoft had ever done and is, in large part, responsible for its lackluster sales figures… could be either, really.

    • PGPlayz says:

      +Frowlinian yeah on the windows 10 Xbox app

  16. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5 says:

    I personally don’t think they should be ever allowed to take your digital games from you, except in extreme cases of modification to hardware.
    Ban you from online play for multiple cases of abuse: Yes
    Take your games: No never
    We need better consumer rights in this non-physical media age Imo.

    • ZERO says:

      +blank blank I highly doubt that. If Sony shut its doors today and cut off all online connectivity to their consoles, my PS4 would still run. It’s still a machine, it’s not going to explode unless the CEO of Sony has some explosive killswitch to every device that gets set off when the company goes bankrupt… But considering I’ve made a living from opening up and fixing these bad boys, I’ve yet to find any evidence of such a device. Sarcasm aside, if I own a disc and I put it into my console, it will read and play the disc whether it’s online or not and the status of the company who made the console has no bearing over whether I can do that or not after these items are in my physical possession. PS1 and PS2 aren’t officially supported by the company anymore being obsolete tech, but my old consoles still run just fine with their original games and have done since 1997 and 2001 respectively. However, if Sony did shut down tomorrow and all PSN online connectivity was gone, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to play your digital games, but your discs ain’t going anywhere.

    • blank blank says:

      +ZERO yeah my bad. The only thing they can do is not let you download patches which isn’t that bad except for Bethesda games

    • ZERO says:

      +blank blank You’ve got that right, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s plenty of examples of games where updates have fundamentally changed the product you initially purchased, and I reckon there’s a case to be made for refunds on that basis. Ghost Recon Wildlands is one that sticks in my mind because with each update, it got progressively less stable as they tacked on more stuff that the game was never supposed to ship with. It is not the same game I bought and paid for, and the data on the physical disc gives a drastically different and far more stable experience, but now the better version can’t be played online at all which is the main draw of the game. Personally, I’d like devs to take more time to ship a finished product than trying to fix it in post-release as if it’s an early access title with endless updates and changes. Don’t need to do weekly bug fixes if you’ve tested the game extensively enough to eliminate as many bugs as possible pre-launch, hell even in pre-beta.

    • blank blank says:

      +ZERO I was saying that for only some games that might be bad like Bethesda games and if people keep paying for their buggy products they will continue to make buggy products.

    • Cloudkiller 10 says:

      I agree you purchased those games they should have zero rights to take them away.

  17. Gunshy says:

    Well you just give me a reason to continue buying physical copies that and I like physical copies


      Gunshy yeah. I was like mhm digital copy’s would save me so much space and money but then I realize if I get ban I won’t be able to play the game that I downloaded digital or I can lose those games forever etc. With disc that will never happen so yeah

    • Rich D says:

      At least there is a tangible value of physical copies

    • Hayden’s Fortnite Mobile Gameplay says:

      Physical copys you OWN IT digital you RENT IT

    • YOLO MYMON says:

      Thats true. When your account gets perma ban. ALL of the digital games you owned will be revoked on the account and you will never play it on the ps4 same goes to xbox to some players as well. Digital sucks when it comes to that but the only benefit of having it is getting the games through sale only.

    • Desecrator6 says:


  18. Paul_469 says:

    Fun fact: paying for online is a ripoff

    • Hayden’s Fortnite Mobile Gameplay says:

      Paul_469 that’s why I stuck on mobile!

    • DatGrunt says:

      +Luke Walley You are literally being charged to use your own internet which you already pay another company for. Why would anyone be OK with that despite of price?

    • JackVR says:

      +Court Beckius Because Steam takes a percentage from their game sales.

    • Dbooo says:

      SithStalker6 the game developers are the ones who take care of the servers, sony just pockets the money

    • Dbooo says:

      Luke Walley some people can’t afford that bs saying “grow up” to someone who maybe can’t afford it stupid you grow up

  19. SNB: SparksNBolts says:

    Falcon narrating a video using Jake Baldino’s PS4 or at least his account

  20. noshah 26 says:

    I dont have a PS4, heck, i dont even have an Xbox.. yet i sat through all this vid and said “interesting, never knew that” xD

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