PS5 Console Covers

PS5 Console Covers

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  1. RazerGenix [PS5 RPG Tips & Tricks] says:

    Now I see why Sony wouldn’t let anyone make PS5 faceplates 😂

    • Special KEV says:

      Why should they? 🤔 It’s THEIR product. 🥴 Why allow a bunch of other people and other companies cash in on THEIR product, and they receive no money or profit for it for the product they built and put so much time and effort into? It makes no sense. If you were a company or creator of something, you wouldn’t want a bunch of other people profiting off your product.. while you sit back and watch you losing out on money while they’re making money off your product that they didn’t even have a hand in making. 🥴

    • M4CC4_P4CC4 says:

      @Special KEV because sony still have to build the rest of their console its just like buying a viynl wrap

    • SpaceDiver says:

      It was obvious from the beginning, just by looking how easy they make the covers come off without screws even the controller cover are quite easy to replace.

    • RunningInThe90s says:

      $ony is about maximizing profit, but its so easy for them to do since PS ponies aka PS fanboy are just blinded sheep.

    • gtone339 says:

      This is Sony’s property that’s why

  2. Shinryuken15 says:

    Interesting that they’re calling them “console covers”. Suppose “face plates” was already taken by all the 3rd party sellers 😂

  3. latrel allen says:

    Even though they’re a year late, a lot of people are going to want the official faceplates (covers) over a third party one mostly due to branding. Aka, the PlayStation logo that comes with it. Third party companies just took a big hit. Especially since now the consoles are starting to become more and more available.

    • SuperSaiyanBroku says:

      @Saber The Gamer that means more dust gets in the fan

    • Yuuki says:

      @Jerric Aliermo The price for the these colors $55 compared to the ones by Dbrand.

    • runebinder says:

      I’ve got the OG Dbrand Darkplates and they look great, if Sony were only releasing black ones I’d not bother and keep the Dark Plates, I’ll be replacing them though with a set of these as they’ve got purple ones.

    • gtone339 says:

      More PS5 consoles will be dispatched next year all!

      Luckily I have one 😁🎮

    • TwoTailedCaperer says:

      This is exactly how I feel. Even back in the day I didn’t like buying third brand gaming accessories. Those MadCatz controllers were always notoriously horrible. While I disagree to an extent about PlayStation threatening Dbrand over offering face plates, I never would have considered buying those over an official product.

  4. TwoTailedCaperer says:

    I would also love to see some games come bundled with their own special Console Covers. Got my preorder in for the Cosmic Red CCs, and I also wouldn’t mind seeing a matching Pulse headset.

    • TwoTailedCaperer says:

      @Peter Parka they’re on Playstation’s direct website. I can’t put a link because YouTube will eat the comment, but you can find the link on their blog article talking about the new controllers and covers. A set of Console Covers is $55 each, which is a bit on the pricey side, but I really wanted to match my Cosmic Red controller. I probably won’t be buying another controller/cover set anytime soon because they are pretty pricey

    • Peter Parka says:

      @TwoTailedCaperer ahh I see I guess they ain’t available to pre order in Canada yet. Yikes yeah 55 is enough. They will probably be 70 here then. Might have to find some paint instead. Lol

    • Ankh says:

      @Peter Parka d-brand 👌

    • Peter Parka says:

      @Ankh d brand same price and more ugly

    • Lulu says:

      I’m waiting for a potential FF7 remake one which would be pog

  5. Dom Toretto says:

    I’m not gonna lie this would be amazing if only I actually was able to get the ps5

  6. V Bun says:

    Didn’t think they’d put these out so quickly. Or even have this many options available initially, pretty cool.

  7. Alex Clipper says:

    Even though I like dbrand’s plate design with cut corners, I’d definitely go for an official Sony part. If I ever get a Ps5, that is.

  8. TheFlamingGamer says:

    That’s cool the ps5 now has console covers (or face plates as a lot of people like to call them). I’ll get the cosmic red color, since it looks cool to me. Like someone said, this is better that we can buy console covers/color plates for the ps5 than if the console was sold in separate colors

  9. Marmot says:

    I’ll keep those in mind when I manage to get my hands on the actual console ten years from now 🙃

  10. TheCrazedPotato Man says:


    Also can you add the ability to apply dynamic themes in the menu? I’m playing through the Kingdom Hearts games and I’d love to actually use them.

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